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The Omega's Beloved Alpha

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Aurora Hunter had a rare gift, to heal but with a gift comes a curse. Even when she completed 18. She could not find her werewolf. Gone. She felt lost. Worse of she was born in an omega family, the lowest of the food chain. She was an outcast and wanted to spend her time in solitude. Alexander Blackwood was the alpha of his pack. Well respected and handsome. Everyone wanted to have a time with him. He didn't want a mate as he was not ready to settle down but when his father decided to hold a mating ball he couldn't resist the urge of going. That's when he saw her, beautiful like a night flower. His mate. Would Sparks fly? Or would that burning candle turn to nothing but ashes especially after he rejected her?

Chapter 1



"Hey, watch it!" a voice called out as I careened past, narrowly avoiding a collision with a hurried passerby.

Their exclamation was met with a mischievous grin on my lips, my eyes sparkling with a hint of defiance. "Sorry, Mr. Charles!" I shouted back, my words carried away by the wind as I continued my mad dash through the lively streets.

My feet splashed through puddles left by recent rain, each step adding to the sense of exhilaration that coursed through me. Laughter erupted from deep within my chest, a contagious sound that echoed through the air. The bustling townsfolk, startled by my unexpected presence, couldn't help but react with a mix of annoyance and amusement.

"Watch out!" a shopkeeper cried, hastily pulling a display of colorful scarves out of my way. I glanced over my shoulder, grinning at the chaos I had left behind. The vendors shook their heads in playful exasperation, their voices blending together in a chorus of lighthearted scolding.

It was common for me. Every day, I try to get bread…well not get, steal bread if I would be able to from the bakery. It serves as my breakfast and today was no different.

With every passing moment, my journey through the streets became a dance of evasion and laughter. I reveled in the thrill of the chase, the stolen bread held tightly to my chest, a symbol of my triumph over the mundane. But amidst the commotion, my path led me towards a quieter part of town, where the hustle and bustle gave way to a serene meadow on the outskirts.

As I entered the meadow, my breath finally caught up with me, and I slowed to a gentle stroll. The laughter subsided, replaced by a sense of tranquility as I surveyed the picturesque scene before me.

The grass swayed gently in the breeze, a soft carpet of emerald inviting me to rest. The sunlight painted golden strokes across the meadow, casting a warm glow on everything it touched.

I found a comfortable spot beneath a towering oak tree, its branches reaching out like protective arms. Seating myself on the ground, I let out a contented sigh, feeling the earth beneath me. This was my sanctuary, a place where I could escape the trials of everyday life and lose myself in the beauty of nature.

I opened the book I had brought along, its pages whispering promises of adventure and romance. As I immersed myself in the story, my mind drifted to my own dreams and desires. In this tranquil haven, I yearned for more than the fleeting thrills of stolen bread and playful mischief. I longed for a love that would sweep me off my feet, a connection that would ignite my soul.

But reality had a way of tugging at the edges of my dreams.

The upcoming mating ball, a grand event that promised to unite soulmates, lingered in the back of my mind. It was a celebration of love and destiny, but for me, it posed a challenge.

My meager salary barely covered my basic needs, let alone the extravagant gown required for such an occasion. People of all kinds will be there, the poor, the wealthy everyone.

But people like me, poor, omegas, who are the weakest of all types of werewolves stay in the back. Away from the crowd.

Doubts crept in, whispering that perhaps I would never find a mate without a wolf of my own.

Yet, as I gazed at the serene beauty of the meadow, a flicker of hope ignited within me. I refused to let circumstances define my worth or dictate my future. The universe had a way of surprising us, of bringing unexpected twists and turns into our lives. And deep down, I couldn't shake the feeling that something extraordinary awaited me, just beyond the horizon.

With renewed determination, I closed the book and tucked it back into my bag. The meadow had given me solace and inspiration, reminding me of the magic that could be found in even the simplest moments. As I rose to my feet, ready to face whatever lay ahead, I carried with me the belief that love, in all its enchanting forms, had a way of finding its way into our lives when we least expected it.

As I stood up, ready to bid farewell to the meadow when I felt the eyes of someone on me.

"Oh, my goddess! I didn't expect to see someone here," I exclaimed.

My voice betrayed my surprise. The words slipped out before I could restrain them, a testament to the sheer astonishment that had overtaken me.

My gaze fell upon a figure standing a few paces away. A surge of surprise coursed through me, rendering me momentarily speechless. The stranger before me was a sight to behold, a captivating presence amidst the tranquility of the meadow.

He stood tall and confident, his strong physique accentuated by the dappled sunlight that bathed him in an ethereal glow. Dark, tousled hair framed a face that could have been carved by the gods themselves. His piercing blue eyes, like orbs of liquid silver, held a depth that seemed to unravel the mysteries of the universe. There was an aura of quiet strength about him, a stoicism that hinted at untold stories and hidden depths.

But despite the air of seriousness that surrounded him, a playful smirk danced upon his lips, revealing a hint of mischief that intrigued me. It was a contradiction that both fascinated and unnerved me, drawing me closer with an invisible force.

He met my startled gaze with an enigmatic smile, his eyes twinkling with a mix of amusement and curiosity.

The silence between us hung in the air, charged with anticipation and unspoken questions.

It was rare to see someone else in the meadow. most of the time it was just me. I had not expected to find someone else.

Squaring my shoulders and summoning my courage, I took a tentative step forward. There was something about this mysterious stranger that stirred a longing within me, an inexplicable connection that transcended the boundaries of mere chance encounters.

I was drawn to him, like a moth to a flame, unable to resist the magnetic pull that beckoned me closer.

As I closed the distance between us, a flurry of emotions swirled within me - excitement, apprehension, and a growing curiosity about the enigmatic stranger who had unexpectedly crossed my path.

The mysterious stranger stood before me, a captivating presence that both intrigued and surprised me. He exuded an air of stoicism, yet there was a flicker of playfulness in his eyes that I couldn't ignore.

"Hello, do not mind my scream. I just did not expect to find someone else here,” I said, my voice filled with genuine surprise.

He offered a half-smile, his features revealing a hint of amusement. "You never know who you might encounter in unexpected places," he replied cryptically.

As our eyes locked, an inexplicable connection seemed to form, as if the universe had conspired to bring us together. Suddenly, a gust of wind swept through the meadow, causing my hair to dance around my face and his cloak to billow dramatically. It was as if nature itself acknowledged the significance of our meeting.

At that moment, he leaned closer, his breath brushing against my cheek. "Your spirit is as wild as the wind," he whispered, his voice laced with a hint of mystery.

My heart raced, and a shiver ran down my spine. The air crackled with electric energy as if the world held its breath in anticipation. There was something undeniable about this encounter, something that transcended ordinary moments.

I shifted back a little. “Well, that was a little close for comfort. We just met”

“Indeed, but yet I am drawn to you as if I had known you for years”

I chuckled. “Typical line for men to say to a woman. Won't you say you are a bit cliche?”

His eyes sparkled with a mixture of mystery and charm as he took a step back, leaving me yearning for his proximity. "Some connections defy explanation," he replied enigmatically, leaving me with more questions than answers.

“While some don't. I believe that ours does have an explanation” I said.

It was rare for me to have this communication with someone I had just met. Most of the time I am very shy to even look at them in the eye.

Still, he patted my head as if I was a child. “I believe ours don't”

Chapter 2

Chapter 2- The mating Ball

Alexander's POV

The grand hall was alive with excitement and celebration. As I made my way through the crowd, werewolves and humans alike approached me, their eyes filled with respect and admiration. "Alpha, it's good to see you again," they would say, their voices laced with deference.

One particular pack member stepped forward, a proud father beaming with pride. "Alpha, may I introduce my daughter, Penelope. She possesses a remarkable talent for sewing," he said, his voice tinged with pride. I exchanged pleasantries with Penelope, acknowledging her skill and expressing my appreciation for her craftsmanship.

Throughout the evening, I engaged in brief conversations with various guests. Their words and introductions flowed around me, painting a picture of the diverse community gathered for the mating ball. Each interaction added to the tapestry of the event, showcasing t


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