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Victor Chukwu

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Aurora loved Fredrick So much that she could do anything for him including forfeiting her right as the next Alpha of the pack. But when the day finally came for him to announce her as his mate, he rejected her and chose her step sister Instead. Aurora is heartbroken. He betrayed her, killing everyone in her clan, her wolf and finally ended her Life. But then, she is given a second chance and she vows never to fall in love again. Her ultimate goal was going to be her revenge and nothing was going to distract her from this goal. She was doing just fine until her mate showed up, pulling her with all the strength of the mate bond. She was confused, she didn't have a mate in her past life, how come she had one now. She rejected him right on the spot without even considering him for moment. Alpha Damon who has never been rejected before vows to get her by all means. But first, he had to discover who she actually was. After consulting a diviner, he his informed that she is reborn and she is seeking for revenge. He tried to come close to but she would not listen to him until his saver her from the hands of some assassins sent by Kate to eliminate her from her life. She decided to give him listening hears and he informed her that he already knew who she was and he promised to assist her in her revenge mission. As the events unfolded, Aurora fell in love with him and they fought together and defeated the dark duo of Kate and Fredrick and at the end, they ruled side by side beside each other.


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