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The Moon Lit Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: 999
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10
  • 3.0
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The Moon Lit Luna follows Kylie Night a young female lycan shifter through her journey of life being born from a descendent of the devil and a deadly siren, Warren Night (father) and Phoebe (Mother), a Lycan descendant of the Moon goddess Selene and a lycan wolf. This story is full of girl power, tragedy and love. Please take the time and enjoy this novel of Kylies traumatic journey and life in her pack (The Moon pack) as a young female Lycan shifter with her younger sister Aurora and her parents. Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to give me some pointers and criticisms I’m still a young author learning.

Chapter 1

Bright. . .

I was born on a lunar eclipse when the moon was at it‘s brightest peak, a gift given to me from my grandmother selene. I don’t remember my birth that much but it is a very special day to shifter kind, what I do remember from my birth is being warm but forced out, it was bright. Blindly bright then I myself being held next to something, something warm and comforting and couldn’t help the urge to calm myself and listen to the voice, the voice was deep and foreboding but held some much love and excitement. “She’s so tiny and beautiful“ I couldn’t help but giggle at the voice holding me, and the voice’s arms wrapped around me bathing me in the warmth I need and missed just to feel some brush my forehead then the feeling of being lifted and moved set in. I couldn’t help the weight I felt now and the fear so I couldn’t keep quiet anymore and I started to cry, fear gripping me of what I didn’t know. Then I felt it a warmth like no other and the most calming sensation running through me telling me I was safe, I stopped my noise when I felt this calm soothing vibration coming from the thing hold me, it was purring and sniffing me. I coo’d taking a big sniff of the air and the scent‘s around me, I smelt lavender and the smell of a late night atmosphere. ” Kylie..that’s her name. Hi kylie I’m your mom..” a different voice said, the voice was soft and sweet coming from the thing holding me and I finally had a name for this voice. Mom, she rubbed her scent all over me before passing be back to the first voice “ Kylie.. I loved it, hello little one I’m your dad.” the deep voiced warm thing said and I now had a name for this voice as well. Dad, he smelt of ash and a woodsy smell I liked. after Cleaning me up but my mom and dad gave me one last final kiss on my head while I opened my eyes and looked back up at them, I was excited to be able to see them and had to tell them about it but they just giggled at me then I was set down on the ground and intrigued by the green things all over the ground, I couldn’t help but be curious and touch it. it was soft yet poking and it was alive, at that moment I could feel everything, the life of the forest, the trees and plants everywhere, the warm wind passing by me and the intensity of the moon, that big bright ball of light that looked so close but so far and I felt with overpowering sensation of belonging and that this is where I belong.


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