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The Moon Goddess Choice

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THE MOON GODDESS CHOICE (A CARD OF FATE) Alpha King Carl Damien has decided to retire as the alpha of Moon Stone Fortress. He has two identical sons and they are both fit to become the next alpha of the pack. And soon he is faced with the reality of making a choice. Different worlds. Different personalities. Different goals. Different choices. One love for the same woman. Jayden Damien, a bad boy wolf as he is often called because every she-wolf wants him but his heart belongs to one woman. He loves the pack more than himself and he has an expectation of becoming the next alpha. Jayden feels he is stuck with responsibilities of the pack and he does his best at running things smoothly. But for some certain reasons, Jayden feels threatened by his twin brother’s reappearance in the pack. Chicago’s most wanted billionaire bachelor, Jaylen Damien’s life changed with a phone call. His father is ill and he is needed back home to be with him till he breathe his last. Jaylen is not interested in becoming the next alpha but he finds a reason to smile again when a woman got into his heart. His whole life is in Chicago but his heart is telling him to stay. And the choice is not easy to make. Meanwhile, rivalry, hatred, betrayal, power struggle in a fight for the throne ensued among the princes as Lorelei finds herself unwittingly caught between the Damien Brothers. This is the Sequel of Alpha’s Predestined Bride. You may need to read the first book to have a clear understanding of the story.

Chapter 1 Bad boy wolf


(A Card Of Fate)

Chapter 1 Bad boy wolf


The lady on red hair moaned as Jayden pinned her against the wall, feeling her so hard right against her needing core. Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders as he kept squeezing her *ss cheeks, her legs were hooked around his torso, her blouse and his shirt already open.

“Harder Jayden! Oh-yes! That way!” The red haired moaned urging him to slam into her faster than he could take.

She shot her head back as he pressed her against him and hitting on her g-spot.

“What the—“

Jayden didn’t cease even as he moved to the bed. He pushed his whole shaft inside her cutting her off mid-sentence. He flipped them so that he could push harder and so he started to pump in and out faster.

“F*ck! Jayden!”

“Oh..moaning my name again, huh?” Jayden smirked at her response.


He pinned her hands down to the side of her neck, thrusting harder and all she could do was moan and it had her biting her lower lips harshly to remain silent and not to scream his name at the top of her lungs. He smacked her *ss cheeks, making her feel the sting and it caused a d*mn wave of arousal in her.

“I am sure you’ll like it.” Jayden chuckled as she moaned again. And he rewarded her with a harder thrust that made her scream loud as she was almost reaching her climax.

“You are close?” He asked.

Lorelei rushed into the pack house, forgetting to greet the set of wolves bustling around to get whatever chores they were supposed to do before the Luna’s arrival from the monthly meeting with all the officials. She raced up the stairs towards Jayden’s room to get the nail file she had borrowed him which he hasn’t returned for days now.

She had gone to the training ground to look for him but one of the warriors had said that he had left to the pack house. Reasons why she was making her way towards his room to lash out on him for borrowing her stuff without bothering to return it.

Well Jayden was so fond of borrowing and not returning things from her. He would always wait for her to come for the borrowed items.

Without thinking, Lorelei barged into the room only to stop dead on track at the scene in the room.

The s*x maniacs snapped their heads at the door stopping their movements. Lorelei turned away abruptly seeing the naked bodies. Lorelei was a hurt by what she just saw although she already knew who Jayden really is; a s*x god like the pack women called him. He goes under everything on skirts.

Jayden is the type of guy you would never dream of saying no to, even if you know you should. He has got so much success with women. It wasn’t just about his look and appeal but it was just about him knowing exactly what to say and what to do every time.

The red head panted as Jayden got off her and fell back in the bed beside her. He doesn’t seem to be affected as the red haired lady.

“Lorelei walked in right on time. Do you mind a threesome?” Jayden asked with a smug smile on his face.

Lorelei suddenly turned around to look at him with a shocked expression on her face. How could he utter such words so easily? The red haired covered herself with the sheet while Jayden chuckled at the look on Lorelei’s face.

“I have tried it with her and another wolf.” Jayden pointed at the red haired who was now getting dressed to leave.

“Yeah. It was really fun.” The red haired giggled.

“So you would love it too.” He added with a smirk on his face.

Lorelei felt the urge to look below the face region but she didn’t give in knowing what she might see there. It only made Jayden smile brightly. Actually he could tell what she was thinking in her mind through her facial expression.

“I don’t think baby Lorelei would love to pop her cherry with a threesome.” The red haired was fully dressed now.

She hated being called Lorelei baby or baby Lorelei knowing fully well that she wasn't a kid anymore.

“Bye charming alpha.” She kissed him.

Lorelei wished she could hit her in the face and have her drink some muddy water.

“I’m out.” She winked at Lorelei before walking out.

Almost everyone knew Lorelei hasn’t been with any man in the pack, all the main reason why they gave her that name. Everyone seemed to be sexing but she hasn’t tried it with anyone.

The idea of being mocked by a wh*r* who goes around sleeping with every men in Moon Stone Fortress made her wolf angrier. Lorelei turned to grab the red haired but she had already slipped out of the room.

“I don’t mind popping the cherry right now. And since my little man is left hanging so you have to apologize to us.” Jayden mumbled waiting for her to turn and she did glancing down at his shaft that was still fully erected.

“I have got a lot of stamina, in case you haven’t noticed.” His hand dropped on his manhood, stroking it gently.

Lorelei swallowed hard at the movement. She could feel the tension building up in her as she watched him.

“Now if you don’t mind, there’s somebody here really eager to meet those pink p*ssy of yours to pop the cherry.” Jayden added purposefully playing with his big thing.

“Pervert...” Lorelei mumbled with an angry look on her face.

Jayden stopped the movement abruptly. “What did you just say?” He asked, anger crossing his expression.

He stood up from the bed and in a few steps he was in front of her. Jayden always knew who Lorelei was, rude and spoilt. She could talk to anyone in whatever way she pleases all the more reason why he didn’t like her personality. But he only played along with her just to be the one to take her v-card. And he was willing to do whatever it takes to have her in his bed. He tried it twice but has failed. Today, he was determined to take her right there even if it meant forcing her.

“What did you just say baby Lorelei?” Jayden repeated, his anger fading slowly as he looked into her eyes.

She wasn’t scared of him and he knew it. She was one of the few women who didn’t give a sh*t about him being the alpha’s son or possibly be the next in line to the Moon Stone Throne.

“I am sure you heard me, or you are slowly becoming deaf after f*ck*ng too many bitches?” She grimaced.

Jayden chuckled at her response. Lorelei could talk dirty that one would doubt she was still a virgin.

“I am here to get my nail file so go ahead and bring it.” She stated with a raised eyebrow.

“You should find it yourself.” Jayden replied.

“ can have it. It is a waste of time always coming back to get my things back from you.” Lorelei hissed and would have turned away to leave but Jayden pinned her against the door frame.

The movement was swift that it knocked some breathe out of her.

“Are you insane Jay—“

He slammed his lips on hers cutting off her intended statement.

Chapter 2 Sensual Tension

Chapter 2 Sensual Tension


Lorelei hissed and would have turned away to leave but Jayden pinned her against the door frame. The movement was swift that it knocked some breathe out of her.

“Are you insane Jay—“

He slammed his lips on hers cutting off her intended statement.

Lorelei fought against him but he was too strong for her. Jayden moved closer grabbing her waist to keep her caged to the wall that she could feel his manhood pressed against her stomach.

Lorelei didn’t give in as she tried to pull away from him. But Jayden had her, too strongly, his hand making its way to cup one of her breast with his mouth still on hers, kissing her roughly but passionately.

Lorelei let out a breathless moan, unable to keep it, feeling both guilty for going against her rule and yet also so extremely pleasured at the same time by just his touch.

“This is wrong. So wrong.” Their wolves co


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