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Alpha Predator

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THE MOON GODDESS CHOICE (A CARD OF FATE) Alpha King Carl Damien has decided to retire as the alpha of Moon Stone Fortress. He has two identical sons and they are both fit to become the next alpha of the pack. And soon he is faced with the reality of making a choice. Different worlds. Different personalities. Different goals. Different choices. One love for the same woman. Jayden Damien, a bad boy wolf as he is often called because every she-wolf wants him but his heart belongs to one woman. He loves the pack more than himself and he has an expectation of becoming the next alpha. Jayden feels he is stuck with responsibilities of the pack and he does his best at running things smoothly. But for some certain reasons, Jayden feels threatened by his twin brother’s reappearance in the pack. Chicago’s most wanted billionaire bachelor, Jaylen Damien’s life changed with a phone call. His father is ill and he is needed back home to be with him till he breathe his last. Jaylen is not interested in becoming the next alpha but he finds a reason to smile again when a woman got into his heart. His whole life is in Chicago but his heart is telling him to stay. And the choice is not easy to make. Meanwhile, rivalry, hatred, betrayal, power struggle in a fight for the throne ensued among the princes as Lorelei finds herself unwittingly caught between the Damien Brothers. This is the Sequel of Alpha’s Predestined Bride. You may need to read the first book to have a clear understanding of the story.


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