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The Making of an Alpha King

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Alex is the next Alpha of Snow Mountain, but at thirty years old, he remains mateless. His parents advised him to wait as having your fated mate is more ideal. On his thirtieth birthday, a series of mysterious things began. Silver wolves appeared in their territory. They haven’t been seen in almost a century. A woman speaks to him through one of the wolves. She claims to be his mate and she needs him to rescue her. She spoke of mysterious things and she seemed to know about him and his family. He remained doubtful and his father warned him to be careful when he decided to go and check it out. At the ruins of a palace which used to be the territory of the last werewolf king, Alpha of the alphas, they found a beautiful woman. She was enchanting but he resisted. Luna finds his disbelief infuriating. She introduced herself as a descendant of the moon goddess and her knowledge of werewolves are innate to her. She knows of the past and of the future, of mysteries buried and forgotten. She couldn’t disclose everything at once, though. She has her limits. Her powers and abilities haven’t reached their full potential yet. She needs her mate as his mate needs her. He wasn’t pleased when she told him he won’t be Alpha of Snow Mountain, but became bewildered when she revealed he was meant to be the newest werewolf king, Alpha of all alphas.

Chapter 1 – Silver Wolves

Alexander, or more commonly known as Alex, is the son of Clyde and Sab, the current Alpha and Luna of Snow Mountain. Their pack is well-known for white werewolves, the same color as the snow that covers their territory during winter.

Their family is different than most, owing to the fact that his grandmother is a hybrid. Her name was Alice, a half-werewolf and half-vampire. She gave birth to twins. Alex’s father was born a werewolf, but his uncle came out as a vampire. They both experienced anomalies, though. He’s not sure about the details. Apparently, they possessed certain abilities not available to the rest of their respective kind. They also experienced situations that are unique to them.

They do believe that those anomalies might still manifest in future generations. Alex is nearing thirty years old and he hasn’t found his mate yet. He has a younger brother named Tyler. He’s much younger, only turning eighteen this year. Both of them are affirmed to be werewolves. The elders and the ranked wolves have closely monitored their growth and development.

Over the years, Alex displayed certain abilities that he prides himself on. He moves faster than others, and he’s considered the fastest in the whole pack. He also possesses mind-control, which is apparently a vampire ability. His was weaker compared to his uncle and grandmother, though. It’s still useful.

He has only met his uncle a few times. Not more than ten times in his nearly thirty years of existence. The last time he visited, his father was jealous. His Uncle Ice still looked very young despite his age. Vampires age slower and they would look very young for decades, if not centuries. His aura was imposing and intimidating.

Alex will be celebrating his thirtieth birthday in a week. He’s getting too old to remain mateless. Still, his parents advised him to wait for his fated female. They’re not in a rush. Only he himself knew the pressure he’s feeling. He’d been diligent in looking for her, but he just couldn’t seem to find her. His grandparents were fated and it was the same for his parents.

The whole pack celebrated with him, with a few teasing him at his sore spot. Tyler wasn’t impressed by everyone’s effort. To him, this day shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s obvious that he’s envious of his older brother but he always tried to act as if he doesn’t care. He’s only a spare and he never considered he would ever become an alpha on his own. In his teenage years, he acted rebellious and irresponsible. Clyde had numerous headaches because of him. Sab is more understanding of the boy but she couldn’t convince him to be considerate.

That night, a few were still chatting in the hall when it reached midnight. Alex was among them. He’s tired, but he’s also pumped with energy. He’s not feeling sleepy yet, so he remained with the others. They discussed an array of topics.

They all froze when a howl echoed the grounds.

“Where?” They all scrambled but stopped as they waited for instructions. They’re not sure which direction to go.

Clyde’s voice came through the link within a few seconds. “Southwest. A pack of wolves are strolling near the border. They’re not attacking. Yet. I don’t recommend everyone going there. It might be a diversion. You have your pre-assigned areas to guard. Go in position.”

They all scattered and headed towards their assigned positions.

Alex was an exception. He has to be on top of things and headed towards southwest.

“How many?” He asked his father, who remained in the pack house. The Alpha needed to be at the center, which would make it easier for him to reach any point he would be needed later on.

“Half a dozen. Maybe seven.”

Alex snorted as he ran. He reached the area within three minutes. He’s not the fastest for nothing.

“What’s going on?” Maybe he shouldn’t have asked. The moment he did, his eyes caught sight of them. Wolves. White wolves. Or are they? They seem to be glowing. He frowned as he slowly approached, maintaining a safe distance from the nearest one.

“They arrived a few minutes ago. That one…” The man leading the patrol in the area informed him and pointed at the wolf seemingly leading the pack.

“He’s the one who howled?” Alex guessed as the wolf stared at him.

“Yes. It surprised us. Thankfully, they haven’t launched an attack. I’ve been trying to communicate with them, asking them to shift back… nothing. I don’t think they’re shifters.”

“You think they’re normal wolves, then?” Alex squatted down as the wolf leader sat on the ground. Their gazes are on each other.

“If normal wolves glow like that… It reminds me of silver.” The man muttered, keeping his eyes on this pack of unknown. The others began to arrive as well. They all became curious at the sight of these unique wolves. Alex reminded them to remain vigilant.

The other wolves turned to stare at him as well and sat behind their leader.

He raised an eyebrow and stood. Their gazes followed him and his lip twitched. He doesn’t like it and put his guard up.

“Seems like they’re here for Alex.” Someone noted the obvious.

“Don’t get too close. They might have ill intentions.” Another was more sensible.

Alex took a deep breath and sharpened his gaze.

“Who are you? What’s your intention in coming here? Introduce yourselves.” He used his alpha voice and demanded answers.

The wolves all stared at him without any change. He took a few steps to the right while squinting and their gazes followed him.

“If you don’t speak, we don’t welcome you here. You must leave or we’ll be forced to fight you.”

They heard a whimper, puzzling them. Alex could swear he saw the main wolf rolling his eyes. This particular wolf stood and slowly approached him.

His men didn’t need instructions. They stepped up and blocked his approach.

The wolf seemed to tilt its head before sitting again, his gaze remained on him. Alex is starting to feel nervous. He finds it a little creepy and took a step back.

“Hello.” A soft female voice suddenly sounded in his head.

Chapter 2 – His Mate

Alex frowned at hearing that voice. He looked around.

“Did anyone else hear that voice?” He just knew it was in his head and not something he heard with his ears.

The men looked at one another before shaking their heads.

“I didn’t hear anything.” Someone affirmed.

“Did you?” Another asked.

Alex focused on the wolf, “Did you just speak to me?”

“I did.” The sound he heard has an underlying tone of laughter.

“Who are you? Show yourself.”

“I’m not there. I’m simply speaking to you through my wolf. This is Akira.”

“You’re not here? Where are you, then? You didn’t answer the first question. Who are you?”

He was sure he heard a giggle but the wolf’s face didn’t show any change.

“My dearest Alex, I’m your mate.”

His eyes slightly widened in surprise. “How did you know my name?”

“Because you’re my mate. I have known your existence for years.”

Alex was confused. What kind of sorcery is this? He has never heard


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