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The Lycan King’s slave

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"Sir, I promise you I was not challenging anything. I was just asking where we were being taken to. In fact, I wish to see the Alpha King now. I can work. I can be a really great asset to his park, and since he is old, he would need one more young powerful woman in his pack. I don't think he wants to kill me after he knows me, please." "I don't think the Lycan needs anymore people, we have enough hands," The fine man said. "Please let me convince him myself." "Then do. I am listening," he said putting his hands on his chest. "What?" I said. "He is the Lycan King, Sweetheart." --- After Elisabeth was stripped from her title as the Luna of the safe moon pack and found out that the Alpha& mate she had known all her adult life has impregnated someone, someone she trusted with all her being and sacrificed everything for. Now disgraced and to be sent away as a slave to the Lycan King. She tried to escape to find her own world, to excel, the last thing she wanted was to save herself first from being hauled off to the Lycan King, she would rather go rouge, but that didn’t go as planned, The plan only landed her deeper into trouble. The Lycan king turned out to be not what they expected of him, Now she has to use him to her own advantage, To tame the beast in him. Through humiliation and thrive, she was able to survive. The Lycan king helped her to stand solely on her feet, as she claimed back what she had lost and more... How can a mighty king love a lowly wolf like me, A rejected?

Chapter 1; the betrayal

* *Elisabeth POV* *

I was already sleeping that fateful night when my phone chipped a couple of times waking me up, usually, I don’t like it when I am been awaken suddenly so I took my time waking up, I used my hands to draw my phone to myself from the hand desk beside the bed, Then I saw it, my heart leaped out of my chest, I felt the pain in my lungs like it was about to break out, I was hurting all over my body, my veins boiling hot, I look down at the pictures in front of me again, not believing what I had just seen, I tried to push myself off from the bed, the sleep has completely gone from my eyes and my system, I am now fully alert. I am hoping to myself there was a better explanation or that what I just saw was a joke or a trick even.

This was the man that had promised me heaven on earth, promised to protect me from what my fate was holding against me when he became the Alpha, Alpha Adrian said he loved me, and he would make sure I don’t get taken away as a slave and he going to claim me. He was in my hands looking all loved up and slamming his d*ck into someone he had always said was his friend.

“ She is my friend, nothing much. Don’t worry yourself, there is nothing I want from her, it’s business. That’s all” he had replied repeatedly any time I wondered why he and Linda spend so much time together. So it’s this what we call business now. I just could not get the image out of my head, it was giving me so much hurt, tears forming in my eyes but I refused to let it drop on my face. I picked myself up, and walked through the hallway to his study with my shaking legs that could nearly stand, I knew he was there, he said he was going to his study and he had told me to go to sleep, saying I don’t need to wait up for him, he said that he would join me on my bed.

As I made my way to his study, my heart was beating so fast I thought it would eventually burst out.

He has done me so terribly wrong but I was contemplating if it was okay that I keep this a secret and pretend I do not know anything about it, and just wait until he claims me as his own and I won’t need to get taken away as a slave to the Lycan king. He was supposed to be the ticket out of my unfortunate fate of mine. When he claims me as his own then I will be able to roam free, I would be his Luna, and I would rule next to him. I have always been helping him, when he came to me bringing all of his unresolved decisions or the hard ones, he would come to me for the possible solutions, I thought I was okay for him, I thought that would be all, the claiming ceremony was supposed to take place in just three days, as a Gamma, I would be happily claimed and marked and with that, I would own my claim to the pack. Maybe I should just forget about it for three days, I thought to myself, maybe I should ignore it for the next three days and get what I want. It was obvious that he didn’t love me enough like had always said. Maybe he didn’t even love me at all.

As I moved closer to his study, I could hear some really devastating sounds coming from his study, I gripped my chest. The study was partially opened as if it was deliberately left open, Adrian never forgets to lock his door. I fought the urge to run back, I wanted to see it myself to be able to put myself in check! My legs were heavy as I carry them, I opened the door as slowly as my strength could carry me to the unworthy sight in from of me. How could he do this to me?

Adrian was there standing behind Linda, that was on top of the now empty table, f*ck*ng her from behind, slamming deep inside her as if that was the only thing that mattered in the world.

“ Please don’t stop “ were the sounds coming from her and moaning nonstop, it pierced into my heart, and my veins were about to rip off now. None of them seem to have noticed I was there, they were so deep into their lust that they didn’t bother to look up like they didn’t even want to be disturbed, I covered my mouth with my hand so I could refrain from shouting, or even going forward to rip her head off, but it had not helped a bit, a whelp still came out involuntarily. I could see Adrian pause like he has felt a presence, but I was unable to move from the spot I stood in.

“ Why did you stop? That was so good “ I could hear the sl*t say getting herself off the desk as if looking for a better position

“ Lisa!” his eyes went wide, reacting to seeing me there looking at their bottom naked bodies, at least they tried to put half of their clothes on.

“ Lisa! You should be in bed! What are you doing here? “ To be honest, that was not the statement I was expecting at all, some part of me had thought he would be on his knees begging me to forgive him and that it would never happen again, a part of me thought he would put his head down in shame unable to look into my eyes. But that is not the case, the man in front of him was not feeling any remorse, rather he must have felt angry that he was disturbed, I could see it all over his face.

I could see in the corner of my eyes that the ‘ friend ‘ was trying to put on some of her clothes that were scattered everywhere. Linda had been a friend to me too, she was a friend to my boyfriend first before she eventually became my friend, I told her so much about me, I told her even what I could not discuss with any other person, including Adrian. She was looking at me in the eyes now when was completely dressed, completely unashamed.

“ Is that what you are supposed to ask me ? “ my emotions were betraying my voice. I wanted to sound as unbothered as I could be. “ Explain this, “ I said calmly, I thought if I was at least calm, maybe we could find the way out of this mess and the rest of the pack members would not need to know about this.

“ There is nothing for me to explain, I don’t think I owe you an explanation right now, go back inside I will meet you there in your room “ the audacity! Those words broke my heart into pieces, So I should go back inside so he could continue with his act of lust? I wanted to run out of the pack walls and never look back but my legs could not manage to move. As if she had been given enough morale, Linda walked up to me from where she had been standing “ This is what you get for not being able to satisfy the Alpha! I only thought I should do it for you, you should be thanking me “ I raised my hands up to give her a sounding slap but my hand was stopped by Adrian’s mighty one. “ How dare you try to slap her in front of me! Give me some respect! “ He said dropping my arm with so much force.

I could not stop the tears from flowing this time, I was been cheated upon and I was been humiliated at the same time, it’s only so much a girl could take.

“ Adrian! You just told me an hour or so ago that you would meet me tonight in my room, but now you are here ramping into this sl*t’s p*ssy! And the crazy thing about all this is that you are not feeling remorseful at all! Adrian look at me! “ I said making sure that he could see the sadness in my eyes “ You are hurting me, “ I said holding onto my chest to describe the pain. I completely ignored the wh0re

“ Come to your room to do what exactly Lisa? I just stay laid down beside you all night doing nothing because you claim you are not ready yet, you torture me all through the night with your banging body but I cannot go beyond touching you and kissing you, what’s the fun in that? “

“ But you agreed to this from the beginning, you know the craziness I had to go through as a born omega, discriminated against and treated poorly, you know how sensitive the topic of s*x is to me. You knew this from the beginning. You are supposed to mark me in three days. Could you not wait !? You know I would be taken away as a slave if the ceremony does not hold “

His face twitched, at first, I thought it was because he understood me and he was finally coming to terms with what he has done, but that was clearly not the reason.

“ That’s exactly my point, Lisa, I don’t want to mark you as my own anymore, you are just a lowly omega turned gamma. There is not much you can do for the pack “

“ What? “ my eyes opened wide to the reality of what was happening. “ Adrian! They will take me away! They will take me away as a slave to the Lycan King! The wicked one! Adrian, he could kill me. You said you will protect me! You said you will change my fate “

“ Well, That is not up to me anymore, you are the only one that can change your fate now “ talk about finding out you are getting rejected three days before your marking ceremony! And about to be taken away as a slave.

Chapter 2; the confrontation

*Elisabeth POV*

Finally, I was able to find my way to my room, as I got there I let it all out! I didn’t bother to even hold it in, I cried my eyes out. I was going to be doomed, disgraced, and a slave. This was not what I had in mind when he convinced me of staying close to his side one year ago when I found my mate.

Adrian had convinced me to reject him, he said I was better by his side since he was in the next line to being the Alpha. And yes genuinely it was preferable to be marked by an Alpha than to be mated to a gamma, then he had not found his mate and so it was natural to me that I had rejected my mate for him if I wanted to be marked by him. And everything had been good, he stated his reasons and at least half of the pack were okay with it, as long as he wanted it, they had said. The rest didn’t support or reject it, they just didn’t say anything about it, even the gamma title I got had been through him, since my father was a gamma and my mother an Omega, I


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