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Elizabeth Moore

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Her forbidden wolf
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“ what are you? How do you affect me so? “ He asked, his voice coarse. . . His voice left sinful sensations against her neck, his breath sending tons of emotions all over her body. It was unbearable. She moved closer to him, letting her body touch his in shameless abandon. “ I don't know what you mean. How do I affect you? “ she said her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes looked up at him innocently, not grasping the effect she has on him. He would be damned if he allow her to get close to his heart. Their lips are barely an inch away from each other now, hot within and outside. Penetrating deep into their bodies. “ I have never met anyone like you, how can I find my mate in you? “ He growled. His hands reached up to cup her soft face. Held it in place so he could see through her eyes. Nobody has ever affected him the way she does. And it was definitely not his wolf animalistic behavior. This is just him, what would happen if his wolf awoke and he is not able to control himself? After unintentionally killing his brother, Dante, now an outcast from his pack, leaves London and adopts a new identity as a brooding rogue mercenary to find some solitude but his new neighbor, However Ava Damaris, (a human) has different plans for him. Repulsed by his devil-may-cry persona, Ava was determined to turn him into a kind-hearted gentleman. As they both begin to uncover some hidden secrets of a deadly scheme, a fierce passion blooms between them, which neither anticipated -- and neither can resist.  But will Ava still love him after finding out that it was his kind who had killed her beloved parents? Or will this knowledge alter her deep feelings for him?

The Lycan King’s slave
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"Sir, I promise you I was not challenging anything. I was just asking where we were being taken to. In fact, I wish to see the Alpha King now. I can work. I can be a really great asset to his park, and since he is old, he would need one more young powerful woman in his pack. I don't think he wants to kill me after he knows me, please." "I don't think the Lycan needs anymore people, we have enough hands," The fine man said. "Please let me convince him myself." "Then do. I am listening," he said putting his hands on his chest. "What?" I said. "He is the Lycan King, Sweetheart." --- After Elisabeth was stripped from her title as the Luna of the safe moon pack and found out that the Alpha& mate she had known all her adult life has impregnated someone, someone she trusted with all her being and sacrificed everything for. Now disgraced and to be sent away as a slave to the Lycan King. She tried to escape to find her own world, to excel, the last thing she wanted was to save herself first from being hauled off to the Lycan King, she would rather go rouge, but that didn’t go as planned, The plan only landed her deeper into trouble. The Lycan king turned out to be not what they expected of him, Now she has to use him to her own advantage, To tame the beast in him. Through humiliation and thrive, she was able to survive. The Lycan king helped her to stand solely on her feet, as she claimed back what she had lost and more... How can a mighty king love a lowly wolf like me, A rejected?


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