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The Luna's Surprise Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Luna
  • Chapters: 26
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 178
  • 3.0
  • 💬 5


The schools Luna has been unknown but no one knows it is the girl they have liked to bully and make fun of even though they think they are hiding it they have let it be known that they don't like her and she only has a few friends but she does her best to make everyone who loves her proud but it is hard when she is the oldest kid in her house she has depression and she has been suffering the bullying that has been thrown her way and she has recently found out she is bi/pansexual (she doesn't fully know yet) but she always manages to make everyone proud. {This is the story about a werewolf girl whose name is Kitalie.}

Chapter 1 - a little bit of a recap

Kitalie is seen walking to the bleachers in the gym to sit with her class. During her first month at the school she made a few friends and discovered a lot of bullies but she didn't let that stop her.

There was a week or 2 where kitalie just didn't care about her grades and they sank but kitalie got her grades back up and now has A's, B's and 1 C. Kitalie decided to join the choir and she has been loving it and her class is the best choir class.

Kitalie's mother signed her up for her school's after school program and she made a few friends. At kitalie's school a lot of kids or groups (packs) will pretend they are a family (or as some people call it "playing house"). kitalie and 2 of her friends decide that her 2 friends are kitalie's daughters.

Kitalie finds out that a boy she said "no" to going out on a date with is one of her new friends and she barely remembered him. Kitalie has been having fun in the program and she loves hanging out with her friends.

Kitalie is going to be having her birthday soon and she will be finding out her mate but kitalie is just a little worried about who it might be.

All the characters names and creatures:


Kitalie- Werewolf Luna - story is about - 15

Henry- Werewolf supposed-soon-to-be-Alpha - supposed-soon-to-be-Kitalie's boyfriend/mate - 15

Kally- Werewolf - 13

Hope- Cat person - 14

Marlia- Werewolf - Kitalie's best friend - 14

Rick- Demon - ends up being Kitalies love and mate which the pack is confused on how it worked but it did - 15

Amy- Immortal

Kena (Arnia)- Demon - Kitalie's ex-girlfriend - 15


Crono- Cat person

Trix- Cat person

Ala- Immortal

Arie- Werewolf - Lola's twin - 15

Lola- Werewolf - Arie's twin - 15

Sarah- Cat person

Groy- Cat person

Railey- Werewolf

Arbecca- Immortal

Jary- Demon

Darno- Werewolf


Kenna- Werewolf/Demon hybrid - step-mom - 27

Jaxson- Werewolf/Demon hybrid - dad - 37

Linda- cat person - birth-mom - 36

Jax- Demon - 1st brother - 14

Willie- Werewolf/Demon hybrid - 2nd brother - 10

Becca- Cat person - 1st sister - 8

Leah- Werewolf - 2nd sister(half-sister) - 7

Rain- Werewolf - 3rd brother - 7

Witalia- Cat person - 3rd sister - 5

Rine- Demon - 4th brother - 3

Gaming buddies;

Thomas- Cat person - 15

Jonathan- Demon - 13

Chris- "Human" (doesnt know he is actually a werewolf until his 16 birthday) - 14

Brick- Immortal - 16

Hernandez- Werewolf - 17

(P.S. the ages is for when the story first starts, everyone gets older further in the story)

Chapter 2 - secret almost out

Kitalie is headed towards the school cafeteria where the after school program meets up. Henry approaches Kitalie "Hey Kitalie " Kitalie looks at him "Hey Henry". They walk to the cafeteria together.

They go to the table where their group is at Kitalie says"Hey guys have they found the Luna yet." Kally responds "no they haven't, the Luna is good at hiding." Kitalie mumbles "yea and everyone is blind." Henry says "The Luna has a moon mark on her neck, but she is most likely hiding it" Hope says "She might be hiding it with her hair or maybe makeup, like she might always have her hair down"

Kally says " Wait a minute Kitalie ? " Kitalie says "What ?" Kally says "Are you the Luna ?" Kitalie says "What, No i'm not the Luna, what makes you think that ?" Kally sa


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