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The Lost Luna Princess

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When the Luna Queen is brutally murdered her mate is shocked to find the betrayer is none other than his best friend and Beta to his Royal Pack. Having escaped to safety in the arms of her aunt, Princess Angel must keep her true identity a secret from everyone until the day she meets her mate. Jake is the ruthless Alpha to the Moonlight Pack, he has never wanted to find his mate believing it will make him weak. How will he react when he meets his mate only to find out that not only is she the Lost Luna Princess but that she's a blood relative to the Moon Goddess?


Jeni ann

Review after half of the novel

I absolutely love the authors vivid imagination! The storyline is great fantastic twists and turns on every page. Enough romance and action to balance each other out. The characters in this book are very relatable. For me that makes a book easier to get into. This author has a way with words many could only dream of. Congratulations on the great book you are very talented and I for one look forward to reading more from you. I love your work.

May 27, 2024

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