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The Last Barrier of Alpha Ariel's cursed Mate

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Alpha Ariel was a man of honor and was feared for his ruthlessness and had a high requirement for his mate but it did not happen as his mate turned to be a human and that too highly pampered woman who was always on the lookout for a rich man for her lavish lifestyle. He wanted to stay away from his spoiled mate but his wolf wouldn't let him and as the days went by he whisked her to his country and trapped her without her knowledge. Marcela was taken away by him into his world which was an unknown territory for her and gradually she realizes that she was drowning more and more towards the arrogant man, but soon she realizes that he had brought her there with a purpose and was heartbroken by his deceit but right after that another storm came brewing up making her realize that the life she was living in was a lie and when the storm came her life turned upside down and she became lost not knowing what her identity was !

Chapter 1

Third Person’s POV

“Madam, everything is ready. We will move as soon as we get your signal.” The voice spoke from the other end of the phone.

“Finally! Oh finally !! The time has come and my waiting is over. I will get what I have always wanted and no one can stop me this time. No one…..” The dark figure with a mask on her face spoke as she walked at a hurried pace and opened a door that creaked a little and created a very rustic sound.

“Wait for me; I will be there within an hour.” After that, she ended the call.

The woman got inside and looked around the room and her eyes stopped at a place where a portrait of a family stood on the desk. It looked very dirty as it was covered with dust. And beside it, there were newspaper cuttings with a picture of a girl whose face was beautifully carved. She was born Nobel and was the pride of her people. Next to her was the picture of a happy couple and they looked like they were deeply in love.

The woman caressed the picture lovingly and her eyes sparkled with deep emotions.

“Well looks like I will be able to make it finally.” After that, she turned around and walked outside the room. Her steps were very firm and elegant as she walked with confidence as if no one could stop her


A lone figure looked down at the narrow valley and up towards the deep forest. She was panting heavily as if she had been running for a long time. She was exhausted and lost. She did not understand why she was running and from whom but she knew someone was following her and she had to escape or she will be caught.

She reached the entrance of the deep jungle and heaved a sigh of relief but footsteps were getting closer and closer and her whole body trembled she panicked and ran wildly inside the deep and dense forest. But she kept on running as her enemy was right behind her, she had to escape or she would be caught and killed.

Suddenly she heard the animals howling behind her, she was so terrified that she stumbled on the ground and hurt her hand in the process but she got up again and started running.

She was too scared to look back and ran for her life. Finally, after running for a long time she reached the river bank and ran towards it as she could see a boat was tied near the shore but it was anchored a little further away. She ran faster and got inside the water but when she looked at her face in the water, she was terrified and screamed her lungs out.

“No, no, no no……no………it’s not me, it’s not me. ” Marcela who was holding her face and touching it desperately woke up from her dream and ran towards her bathroom and looked at her face in the mirror after she saw her face, she heaved sighs of relief.

She touched her face with alarm as if she was scared that something had happened and after splashing a few handfuls of water on her face she was relaxed.

After that, she turned around and saw her brother standing at the door and looking at her with concern.

“Ela are you, all right? I heard your scream and came running.”

Marcela looked at her brother with confusion because as far as she could remember she had closed the door of her room, so how did he get inside?

“I am fine,” Marcela said. “But how did you enter my room, Emis?”

“I have the spare key remember.” Eremis smiled and showed her the key.

Marcela’s looked at the key in his hand and felt better.

“I am sorry to have troubled you, Eremis, you can go back and sleep,” Marcela said as she came inside her room.

“But why did you scream Ela?” Eremis asked her lovingly as he didn’t want her to be scared.

“I had a bad dream,” Marcela said flatly not sure whether her brother would understand.

“A bad dream was it the same one,” Eremis asked looking at her sternly.

“Yes, But today, I saw something really bad,” Marcela said nervously.

“What did you see Ela, tell me?” Eremis urged her.

Marcela looked at her younger brother who was two years younger than her but always behaved as if he was the older one and shook her head helplessly.

“It’s alright, it was nothing, I just saw something evil and so I screamed.” Marcela lied to him but she forgot that she was very bad at lying and Eremis was looking at her sternly.

“Emis, I have told you before that I am always running from something in my dream and I never reach a destination but today I reached an unknown sea shore and you know what……”She grabbed his hand nervously and continued. “The moment I stood near the water and looked at my face I was horrified as I looked like a wolf. No, no, no………., I was a wolf.”

As she spoke her body was shaking with fear and Eremis felt a slight pain in his heart as if his heart was about to break so he held her in his arms, trying to comfort her.

“Hush…..Ela, it’s just a dream, don’t be scared. You are not a wolf you are a girl. You saw yourself in the mirror right.” Marcela nodded her head. “So, you see, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s just a dream sweetheart, just sleep now. I will stay with you tonight.” Eremis said lovingly trying to soothe her.

“I am so sacred Emis,” Marcela said nervously as she snuggled in his embrace.

“It’s all right, I am here. Just close your eyes and sleep, Ela.” Eremis said and after coaxing her for a long time, Marcela finally closed her eyes and slept peacefully.

Looking at her fragile body, Eremis felt nervous as he had never seen her as nervous and scared as his sister had always been very strong from the inside out.

He closed his eyes and tried to connect with his pack through his mind link and sent a message.

Eremis was the son of the former Alfa king, whose pack was scattered and broken when he died all of a sudden in an accident but Eremis searched all the loyal wolves that were working for his father and was training them to succeed once again as the Alfa of his kingdom.

“Did someone enter the territory?”

After some time many voices ran through his head and his hands were clenched into fists.

“How did it happen?” He growled and his pack trembled.

“She is here for Duke Arthur ’s wedding, so we couldn’t stop her as the officials have allowed her to enter.”

Eremis shook his head and sent another message to his mind.

“Keep a close watch on her and make sure she leaves right after the wedding.”

Eremis opened his eyes and looked at Marcela’s sleeping form and caressed her face lovingly.

He was worried about her but he couldn’t show her his fear as he had promised his father that he will protect her no matter what happens.

He was hoping that Marcela would meet a good guy and fall in love with him and was expecting Arthur to propose to her but Arthur ended up falling in love with Alpha Ariel’s sister, who was from the mountain kingdom in the Netherlands and was a ruthless Alpha but in the human world he was a very famous businessman and nobody could defeat his position as the top most tycoon around the world.

Marcela had made it clear to him that she did not have any feelings for Arthur. So Eremis was looking forward to finding her a good husband at the wedding. Their mother was a human who fell in love with their father and they mated that’s how Marcala was born but she was human. Whereas, Eremis was half human and half wolf and could transform anytime. He was very cautious around Marcela since he was a child as he did not want to scare Marcela.

Marcela had never known that her father was an Alpha king and hopefully wouldn’t know about it. That’s why Eremis was hoping she would find a good man for herself at the wedding and be happy as he couldn’t allow her to marry any Alpha as there were too many complications. And he wanted his sister to have a life full of happiness away from violence and war.

Chapter 2

The bright reflection of lights filled the whole ballroom. It was supposed to be the best banquet in history given by the Knight family and everyone invited were all well-known families from Sweden and other parts of the world.

Ariel Knight surveyed the ballroom of the palace. The band had just played a few numbers of the local folk song and a tune in waltz-time was a signal for the guest to take their partners for the first dance of the evening. the whole ballroom was filled with women who were wearing designer gowns made by famous designers and magnificent jewelry hung around their necks and ears as they walked with their partners towards the dance floor.

Ariel’s angular feature softened a little when he saw the bride. His half-sister, who was out showed the pieces of jewelry around her, her blazing happiness making Ariel feel uncomfortable like an intruder. She was quite a few younger than him, Alexia was born to her step-mother, whom his dad had married after her m


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