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The Trifecta's Hybrid

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By the time Alisa pulled herself together, Jordan was back to his position on the couch and Jason had a bright smile on his face. For a second, she found herself wondering if she had been hallucinating but one look at Jason and she was sure everything that had just happened was real. Jordan indeed had his tongue and mouth all over her and she had let it. She trembled in horror as she understood the power of the mate bond and she could not bring herself to say a word. "You okay love?" Jason asked and she nodded absent mindedly and then glared at him the next second. The smile on their faces made her feel like a joke. Like they saw her as a fun toy to play with. "Do you think it's funny?" she asked with a trembling voice and Jason nodded, frankly. Jordan just stared at her as he took a sip from his glass. "I don't see why you will try to deny the bond we share when it's as clear as day that you feel it almost as much as we do." Jason said with a plain face as he studied her reaction. Much to his surprise, there were no visible reactions on her face. "The bond we share is insignificant and can easily be broken" she spat out coldly, as her hands balled into a fist, her nails digging into her palms. "You wouldn't dare" Jordan growled in a dangerously low tone. To Lycans, the mate bond was sacred and was honored with ample respect. He would not just sit and watch as his mate rejected him, never! She has been fated to him and his brother and she would be theirs no matter what. A girl who despises Alpha males and Triplet Alphas who will stop at nothing to claim her. Would she be able to escape them, or will they subdue her in the end?

Chapter 1

"I know you would want to reject me, right?" Alisa asked plainly looking straight at him. She was not afraid of him; her father too was an Alpha and so was her mother.

"Smart girl" Liam replied with a smug smile.

Nodding lightly, Alisa clenched her fists as her wolf whispered at the back of her mind. Looking up at him again she asked curtly "Can you give me a week?"

"I just got my wolf yesterday and am afraid she won't be able to handle it." She knew it was pointless, but she could at least try.

"No need, I don't want the bond to grow any further nor do I want anyone to find out I found my mate" he replied disdainfully.

Alisa wanted to plead further but she would rather die than do that. It was no secret that Alpha's are scum, yet she also could not understand why those ladies would allow these Alpha's to treat them like dirt.

She would never let herself be treated like dirt and she would rather die from the pain of rejection since that was the wish of the goddess.

"I Liam Stone reject you Alisa Brown as my mate" he said plainly as a piercing pain cut through her heart like a raging thunder.

"I accept your rejection" she replied weakly with gritted teeth. She fought the urge to hold her chest and did her best to not cry in front of him.

Without another word and a satisfied nod, Liam turned around and left.

Watching his departing back in agonizing pain, Alisa woke up with sweat pouring off her body. Thinking back to her dream, she felt her wolf whimpering which made her sigh again.

She could not care less about the rejection, but she was sad that her wolf had been weak ever since.

Ignoring the numb pain in her heart, Alisa got out of bed, grabbed a leggings and a bra top before running out of the house to clear her head.

She ran for about a mile and settled before a small lake where she spent a lot of time with her mom.

Sitting on the rock, Alisa reminisced about the past till her alarm clock rang.

Without a second thought, she went back home and got ready for work.

As always, she was the 1st person at the restaurant, but she did not mind. She would rather spend her time cooking than stay a second longer at home.

At around 7:30am, the place began to bustle with a lot of people, human and wolves alike.

This tiny town was in the middle of the forest, and only a few people knew of it. The only humans here were all aware of the existence of werewolves and the pack never had to hide their true selves.

Once she was done making breakfast, Alisa sat down in a secluded corner of the restaurant, the same place she was seated the day she recognized Liam as her mate and was rejected.

Thinking about that day, a mocking smile danced on her lips as she sipped her coffee.

"They are such a great couple!" a girl gushed from the next table.

Looking over, Alisa could see Liam with another lady on the cover of a magazine. She was Alpha's only daughter and Liam's new wife.

"Oh please, we know he married her to become eligible to compete for the spot of Alpha" the girl's friend snorted coldly.

"Shh! Someone might hear" her friend warned in a hushed voice.

Unconvinced, she continued "Who isn't aware of that? She is the Alpha's only daughter, and all the Alpha's sons are from his mistresses so marrying her gives him an edge over the rest".

"Still, you should be careful. You never know who might hear you" her friend replied, got up, paid for their meal, and left.

Smiling wryly, Alisa focused on her drink. She had never liked him, so she did not really care. She somehow wished that her wolf would get the memo and get on board too.

There was no point crying over spilt milk, especially since she would be leaving the pack after the blood moon ceremony.

She would finally get the chance to be herself instead of 'the traitor's daughter'.

Thinking about how much she had suffered through the years, she found herself cursing aloud "that b*st*rd".

Tears quickly formed in her eyes as she thought about her father. He was the former beta of the pack and the Alpha's half-brother.

Everything had been fine for the first five years of her life but soon, an alpha's daughter showed interest in him, and he married her as his second wife.

'What a scum?' she thought disdainfully.

No one hated Gabriel as much as she did, and she would have done her best to ruin him had her mother not made her promise to do nothing.

All she could do now was lay low, stay away from trouble and move out for college as soon as she was done with the ceremony.

Breathing out slowly, Alisa walked back to the kitchen and began to make lunch.

At around 12pm, she heard a commotion outside at the eating area and rushed out immediately with her boss.

"You should be honored that am showing interest in you" a red-haired young man sneered at a waiter.

"Exactly" another young man said.

"Do you know who he is?" their other friend echoed. "He's Deroy, the Alpha's first son"

The girl was scared and began to tremble a little. This made Alisa frown, these puncks actually dare to threaten a lady because he's an Alpha.

"So pretty girl, thank your stars that am even looking at you. Now take a seat" Deroy said proudly with a smirk on his face.

"I don't think so," Alice said, giving him a warning look as she walked forward.

She hated the guts Alphas had when pursuing women.

'It's like they except you to bend over backwards to please them because of their superior rank'. She thought with disgust.

"Stay out of this Alisa" Deroy snapped staring dangers at her.

Ignoring his look of warning, she challenged him with a taunting smirk "And if I don't?"

Chapter 2

A small smirk was playing on Alisa's face as she challenged Deroy. He desperately wished he could wipe the damn smirk on her face but that would get him into more trouble.

"Deroy let's go, she's not worth it," one of his friends said pulling him until they were out of the restaurant.

"Thank you," Amber the waiter said sincerely with her head lowered. She had been one of those who avoided Alisa like a plague, so she felt quite embarrassed when Alisa was the one who helped her out.

Alisa did not care about it, " It's fine, I never liked him to begin with" she said waving her hand like it was nothing but deep down, she knew better.

Alpha Killian, with his mountain sized ego was not going to take this lying down for sure.

"We both know that's a lie," Mira, the owner of the restaurant spoke up as she walked towards them.

Taking a step back, Alisa lied with a straight face despite her thum


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