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I'm just a girl with crazy fantasies that I would like to share with you.


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  • Author: Asaoleka
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 94
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By the time Alisa pulled herself together, Jordan was back to his position on the couch and Jason had a bright smile on his face. For a second, she found herself wondering if she had been hallucinating but one look at Jason and she was sure everything that had just happened was real. Jordan indeed had his tongue and mouth all over her and she had let it. She trembled in horror as she understood the power of the mate bond and she could not bring herself to say a word. "You okay love?" Jason asked and she nodded absent mindedly and then glared at him the next second. The smile on their faces made her feel like a joke. Like they saw her as a fun toy to play with. "Do you think it's funny?" she asked with a trembling voice and Jason nodded, frankly. Jordan just stared at her as he took a sip from his glass. "I don't see why you will try to deny the bond we share when it's as clear as day that you feel it almost as much as we do." Jason said with a plain face as he studied her reaction. Much to his surprise, there were no visible reactions on her face. "The bond we share is insignificant and can easily be broken" she spat out coldly, as her hands balled into a fist, her nails digging into her palms. "You wouldn't dare" Jordan growled in a dangerously low tone. To Lycans, the mate bond was sacred and was honored with ample respect. He would not just sit and watch as his mate rejected him, never! She has been fated to him and his brother and she would be theirs no matter what. A girl who despises Alpha males and Triplet Alphas who will stop at nothing to claim her. Would she be able to escape them, or will they subdue her in the end?


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