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The Hybrid Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: R.Y.E.
  • Chapters: 78
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 16K
  • 9.1
  • 💬 206


"You think I will let your f****** d*** to get inside my precious jewel? Think again." "Don't say that too early, mate. Because my d*** is gonna get in your sweet p**** as well as my tongue and fingers and every part of my body that can get in there. And I am going to make sure you'll beg me not to stop." ************************************************************************************* Lindsay was abused by her pack members thinking she doesn't have a wolf because of her witch mother and human father. Both her and her mother lived in the Hill Pack because of her mother's friend, Luna Gwen. Despite Alpha Nick's refusal to take them in, Luna Gwen insisted on making them live in the pack. Because Luna Gwen was well loved by the pack members, they agreed with her. But after she had died, everyone started to bully Lindsay, being an orphan as she is, no one defended her with the pack members who hurt and abused her. She was rejected by her mate, the future alpha of the Hill Pack Xander Devance. After accepting his rejection, Lindsay left the pack and becomes rogue and meet a witch that taught her to use her witch power. What will happen when Lindsay return to the pack because of the former gamma that she treated as her own father and saw Xander? How would Xander react when he found her mate who was now stronger and confident. Will the bond that they severe tie them together again?

Chapter 1

Lindsay's POV

My name is Lindsay. I am a she-wolf from the Hill Pack. I grew up as an orphan. My mother died shortly after I was born. In human territory, I was left in the custody of my father. I also don't recall anything about him. My aunt, Mira, informed me that he was abusing me, so she removed me from his presence. My aunt is fond of me.

Through her, I was able to feel the affection of a mother. Because she cared and loved me, I assumed everything would go easily. Until that fateful day in the woods, We were being pursued by two rogues. I told her about them, but it was too late. Yes, she did not make it through. Everyone assumed it was me who killed her because I was left unscratched.

"You jinx, what are you zoning out about?" Lory, an omega, asked me angrily. I was controlling myself not to separate her head from her shoulder. She thinks highly of herself just because she was one of Ashley's, the Beta's daughter's, allies, and making me feel miserable was their main reason for living. I closed my eyes and breathed to collect my calm, and when I did, I looked at her and said, "I was just thinking about whether you would need my help later. I know that your hands are full with the upcoming event in the pack house.. I looked at Lory, arching her brows, and I've wanted to pull her out ever since.

"There's nothing that you can help me with." "Stop zoning out and get all the laundry done quickly," she said, yelling.

"As you wish," I replied, and I smirked after I turned my back on her.

I went to the 3rd floor to collect the future alpha's laundry when I felt a sting in my heart and upper stomach. It was a feeling I started to get used to. That started two years ago when I was 16 and he was 18. I found out that he was my mate, and I'm sure that he did find out about me being his as well. But to my dismay, he didn't tell me about it. And now he's banging another she-wolf, and it's really painful.

I know very well why he didn't want me because he thinks that I have no wolf. But when I turned 16, a week after his 18th birthday, I shifted into the forest by myself. There was no one to calm me, even though I often heard that having someone to assist you during your first shift will make it a little less painful, especially when he or she is your mate. But Xander was not there for me. He never looked at me even once.

I am going to be eighteen in three more days, and no one saw me shift. I allowed no one to see me with my fours. My wolf, Lizzy, was very shy and didn't want anyone to see us in our wolf form.

I found that Xander was banging a she-wolf. I don’t know who she was, but the pain was so excruciating that I wanted to die rather than feel it. My heart was in so much pain, and I cried silently. I don’t know how I managed to cope with that, and Lizzy was so weak. She couldn’t accept the fact that our mate was with another she-wolf.

I didn't need to come into his room to get his laundry because they were already outside his door. He was like that whenever he was with another she-wolf. He never let me see it, but unknown to him, I can feel it. I got his laundry and walked away, hoping that he would stop what he had been doing.

But I know too well that it was only wishful thinking. If he ever finds out that I was his mate, I’m sure that he is going to reject me. He never even glanced at me; why would he ever accept me? No one in this pack does.

I remember my aunt Mira, who was the deceased Luna Gwen's best friend. Luna was kind to me and treated me like her own. Even though Alpha Nick doesn't want me in his pack, she insists on taking me in. Alpha Nick, as well as the other pack members, do not accept a member who doesn't have a wolf. They thought that my aunt, and therefore my mother, was a witch, and they knew that we lived with my father, who was a human, in human territory. As for me, having a witch mother and a human father is not welcome in his pack. Other than Alpha Nick, if Luna was not around, no one could touch me. Not until Luna died.

They blamed that incident on me as well. We were under attack at that time. Alpha Nick told me to leave and be with Luna and Gwen and go into the bunker. I knew I could help them because, aside from the constant fighting in the tournament in neutral territory, I had my senses heightened already, but the Alpha only wanted to keep Luna safe, so I followed him. We were about to go to the bunker when a rogue suddenly appeared. He was snarling at Luna Gwen, and I had this feeling that Luna was in danger, so I fought along with her in my human form. I wanted to shift, but Lizzy wouldn't allow me to, so we were really at a disadvantage. Luna Gwen was not good at fighting as well, so it was really difficult for me to fight the rogue and at the same time protect her.

I was about to take down the rogue when another rogue came in and had me pinned to the wall. I saw Gamma come in, and I felt scared when I saw the other rogue bury his fangs in Luna's neck.

"Lunaaa..." I screamed and cried hard. She was looking at me while Gamma charged into the rogue who was holding Luna, but he ran away with the rogue that had me pinned to the wall.

After that, "Alpha Nick" lost his mind and has become my living nightmare.

Now that my birthday is approaching, I can't help but feel relieved that I am going to leave this pack. My mother, who died when I was 10, always tells me that I am going to become stronger when I turn 18. That's why I was waiting until then.

One of my abilities was to heal faster than any other werewolf or alpha. I can heal myself at any time I want. Yes, I can delay my healing, but I feel nothing at all. I connected it to the fact that I shifted early, so it may be one of its perks.

I was able to surpass all the abuse I had to deal with from Alpha Nick and the pack members. I felt like I had been training myself all my life. I feel so strong after all the beatings that I took from everyone, even at school.

Yes, I studied before. When Luna Gwen was still alive, she insisted on making me go to school. At first, no one talked to me, and everyone had their own life, managing their own business. I didn't know that they were only trying to hide their grievances against me because of Luna Gwen. After she died, everyone at school started beating me up as well. I will never forget the time when Xander defended me. He had no wolf yet during that time, so he didn't know that I was his, but I appreciated him taking my side.

I thought it was going to be the beginning of our good friendship, but it turned out that it was not. When we got back to the pack house, he said to me, "If you can't help yourself out, don't bother coming to school. You will receive more if you continue to attend school.. I was speechless. I thought, as the future alpha of the pack, he was concerned for his pack members.

I made a promise to myself that I would endure whatever the pack threw at me, no matter how painful it was. On my 16th birthday, a week after Xander's 18th birthday, and after I shifted in the woods, I went back to the pack house and saw him in the pack garden. Happiness found me when I smelled him and thought he was already 18 and had shifted. He would come to me and accept me.

I thought he smelled me with my wolf, and that's why he looked at me, but I don't think that's the case because he just turned around and left me there without saying a thing.

My wolf, Lizzy, was deeply hurt as our mate ignored us. Maybe he didn't smell Lizzy yet, and he didn't know that I had just come from shifting. I wanted to follow him and talk to him, but I decided not to. I went to my room, and it was the beginning of my pain.

Chapter 2

Lindsay's POV

It's my birthday—the day that I've been waiting for. I woke up earlier than usual and prepared everything for my escape. Yes, I am going to escape from this pack. I am sure that Alpha Nick would give me a hard time if I were going to ask his permission. I was feeling different today, and I felt power surging into me.

I ignored it and continued my preparation. The money I saved from my hard work in the pack was not enough, but because I am smart and strong, no one knew that I constantly went to neutral territory and fought against rogues and other werewolves. I have been the undefeated champion for two consecutive years. I defeated everyone without shifting. They usually underestimated me because I didn't have a scent, making them think that I was an omega who was just trying to learn how to fight, and that was their biggest mistake.

When it was time for my work to start, I hurried to the kitchen and prepared everyone's breakfa


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