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The human luna

The human luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Biseco
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 33
  • 3.0
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Laura had always had it rough in life. An only child with no parents, no siblings, not even one person to call family. Then all of a sudden, someone somewhere just came along and said she belongs to him. As what? Who claims someone as if they were some object or thing? Alex was a werewolf, not just a werewolf, but a very powerful werewolf. He's the strongest werewolf to ever be in existence. What happens when he realizes that his mate is a very fragile human? What if she rejects him? Will he ever let her go or not?

Chapter 1

It was a stressful day as usual for Laura as she walked towards a bar not far from her house. She went there everyday after school not to get herself a drink but to resume duty as a steward. She had to take the job because she needed it to sustain herself in school as she was an orphan. Her parents died to a car accident when she was fifteen and she had been by herself since then as she was the only child of her parents. No family members, no siblings to turn up to so she had to take care of herself by herself. She had been doing this for five years now and it seemed as though she had gotten used to it. She got to her work place late as usual. Thank goodness her boss was a very nice and understanding man. Kevin was a man in his 50's who also had a daughter around the same age as Laura which had made him to be nice and considerate towards Laura. He was a very strict man but with Laura, he was always different. He took Laura as his daughter and was always there for her whenever she needed his help even though Laura would never ask. Laura herself was a very hardworking girl who doesn't joke with her job which had earned her so much love from her boss, her coworkers and even some of her customers who couldn't do without tipping her everyday. Laura entered the bar through the back door and quickly changed into her uniform in the changing room. She slightly opened the door of the room next to the changing room and put her head in with a smile on her face.

"Hi Kevin" She greeted her boss.

"Oh hi Laura. How was school today?" Kevin answered looking up from the laptop on his desk.

"Yeah great. I'm sorry for coming to work late, it won't happen again" Laura said to him with a sad face.

"Well, you always say that." Kevin said to her and they both bursted into laughter.

"I'll see you later. I need to get to work" She said.

"Sure" Kevin said as Laura closed the door and went away.

Laura went through the balcony towards the bar to start her work for the day. She greeted her coworkers with a smile and then started attending to customers.

"Hey" one customer called and Laura quickly went over to him.

"Hi. What will you like to have?" She asked politely.

"What's your name?" The stranger asked.

"What?!!!" Laura asked perplexed. None of the customers had ever asked for her name, they just got to know with time. Looking at this stranger, she never thought she had seen him before. ''He's definitely here for the first time'' She thought.

"I'm Alex. What's your name?" The stranger asked again.

"My name is Laura. What will you like to have?" She told him her name regardless, also asking him what he would like to have a second time. She suddenly felt the need to assess the guy and she realized how handsome he was. She looked at him guessing what his height could be even though he was sitting down. He was very muscular and strong, more like a bodybuilder. Laura suddenly found herself drooling over this stranger before she quickly called herself to order.

"Wine" he finally answered with a smile while his eyes were fixed on Laura.

"Oh! Okay. Give me a minute" She said as she turned to leave.

"Your hair"

"What?" Laura asked again confused.

"The color of your hair. It's wine." He said, his gaze still fixed on her.

"Oh! Yeah, my hair. It's wine" Laura said smiling uncomfortably. "So, what should I get for you now?"

"I'll take red wine" Alex said. Laura nodded and left with his gaze following her.

Laura came back few seconds later to give him his drink and then left to attend to other customers. Alex kept looking at her as she attended to other customers. At a point, he saw a male customer looking at her buttocks and his eyes darkened, clenching his big fists under the table. He was so angry he felt like snapping his head off his neck but he controlled himself. Few minutes later, he saw her attending to two guys sitting together around a table. Few seconds after she left their table, he heard the two guys saying to each other.

"Look at her roouunnd ass" the first guy said staring at Laura's backside as she left to get their drinks.

"I've been having wet dreams about her for long, I can't wait to have her tonight" the second guy said licking his lips.

"Me too. We're gonna fuck her hard she'll scream her lungs out" the first guy whispered to his friend and they laughed out loud.

Alex was fuming where he sat. He wouldn't have heard them if he was a normal human being considering the distance of where he was sitting to theirs. He was a werewolf. An alpha werewolf. He growled lowly feeling like spilling blood. ''what are they planning to do?'' he thought. "Nobody touches what is mine" he said lowly gritting his teeth. He returned his gaze back to Laura and watched every step she took. With his gaze on her beautiful face, he relaxed a bit. Soon, it was time to close and all the customers including the two guys had left except Alex.

"Sir, we've closed for the day" one of the bartenders came to him. Her name was sophie. She looked at him seductively. "Need someone to keep your company for the night? You look good." She said again biting her bottom lip and winking at Alex.

"Call me Laura" Alex said to her coldly.

"Laura?" She asked looking angry. "Laura can't handle you like I will. I'm even sure that bitch is still a virgin."

"Call. Me. Laura!!!" Alex repeated tightly gritting his teeth and exuding his coldest aura that scares even the hardest of hearts.

Sophie froze. She was scared to the bones. She quickly retreated and nodded, scurrying off quickly to call Laura. "Be careful Laura, there is something strange about that man" she said to Laura as soon as she got to her and told her Alex needed her to attend to him instead.

"It's fine" Laura replied with a smile as she went over to Alex.

"Sir you asked for me" she said immediately she got to his table.

"Alex, not sir." He said a little bit angry.

"Oh! Alex. We've closed for today Alex." Laura said as politely as she could.

"How much is my bill?" He asked.

"20 dollars sir... uhm sorry Alex" she said

Alex dipped his hand into his breast pocket and brought out a 100 dollar and pointed it at her.

" Here. You can keep the change." He said as he stood up to leave.

Laura was beyond surprised. 80 dollars tip? She had not received a tip that much since she started working. She was so happy. She looked up to thank him but he was gone. She turned around and walked back towards the counter. She finished with the account for the day, changed out of her uniform, said bye to Steve and her coworkers and left happily.

Chapter 2

Laura walked quietly and fast to her house. Her house was not too far from her work place so she usually trekked. The only problem was that the road to her house was usually very quiet with few houses around. She used to be scared at first, but she grew more confident walking alone along the road with time. She was thinking about the stranger she met at work and all what transpired between them when she suddenly felt uncomfortable. She felt like someone was following her. She wanted to look back to see if someone was actually following her but she was too scared to do so. She quickened her steps with her heart beating like it was going to come out of her chest. She noticed the footsteps was getting closer and she thought of what to do but nothing came to her mind. If she should run, whoever was following her would catch up with her in no time as there was no place for her to run to. She was getting closer to a narrow road that led to her street and got more scared because that road


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