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The Girl With The Red Bow

The Girl With The Red Bow

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Reluctant to remember her past, Annabella Black sets sail on her newfound journey. Leaving no stone unturned and no rock unrolled, Anna searches for the missing puzzle pieces in the life she now only wished she could remember. Annabella Marie Black, a bigger than average she-wolf fights to figure out what happened in her past that made her shut it out. She can't remember anything before age 16. Before the full moon on her 17th birthday, Anna's growth, and pains, only became worse. With doctors and paediatricians having no idea what was wrong with the girl, she was in a new hospital every week. Anna must remember her past, and find the clue her birth parents had left for her, a clue that could lead to her saving her pack. Will Anna be able to save her people before it's too late, or will the place she called home, come crumbling down along with her newfound Family?


'Piggy! Piggy! Piggy!' The words rung through her mind. All she could think of while running is 'I'll show them'.

Dropping her books, she looks up to the man standing in front of her, the man she just ran into. Xavier, the 19 year old returning to his former high school, to collect his things, say a few goodbyes, and help out a few teachers with their classes.

Annabella looked up at the tall man, he easily stood 3-4 feet taller than her. She let out a shaky breath when his eyes connected to hers. As she retracted her steps, she took her eyes from his and picked up her books, to her surprise he helped. As she had received the books from him she went to say thanks, only to see his once pearly blue eyes, a few shades darker.

She gave him a tight lipped smile as he smirked and winked at her. She stayed there for a little while, drooling over his perfect body. He leaned towards her, and kissed her on the cheek. He then left, leaving her a heated mess in the middle of the hallway. She bag an to walk away from the scene, the image of his smirk and wink replaying in her mind, the heat spreading across her body. Eventually the heat started pooling between her legs, making her walk a away faster.


Going back to her current foster home, she put all of her items into her room, and sat on her bed. This time, unlike any other foster homes she went to, these parents didn't have any kids at home, they'd all grown up. She picked up the book from her bedside table and started to read the spicy novel of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Getting so into a book is hard because you never really notice the things around you. You never really notice how the animals watch you through your window, with your hands down your pants as you're reading a sexualizing fantasy that you wish was your own.

Anna startled from her activities, heads downstairs to figure out all the commotion. Her parents sitting at the table with Xavier, Some other guy who she didn't recognize, and the man she knew as Xavier's father.

"Ah Annabella!" Xavier's father exclaimed as she entered the room. "We were just talking about you dear!"

She looked to her foster family scared, but they wouldn't even look her way. They looked almost traumatized.

"What's going on?" She asked, her voice shy and timid.

"Never mind that! Come come! Sit down!" His father stated again. "I am Jack King, and these are my sons Xavier" he pointed to the one man she had met earlier. "And Gabe!" He pointed to the other man.

"Hi," she squeaked out as the two young men smirked at her.

"Take her. She's a disgrace to our family name." John, her foster dad said out loud. His voice all but breaking. Her foster mother Grace has tears streaming from her eyes. Anna looked towards her foster parents with confusion and fear lacing through her eyes.

Anna ran to her room with tears in her eyes, her body shaking from frustration. She felt like the world was crumbling down. Once everyone including the guests were asleep, Anna did what Anna knew best. Anna ran.

Through the door, her backpack slung over her shoulder, her shoes tight to her feet, and her eyes dead shot on the forest. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her. She sprung through trees, and leaped over fallen branches, the small sharp bushes in full bloom cutting her bare, short clad legs. Her tank top skin tight, her nipples showing through the thin white fabric.

Hearing the howls and paws in the sultry summer air, she ran faster. Soon her movement came to a halt when she'd seen that her treehouse she had went to just days before had been torn to pieces. The predators now just mere feet behind her. She turned slowly to see three large wolves.

The biggest of black wolf fur with eyes of blue.

The second biggest of brown fur with eyes of green.

The smallest of white fur with eyes of steel.



Waking up in a small white room, the girl burst into tears. Her body full of cuts and bruises, as she lay spread out and naked on the table. She had no discomfort, nor any feeling throughout her whole body. One could only imagine the torture she'd have to go through if she was indeed awake.

"Father, are you sure that was necessary?"

"Yes Thomas."

That voice! She thought, as her silent sobs echoed in her mind, the tears still falling down her face. Slowing her breathing, she began to think.

How will she get out of there, how will she go unnoticed. Who were these men. What had they done to her.

Suddenly the doctor walked into the room, a vial of some clear white liquid, and a syringe. Behind the doctor came the three men from earlier. Gabe, Xavier and... what was their dads name? Oh yeah Jack King!

"What am I doing here? What are you doing to me?"

"Just shut her up!" Suddenly two woman walked towards her, the apologetic looks on their faces told her something was about to happen. She tried kicking and screaming but to no avail seeing as her body was strapped down, her legs held forcefully open.

"Here's the deal mutt. You are going to bare my son!" He spat to her, venom lacing his words, smirking at the poor girl. "And I'll get some pleasure while doing so too."

In saying that, Jack unbuckled his belt, and dropped his pants. The doctor filled the syringe with the liquid from before and emptied it into the girls 14 year old body. Jack pushed his way onto the girl, thrusting into the her, making her cry out in pain.

After a few times of hearing the girl cry out loud, the youngest son escaped the grasp of the guards holding him back. Running towards his father on top of his mate he shifted, ripping his father from her. His claws digging into the vile man, slowly shredding his skin. With a 200 pound wolf dog crushing your chest it won't take long to stop your heart. And that it did. Once the wolf man knew he was dead, he stood up, shifting back into his human form, and cupped the face of the now unconscious girl.

After sleeping for what only felt like a few minutes Xavier finally got out of the bed, the girls cried echoed throughout the room, as she lay there in a deep sleep. He took the shirt from his back and laid it across the girls fragile body. Shivering from the cool breeze coming from the open window, he walked out of the room to find the doctor.


"Are you sure sir? The girl cannot regain her memory once it is lost." The doctor said through the cracked white glass door, the fear and confusion in his words. All she could see were blobs, then the memories all started to flood back through her mind.

The memories of Jack pushing his way to get inside her.

The memories of the large wolf who saved her.

The memories of all of her foster homes.

The pain, the depression, and the anguish all flooding back.

"Xavier," Anna called out weakly, which in turn had him poking his head into the room.

"Yes darling?"

"I want it all to go away. I don't want to remember anything. I don't want to remember my childhood. I don't want to remember the pain, I don't want to remember you, or who I am. I don't want to remember anyone except for Jazzy." She said, the tears falling from her eyes.

One single tear fell from Xavier's eye that night. The night that his mate told him, she didn't want to remember him. She didn't want to remember anything about her past. And like a genie, she had her wish granted.

Chapter 1

I can't remember much of my childhood, it was just a big blur. Looking back, I never really had one. I grew up in the foster system. From what I was told, my real parents abandoned me in the forest, alone, and crying. In many of the foster homes I went to, I would be in and out of the hospital due to my constant growth, my snappy outbursts, my constant aches and pains. And that's where I currently sit right now. A freshly turned 17 year old who ran away from the foster care system. My whole body hurt, tonight I was supposed to go to a party with my friends. The full moon party in the park. Currently, the doctors re poking and prodding at me.

"Miss?" The head nurse spoke up, looking into my eyes.

"Annabella." I state, confirming her suspicions.

"Perfect, listen, we don't know what's wrong yet, you need to stay here until we get your bloodwork back." My heart dropped hearing those words. I looked directly at her, gave


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