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The Forbidden Luna

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Sassy has never felt like she belonged in her pack. She's always wanted to leave and start a new life somewhere else. Her mate, Alpha Murphy, treats her with great disdain, and she's never been able to understand why. When Murphy rejects her, Sassy is devastated but also relieved. She's always wanted someone to come along and take her away from the pack, and now the moon goddess has granted her another mate. Sassy meets Alpha Drake, and while she's hesitant at first, she begins to realize that he might be the one who can give her the life she's always wanted. But as she grows closer to Drake, she discovers that Murphy knew the truth about her parents all along. Sassy is filled with anger and betrayal, but she's also conflicted. Can she forgive Murphy and go back to the life she never wanted, or should she take a chance on the new life that's waiting for her with Drake? Will she be able to find the happiness and freedom she's always wanted, or will her past and the rival pack destroy everything she holds dear? Find out.

Chapter 1

Sassy sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror.She watched as the other girls dressed happily, all excited for the new school year, while she was still the same weird, blonde-haired werewolf girl.Sometimes she wished she could run away or stay hidden or bury herself under her sheets or even disappear, but she couldn't as she stood out amongst everyone and her absence would be immediately noticed.And where would she even run to?"Alright girls, let's get going. The bus is here." The matron announced from the doorway, interrupting Sassy's train of thought.The girls shrieked in joy as they excitedly ran out to the bus.Sassy just stood at a spot, waiting for her absence to be noticed."Where's Blondie?" She heard the matron ask, and her sharp ears picked up the sound of the matron's footsteps coming back to the room.Sassy sighed and stepped out."I'm on my way." She muttered."Oh, there you are. I almost thought you locked yourself up in the bathroom...again." The matron said and Sassy's face was red with embarrassment.The matron held her hand and took her to the bus, but there were no more empty seats."Toria, could you adjust a little, Blondie needs to sit." The matron asked and Sassy's ears almost bled.Why did she keep calling her Blondie?"No matron. Blondie can't sit here. I don't sit next to weirdos." Toria replied with a look of disdain."It's fine matron. I'll just stand by the edge." Sassy said.The matron stared at her for a while."Umm...are you sure about that?" She asked and Sassy nodded."Alright then. Be careful. Hold on to something, so you won't fall, okay?" The matron said."Thank you, matron," Sassy said.Soon, the bus started, but as they were going, the driver didn't notice a bump in time, and when he did, he immediately stepped on the brakes.The bus's wheel screeched and the bus jerked.That small movement wasn't so small to Sassy, as she had lost balance and toppled over, scraping her knee in the process."Oh, great." She muttered to herself, as the other children laughed at her.Sassy was fifteen years old. She was the only blonde girl in the Black Knights Pack. She always felt she didn't belong there as it was quite obvious.She never met her parents as she had grown up in the orphanage. Rumors had it that her parents were dead. Some said they ran away, and some said they threw her away because she looked scary. She didn't know which to believe.She had tried to ask the matron about her family's history but she couldn't get a direct answer. So she could only hope and pray that one day she'd get the answers to all her questions and someone, probably her fated mate would take her away from the Black Knight's Pack.But that was still a long time away, as she was just fifteen and hadn't gotten her wolf yet.********Sassy sat alone at the door of the Janitor's closet trying to eat her snack. She always did that so she could eat as she was always bullied and mocked in the cafeteria.She hurriedly tried to eat her bread as she saw Murphy, the school bully coming with his clique."Yo, it's the dummy," Murphy said as he caught sight of her."She's eating bread." One of his friends remarked and they all laughed.Sassy packed up the leftover bread and immediately got up. But Murphy rushed towards her and slapped her lunch out of her hands."Hey, what did you do that for?" Sassy asked feeling a gush of range.Murphy turned to his friends."She's questioning me, yo." He said and they laughed again.One of his friends walked forward and held Sassy's arm with a tight grip."I hope you're aware he's the Alpha's son. You shouldn't talk to him however you like.""He's just a mean bully. Is there anything wrong with being nice? He's just the Alpha's son, nothing more." Sassy replied and Murphy glared.Murphy was the Alpha's son. He was a major bully in school and no one was doing anything about it. He bullied weak students for fun, and no one questioned him. He was fond of bullying Sassy and no one even knew why. It seemed he hated her so much. Everyone was scared of him including teachers."I don't live in an orphanage, I have parents and a good life," Murphy declared to her."It doesn't make you any special. A lot of people have the same privileges." Sassy responded."Then, why don't you have those privileges?" Murphy asked with a smirk.Sassy knew what he was trying to do, so she pushed his friend away."Let go of me." She said and bent to pick up her stuff."Not so fast Blondie. We're still having fun." Murphy said pulling her by the hair and she shrieked in pain."Let me go, you jerk." She cried.Murphy chuckled and nodded at one of his friends. He took the hint snatched Sassy's school bag and threw it to Murphy. He caught the bag and began to search for it. He didn't see what he was looking for, so he emptied the contents of the bag on the floor. He saw the pink book he was looking for and his eyes lit.It was Sassy's diary."Don't touch that!" She yelled and tried to force her way out, but his grip was just too strong."Hmmph," Murphy said with a smirk as he slowly flipped through the pages of the diary."Yo, this is so interesting. I never knew you had such wonderful things going on in that head of yours." " Oh! You even have a crush. Just wait till he hears you have a crush on him!"Sassy tried to let her arm loose."Let her go," Murphy said and the boy did as he had said.Sassy fell to the ground as the boy released her arm.She got up immediately and walked towards Murphy, but he pushed her and ran away with her diary still in his hands.Sassy held her chest in pain, and let the tears flow out freely.Soon, her pain turned to anger and she couldn't hold it anymore, she opened her eyes and they were bright yellow...

Chapter 2

Sassy slammed the door shut and collapsed onto her bed, her fists clenched in frustration. "Why do they have to be so cruel?" she muttered to herself. "I don't understand why they can't just leave me alone. I've never done anything to them. It's not fair."She buried her face in her pillow, trying to calm down, but the anger still burned inside her. "I'm not going to let them get the best of me," she vowed. "I'll show them that I'm stronger than they think. I won't let their words hurt me anymore."As she lay there, taking deep breaths and trying to let go of the rage, she realized that she didn't have to face this alone. "I'll talk to the matron," she decided. "she'll know what to do. Maybe she can help me figure out how to deal with Murphy and his clique once and for all." Feeling a glimmer of hope, she sat up and wiped away her tears. &quo


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