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The Forbidden Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: JP Sina
  • Chapters: 344
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 37.7K
  • 7.8
  • 💬 0


Adea isn’t interested in dating or finding her Goddess-chosen mate. She’s determined to ignore the nightmares that plague her sleep, keep her job at Half Moon pack, and live a peaceful life. When her best friend, Mavy begs her to go with her to Desert Moon to find her mate, she can’t say no. What does Adea do when she’s the one to find her mate at the Crescent Moon Ball? Will she be able to figure out what her nightmares are trying to warn her about? When she pieces it all together can she change her fate?



Review after half of the novel

Great novel . I first read the sequel for this and loved it . At the same time I was intrigued to read the first novel to understand and better appreciate the sequel I ready . I have started reading this and probably 25% done and I am loving it till now . My only issue is I feel authors should work on portraying female lead characters better. Most of them especially werewolves novel portrayal female acting as slaves to the mate bond and too much smut that I skip them

March 25, 2024

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