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The Eternal Lycan

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Aren is immortal. In the past, he was a Viking warrior, who brutally murdered more than two thousand people, however, his biggest mistake was having killed among those two thousand people, the daughter of a powerful sorceress, who, as punishment she cursed him, turning him into a werewolf, adding to his sentence, having to live a year for each life he took. So, as time passed, he discovered that the only way to undo the curse is by finding a descendant of the sorceress, who is the only one who would have the answer to his eternal hell, but all his efforts have been in vain, because it has taken him a thousand years of unsuccessful search, until due to fate, in the 21st century, he will meet Lena Cross, an unlucky girl who will end up being the servant of whom she believes is an attractive and eccentric millionaire, owner of a huge castle, not knowing that, both are destined to help each other.

Chapter 0. The Immortal Beast

Year 1003 AD: Somewhere in Britannia (Now England)

The warriors of King Svend I were looting the remains of a population that, from that moment, was part of the Danish territory. Those wild men killed almost all the inhabitants of that small British village, of which there were only a few survivors who, these warriors were already taking care of killing, the moment they entered their houses, to kill them, and then set fire to the houses. humble homes. Among those warriors was one called Aren, son of Bjorn, descendant of a long line of Viking warriors, who were now under the command of the king "Split Beard", a nickname that the Danes had for the king, because of the way he singular that he had his beard.

Aren, was one of those who most enjoyed looting and annihilating villages, because he took a large amount of loot, adding the fact that he loved to mercilessly kill whoever got in his way, that is why, With his sword, armor and bloodstained face, he entered the homes that were still standing, to see if he could find any survivors, only to take their lives as savagely as he loved to do it. And so, in the middle of his murderous search, he entered a small hut that was at the end of the village, it was not yet on fire, possibly there were people hiding there, that is why, with an evil smile, he exclaimed saying:

"Your time has come, Britons!"

When he enters the small house, he meets a woman and a girl of about nine years old, both are hugging each other seeing the Viking invader who had broken into their house. The mother and her daughter knew perfectly well the fame of those men, who were known for their violence and savagery. The complete terror could be easily seen in the blue eyes of the little girl, as well as that frightened expression on her face, which that warrior greatly enjoyed, while in the mother it was the opposite, because that woman saw him with a serious expression on her face, too brave for Aren's taste, who without further ado tore the little girl out of her hands by pulling her by her hair, and when she was in her power, the woman rose slowly from the ground, extending her hand as if she were holding her, threatening to want to take her daughter from her hands, however, she never consummated her intentions.

"Don't hurt my daughter, if you let us go in peace, I promise not to hurt you. Let her go, please.” Warns the woman, this time seriously.

Listening to her, Aren begins to laugh out loud.

"What could a simple woman do to me?" He questions even with hints of his old laugh, at the moment that he sticks his sword into the little girl's back, piercing her chest.

When the dying body of the little girl falls to the ground, the completely horrified woman kneels down watching her daughter's life drain away, as the seconds passed, until finally the little girl dies. It is for this reason that she begins to scream and cry inconsolably, listening to how that heartless man said between laughs:

"Don't worry woman, soon you will accompany your daughter to where your gods make their dead rest." He makes it clear by extending his sword, to pretend to cut off her head.

However, the woman wrapped in immeasurable hatred, gets up seeing the murderer of her little girl, and with a power that he did not expect she extends her hand creating a gust of wind so strong, that it could rip the heavy sword of the warrior of his hand; and then with a few words spoken in a language he did not know, it was enough to bring him to his knees, against his will. In that position the woman stood in front of him, taking the heavy sword to pretend to pay him with the same coin, however, she thought that it would be very easy, that man deserved something much worse than death. That is why, she threw the sword to the ground, and without more she put one of her hands on his head, because she wanted to see between his thoughts.

The moment that woman touched him, Aren felt an inexplicable power enter his mind, delving into his thoughts, and weakening his bones, to the point that he couldn't really move a single muscle. The feeling was strange, he didn't know how to explain it, that's why the only thing he wanted was for it to stop already, because he felt that his head was going to explode at any moment, and it wasn't until minutes later that woman finally left him in peace, taking two steps back from his current distance. Aren tried to reach out his hand to take her sword, and kill that sorceress, but although he wanted to, he couldn't do it, because his body was still motionless, in that kneeling position on the ground.

“You have brutally killed 1,999 people, and now with my daughter, your number is 2,000. All the deaths you've done you've enjoyed, now you'll pay for it.” Sentences the woman, with a completely expressionless face.

“Yes, I have enjoyed each and every one of the deaths I have caused, after all… I am a warrior. Disgusting sorceress.” He blurts out with a smile, now spitting on the ground.

The woman listening to him, forms a small smile on her lips.

“You've enjoyed it because you're a beast. And now, from this moment on, that's what you will become.” She decrees, while she caresses his face gently.

“At each full moon, you will transform into a detestable beast in the shape of a wolf.” Continues the sorceress.

“You will remain like this until the end of the waning moon. Also, as if that were not enough, you will live one year for each death that your hands have caused and will cause in the future. Currently you carry two thousand deaths on your shoulders, it depends on you, how much will be the final number.” She concludes, this time holding his chin, so that that warrior could see her eyes.

The moment Aren saw that woman's eyes, they were a bright gray tone that he had never seen in his life it was terrifying, however, that was nothing when that witch with long brown hair and beautiful face, He approached him to kiss him, and, at the moment his lips joined hers, he felt as if a poison was entering through his mouth, burning all his organs and bloodstream inside, but, although he wanted to scream, he couldn't do it, since his body was completely immobile and the only thing he could move were his eyes, which at that moment turned the same color as those of that woman, when that curse entered his entire body by force, transforming it completely into a beast. Being that, the right moment, that his life as he knew it, had ceased to exist forever.

“You have become what you are, and will be until eternity. immortal beast.” The witch thinks, when she has finished her curse.

Chapter 1. Gray Eyes Bright as Silver

City of Ribe, Denmark. Year 1203 AD

"The only way to remove that curse is for you to find a descendant of the one who cursed you." Says an old Viking sorceress.

When the man hears that, what he does is laugh, because if that was his only way to escape that punishment, he already knew he was doomed.

"How can I find any descendants of that witch? Her entire village was wiped out! After I was found unconscious in the rubble, that damn thing disappeared without a trace, I chased her for 100 years, I could never find her and neither could anyone who knew her, or anything like that. It's like she disappeared! In addition, for two centuries, the Christians have exterminated towns crowded with pagans, right and left, possibly her entire caste if she had one, she must already be dead.” Exclaims the man wrapped in despair.

“The only wizards who have the power to create a curse as powerful as the one you possess are a small


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