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The Cursed Soldier

The Cursed Soldier

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She was lost, broken and alone everyone she had ever loved and trusted let her down. As she sat alone in the dark her mind wandered to the only time she had felt loved… with Nathaniel but the war separated them she heard he moved on had a pup she was so sure they were mates. Now 10 years on could she really go back their and face them all, face the reality of what happened, did she even have a choice ? Finally she had the chance to get revenge for what they did what they took from her… those that called themselves friends and family betrayed and hurt her in the worst way. Well she wasn’t that scared weak girl anymore she would destroy them 1 by 1. Decision made she started running back to that place where the nightmares started.HOME

Chapter 1 Before the War

Bethan lived with her parents in a small werewolf pack on the outskirts of Las Vegas her dad was Beta to Alpha Fernandez a powerful and fair Alpha. She was the youngest of four children, she was a beautiful with long raven hair Olive coloured skin and a small curvaceous frame more importantly she was the kindest and most happiest child of them all.

Her mother adored her and protected her from her elder siblings who were insanely jealous of their sisters beauty as it had attracted the attention of the alphas son Nathaniel the two were inseperable. Her brother David was best friends with Nathaniel and hated that his little sister took his friends attention and her sisters Alicia and Olive just wanted him for themselves. So the siblings came up with a plan to destroy Bethan. Bethan was kindheartEd and didn’t see this coming, she loved her siblings and had no idea that they hated her so much. She spent most of the time daydreaming and writing songs sharing all the love that she had inside her heart She was pure and had no concept of the evil in her family. She also had no recollection of her life to this date and for Bethan coming of age was going to be one hell of a revelation.

Nathaniel was planning a party for her 18th hoping and praying that they would turn out to be mates he felt that this could be true but needed her to be 18 to confirm what he felt in his heart. The siblings hated the fact that their youngest sister would become the Alpha’s mate and had to make sure that this never happened. once Bethan was out of the way Alicia her elder sister would claim Nathanial‘s heart for herself sharing in the grief they would express for the lost sister. The plan was that Bethan had to die.

It was the day before her 18th birthday and Bethan was so happy and excited for her birthday. She knew there would be a big ball at the Palace thrown by Alpha Fernandez as a joint party for her and her love Nathanial. Today her siblings had arranged a picnic in the woods with her and her family she had spent the morning baking cakes and cookies for the picnic basket. Little did she know what the siblings were arranging.

Bethan was led into the forest by her siblings not knowing of her fate as she loved and trusted her brothers and sisters, as they went deeper and deeper into the forest Bethan started to worry and sense danger. The next thing she knew she’d been kidnapped. she was bundled into the back of a truck and driven for what seemed like an eternity. She couldn’t hear the voices of her siblings anymore and had to assume that they had got away while she was left alone. As she arrived at her destination she realised what had happened and where she was, not only had she been taken but she was to become the lowest of the low slave and a pet for vampires.

Chapter 2

As the truck was unloaded she was herded into a room that she soon realised was a cell and realised. that she wasn’t in there alone. There was at least 20 others some werewolves most human. Did her captors know who she was and her bloodline,once her wolf came in properly she could easily take down the vampires but for now she would lay dormant and she cowered in the corner of the cell taking in the stench of fear blood and tears around her. Why why did they come to the forest that day they knew it was werewolf territory. Today should be the happiest day of her life her 18th birthday the day it would be confirmed that the love of her life Nathanial with her mate and they will become the most beautiful and powerful couple within the pack yet she was here unsure of what would happen but whatever lay ahead was not gonna be good she’d heard about these places what happened and what pets did for their masters and she knew she was about to lose her innocence in the most vile way to th


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