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The Cursed

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Hanna
  • Chapters: 68
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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In the tiny town of Riverbrook, a young man by the name of Nate M. Waylan is leading two separate lives. During the day, he works as a doctor, and at night, he is a werewolf. His life was turned entirely upside down while he was trying to find a solution to break his curse. His friend and family were unaware of his secret until he encountered a killer who is after all magical creatures. Nate works hard to keep him away from his family. In the midst of the chaos, he came across someone who made an effort to keep him and his family alive.

The Mysterious Call

A police car stops in front of the house. The neighbors came out of their houses after hearing the police sirens. The main door of the house was wide open. One of the police officers leads the way and takes his team inside the house. It was a chaotic scene inside the house. Blood was everywhere. There was blood spattered on the wall, floor, and even the ceiling. The police officers were terrified after the gruesome scene they witnessed. Some police officers ran outside because they were not feeling well. One police officer stayed in the house. He starts walking upstairs and walks into the room on the left, where he discovers the body of a young boy. After that, he went to the room on the right, where he found the body of the teenage girl. The police officer comes out of the room and walks into the room down the hall, where he finds the bodies of the parents. The bed was soaked in blood. The police officer walks up to the bed. As he reaches the bed, he leans forward and extends his hand to grab the locket on the man's body, and at that moment, the man moved, grabbed the locket, and fell on the floor. The police officer gets scared and takes one step back. He looks down at the man.

The man was trying to talk, but only blood was coming out of his mouth. The police officer screams.

"Send the paramedic inside." We have a survivor. "I need help."

A minute later, the police escorted the injured man to the ambulance and sent him to the police station. The police officer asks the other office to send all the bodies to the morgue.

One of the police officers comes close to the police officers who discovered the bodies earlier.

"Shawn, are you okay?"

I am fine. "I am heading inside to get the locket that I found earlier," Shawn said while walking inside the house. He walks upstairs and goes to the parent's room, where he found the locket earlier, but he cannot find it.

After Fifteen Years

I slowly open my eyes and see that my hands are shackled to the wall. I look around the room. In the room on the left, the walls were scratched like someone was trying to go outside. The door has many distinct types of locks on it. I was lying on the floor. I sit up and lean back against the wall. I look around, stand up, and walk up to the closet on the right. I crouched down and picked up the key from the ground. I unlock the shackles. Afterward, I walked toward the door and started unlocking the locks one by one. It took ten minutes to unlock all the locks. I walk outside the room.

It was a palatial room. It looks like a laboratory. For an experiment, rats were placed in cages. Some bottles are filled with liquid. In some bottles, smoke is coming out. It is a large room, but there are two additional doors on the little tunnel on the left. The tunnel is also blocked by the closet. One door is on the right side of the tunnel, and the other is on the left side.

I went to the laboratory through the tunnel. I walked up to one of the rat cages and saw that the rat inside the cage was lying with its eyes open. It was not moving. His face turned blue. I looked up at the ceiling because I was disappointed. I opened the cage's door, picked up the rat, and threw him in the steel box, then turned on the gas. Afterward, I washed my hands and walked out of the laboratory, then entered the room, which looked like a library. As I enter the room, I hear banging at the door. I suddenly blocked the door with the book cupboard. I ran to the door and unlocked it. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and a woman yells her way into the room.

Luke: "If you don't open the door for one more minute, then I will call the police." I thought someone killed you or you did something to yourself. "I was worried about you."

Hanna is a stable woman who finds it hard to stay out of trouble. People often compare her to a stable meadow. Her top quality is that she is particularly colorful. She is striving to redeem herself after saying a rude word on local radio.

I hold her hands, and she looks at me. I was just staring at her.

Why are you doing this to me? "Every month you just shut yourself down and stay here alone," the woman said.

Hannah, I told you that I love to read books. Also, you know I am a doctor, and I am the only doctor in town, which makes me the busiest person in town. "If one night I take it to myself, I think it is not a bad thing," I said.

I am heading upstairs to see our kids. They are waiting for us at the breakfast table. "Come quickly," Hanna said while kissing me on the right cheek.

I grabbed Hanna's hand. I looked into her eyes. "I love you," I said.

Yes, I know. She said this while kissing me on the lips. Afterward, as she was walking out of the room, she turned her face toward me. We look at each other at the same time.

I asked. what happened?"

"Hmmm... did you hear that?" Hanna said.

I smile and walk forward. "Hear what?" I asked.

"The bang on the wall, like someone screaming for help," Hanna explained. Hanna walks down to the wall. It was coming from here.

I walked up to her and held her hand. It could be the rats. "Today, they threw a party, and they are enjoying the beautiful morning," I said. After hearing my answer, she got annoyed. Hanna nods her head.

I was not kidding. "I heard something," Hanna screamed. Meanwhile, they heard the bang one more time. It was coming from upstairs.

I lift my right eyebrow and look at her. This is what I heard. "Are you going to get it because I have to put these things back in the closet?" I spoke.

"What things? I am not looking any mass here," Hanna said. In the meantime, the phone rings. Hanna abruptly picks up the phone. I told you to get to the door instead of answering the phone.

"Fine, I am going to get the door," I said while walking upstairs. I walk up to the main door and open it. A teenage girl is standing on the porch. She is chewing gum. Isla is sixteen years old. She always wears black trousers. Her top quality is that she is particularly polite. She is particularly interested in learning the secrets of other people. She applied dark nail polish to her nails and dark makeup to her face.

I know that whenever she is on my doorstep, there is always a problem that comes with her. I am not saying she is a bad omen. She is unlucky for me.

Hi, sir, I was sent by the town sheriff. "He said he wants to meet you in the morgue," Isla said.

I was surprised and asked. "Why didn't he call me?"

"Because your phone was busy," Isla said. "Sorry, I forgot to tell you that Elijah Hugh has disappeared," Isla said. Meanwhile, the phone rings and I walk up to the table and pick it up.

I know your secret" The voice said.

All of a sudden, a police officer appeared and arrested me.

The Misunderstanding

I was sitting on the chair in the interview room. It is a small room. A glass window across the table. I was leaning against the chair, clasping both my hands behind my head, and staring at the glass. I am quite sure someone is watching me from the other side. I was relaxed. Meanwhile, a door burst open, and a man walked inside the room. I look at him. He was not in a pleasant mood. He looks at me with an angry face.

Ian Lindsey Stewart is a 32-year-old chief of police who enjoys watching sports, swimming, and eating out. He is kind and careful but can also be very unfriendly and a bit untidy. He has a degree in law. He is allergic to Brazil nuts and milk.

Physically, Ian is not in great shape. He needs to lose quite a lot of weight. He is tall with pale skin, black hair, and blue eyes.

He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. After his father died when he was young, he was raised by his mother.

He is currently in a relationship with Loren Mack Hudson. Ian


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