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Greed and power brought about the existence of Allenwood, yet troubles it with blood-sucking werewolves at the twelfth hour. In the midst of chaos, love is found, starting with a smile and growing with a kiss, however, love becomes the price for survival as it gets intense, along the way Manila discovers her true nature and fights for what's hers, what exactly is hers?, she soon saw her face in the light of those she once despised, gradually she accepts her new life and leaves Allenwood, there was nothing left for her, or so she thought, But faith always had a twist.

Help!! Help!!!

The clouds moved fast covering the sun, soon it would be very dark in Allenwoods a remote settlement in the woods that occasionally lost its citizens to werewolves at night, although a group of brave solid members formed the night guide against werewolves and sometimes recorded victories against werewolf attacks But the Alpha attacks where invariably very fatal and it was dreaded by all.

The full moon nights were nights when the alpha attacked sometimes alone other such nights with his pack. The most dreaded full moon night is upon us Manila thought as she tried to haste up to return to her house and be where others were, she had gone out into the woods to pick Winter Oysters and strawberries she had planned to harvest as much as two baskets full, she was no fan of hunger and would often say she preferred to die at the hands of a werewolf than of hunger, but as she saw the clouds quickly covering the sun far earlier than it should have her heart started beating irregularly fear had taken control of her.

Her hands were shaking uncontrollably at this point she would pick hunger over being devoured by those ugly vicious beasts. The central emergency bell was struck, A group of night guides that were posted at the village watch tower, sent signals that the clouds were covering the sun earlier than expected, as the bell rang all villagers hurriedly located their loved ones and went straight for shelter while the rest of the nights' guide hurried to their various posts. The chaotic noise and bell sound woke Martha Manilas's mother from her sleep when she was sure the bell was ringing she called for her beloved daughter

“Manila, Manila"

, as she went through the hut not seeing her, Martha went outside leaving the doors open, she was immediately carried to the Holy ground by one of the night guides she struggled and only stopped when she was told her beloved daughter was already there.

Manila had lost her father years ago to the wolf fight, he was a dedicated leader of the night guide, being the only child she had the responsibility of taking care of her mother who aged fast over the years after she lost her dear husband.

They lived in a comfortable hut with shutter windows and a nice fireplace at the center of Allenwood close to the Holy ground, a blessed ground upon which no werewolf could be, which is a place the helpless citizens run to for shelter at very trying times.

Manila in her mid-twenties is a beauty to behold, her full curly white hair, dark green eyes, and rosebud lips carefully and precisely placed on her heart-shaped face and curvy body made her the most sought-after by all the male youths in her age grade.

One of them was James who had proven to be very skillful in arrow shooting and hunting, he is never afraid of the werewolves but acknowledges the fact that they are vicious and dangerous hence always prepared for an encounter this endeared him to Manila, plus fact that he had come to her rescue a few times in the past.

Manila still shaking decided she had picked enough Winter Oysters and strawberries although her second basket was just halfway full, she quickly carried them and headed straight back to her house, and walked as fast as she could with the full basket on her head while she held the other by its handle, her heart was racing, she could feel a presence, almost sure she was being watched and followed, still very determined to get back with the food she tried to walk faster when she heard a snarl behind her.

She immediately dropped the basket on her head and ran for her dear life screaming

"Help!!!, help!!!",

she ran for a few seconds before she heard James calling to her

"Manila it's ok your safe nothing is after you”

Manila out of breath yet happy to be in his company just muttered under her breath

“take me home please”, “Sure, I am here to make sure you and your mother are safe, I would not let anything happen to you”

James replied with his usual calm confidence as he took the basket from her and walked her home, it was now obviously dark the clouds had completely blocked the sun.

Manila was surprised how fast the village had reset to defensive mode the surrounding fences made by strong forged iron bars were lifted and outside the fence were stacks of oiled wood waiting to be lit, everyone was already short indoors, in their huts or at the holy ground, leaving only the brave night guides outside with their bows and arrows, spears javelin and heavy chains, Manila filled with horror shouted


when she saw the door to her hut open, James tried to calm her down when one of the night guides said

“your mom is at the holy ground, she thinks you have been killed”

Manila was relieved and asked that she be accompanied to the holy ground, James took her by the hand when they all heard a loud howling sound, it was the Alpha calling out all the werewolves around.

Various group leaders of night guides shouted out different commands to their members, BRACE, PULL, LIGHT, their voices so loud in the cold quiet night, James immediately carried Manila on his shoulder as he ran to the holy ground, Manila felt safe on his strong arms and extremely grateful when they got into the Holy ground,


she whispered into his ear as she kissed his neck she wanted him to stay in the Holy ground through the night afraid she may lose him to the wicked werewolf plague, as he turned to go she pulled him back

“James I know you are not scared I wish I was that brave but please I don't want to lose another friend to this fight just stay here with us and live to fight another day”

James kissed her rosebud lips and said “You know I can't do that it's against my vows, the Holy ground will reject me and I have to save as many as possible, your safe here I would see you tomorrow”.

Manila watched in tears as he dashed out she was almost sure she would not see him again, but while she looked she felt a warm thick winter coat cover her

“oh my daughter you are alive”

Manila turned to see her mother both so happy they still had each other hugged themselves as they went further in close to the fireplace to keep warm.

History of Allenwood

Citizens of Allenwood are all descendants of Allen the rebel, a soldier of Fitnami a well-feared empire, Allen rebelled against authority and tried to take over the ruling power but failed, He narrowly escaped death and was forced to flee Fitnami with his 24 sons and their families, they found settlement deep inside the woods far north of Fitnami a place considered the land of the spirits and was often called the dark lands because of its cold weather. Allen had chosen that place because of two major reasons, first, it was regarded as the dark lands that killed people, so no one will think to look for them there, secondly, it was close to a stream, and he thought the flowing water was all they needed to survive.

Gradually Allen and his sons built huts around and mapped out roads, the lands seemed friendly to them as they lacked no food, and they soon became relaxed and continued life, the first three years they used to cut heavy tress clearing space, and building what is now t


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