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The Chosen Bride Of Alpha Angel

The Chosen Bride Of Alpha Angel

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"Do you know who you are, little girl" A stern deep male voice said as cold fingers ran up my inner thighs causing a shiver down my spine. I was blindfolded, tied up with no way of escaping "Your sweet scent... the delicious taste of your blood... I want it all!" the monster rumbled sniffling my throat causing my back hair to rise. Every time I heard those words. I knew it was time for him to feed his lust. In one slide he entered me hard and throbbing. His mouth was demanding and possessing every exposed part of my body. Elina, once betrothed to the most formidable hybrid king, finds herself trapped in a dangerous game, where she must tame the inner monster of her powerful suitor. Alpha Angel, known for his cruelty and aloofness, holds a secret that keeps all females at bay. But when a spirited and pure-hearted girl enters his life, she challenges the boundaries of his cold heart. As the battle of time, life, and death looms, their passionate connection is tested. Will fate or love ultimately prevail in this high-stakes struggle? Warning ⚠️ contains mature content.

Chapter 1 Alpha's betrothal


The family meeting was held in the big family hall. Every family member had gathered when the leader called for a meeting. Everyone was expected to show up dependably.

The leader was my uncle Collins, he was my mom's older brother. He had two wives and two children from each woman. Flynn was his last born son and the only male in our family. The rest were females, including my older sister, 

“This is delicate, the werewolf queen is going to grace us with her presence, “my uncle said with authority. As expected, what I feared was slowly coming true. I would rather not overthink things; however, things had already been written.

And by the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Elina Perkins. Most would think I was a human. Unfortunately, I wasn't. Unluckily I was born in the witch clan. Although I wasn't a witch with powers like the others.

I had a mom I loved more than anything and an older sister. I had four cousins. Flynn, Jasmine, Gracey and Violet. My uncle Collins, the leader of our world.

“I want everyone to get ready and be on their best behavior, especially you. Elina “my uncle's voice jerked me back to reality. Keeping my head bowed, I nodded at his words. 

“I won't tolerate any mistakes… The queen is special… if anyone makes a mistake… The consequences will be fatal,” uncle Collins said sternly, just like every time. The queen of werewolves came to our clan. Although witches weren't regarded as superior compared to vampires and werewolves. We held a special place in the supernatural world mainly because. The witch clan had more females compared to the others. Especially werewolves. Some said a curse had befallen the werewolf world the reason why they had less females.

"Everyone knows our family is special. Elina, your duty as the King's betrothal, " my uncle said, I didn't dare look up. This discussion disheartened me.

"She'll be fine as long as she stops going to that human school, " this time it was my aunt who said, I sensed anger in her voice. But I kept calm. Of all worlds, the human world was my favorite world, it had four seasons, unlike ours. They had winter too, but it didn't last long, summer was my favorite. This reason made me sneak into the human world. I had a bestie there, I also attended human school.

The werewolf world was the scariest. Dominant with a fierce leader. I feared werewolves because of their aggressive side, and their power over other supernatural creatures.

What scared me, even more, was their leader. Rumors had it that he was atrocious, barbaric, and cruel. No one had ever seen him. He only showed up to kill those who broke his rules.

Keeping that aside, I listened as my uncle assigned everyone things to do. 

“Daddy, you don't have to worry… I'll do my best” Jasmine said grinning. Of course, she was pretty, despite her dark hair and small round face for 20 years old. She was beautiful. Jasmine was the beauty of the family. Not only beautiful, but skilled. She was a pro at archery.

“Papa… I'm down for this… the queen won't be disappointed this time, Gracey said. She was Jasmine's little sister. She was spoiled and we were the same age. Pretty and petite with porcelain white skin. Their mother was the first wife of an uncle, Aural, a beautiful woman with class. She was just like her two daughters. 

To be honest, my sister was supposed to be the next leader after grandma died. Unfortunately, she was attacked when she was twelve years old. She never talked nor moved. My sister was laughed at because of her disability.


After the meeting was over. I rushed to the kitchen. Took some warm soup, which my sister liked and went to her room.

“You know what sis… I thought you would walk before my 18th birthday, “I said while feeding her some soup. I found some servants attending to her. I had to wait for them to finish arranging her bed, and they bathed her. I had to say. My sister was beautiful, like an angel.

“But now… I'm afraid, “I muttered. She didn't say a word, which bothered me. All she did was look at me with sadness in her eyes. She was confined to bed since she was twelve years old.

“It turned out I couldn't find a cure for you” it hurt me to know I was running out of time. My sister was considered a lost cause. Countless doctors in our world said there was no solution to her problem. But I still had hope. My sister would be cured one day, and she would take up her rightful position as our leader.

Most importantly, she would marry that ugly alpha king.

In the past, mom told me my sister was betrothed to the alpha king. Unfortunately, after the accident, my uncle changed his mind.

It was for peace between the werewolf world and the witch clan.

For peace, my uncle, and mom betrothed me to the alpha king instead. In short, I was bound to a man I didn't know. I haven't even seen him. People said he was ugly, the reason the werewolf King wore a mask.

“You don't have to worry sis… I still have the flower on my back… I won't let you down, “I said and slowly kept the bowl on the table. I saw agitation in her eyes.

I knew how important the alliance was, with ease, I stripped off my dress, pulling it down to expose my shoulders down to my waist. I turned around and slowly caressed my hair off my back, so she could see it was a bright flower, more like a tattoo embedded in my flesh. It glowed a purple color, if any female lost their virginity, it would turn dark. 

Every female virgin in our world had it, every month the eldest females in our world would check us to see if we haven't lost our virginity.

Other female tattoo flowers glowed a deep yellow while mine glowed a purple color, mainly because I belonged to the alpha king specifically.

Chapter 2 Human crush

“This… this is a two-way thing… we need to come up with a plan”
“I'm not certain… sounds like trouble”
“Elina, we are trying to solve this… I mean… W-what if the rascal hurts you”Hazel whispered while glancing around the cafeteria. There were many people eating. Hazel was a pain in the neck.
I thought we could come here and have a decent meal after sickening class. Unfortunately, she didn't stop nagging me about different plans to escape my betrothal.
“And I say cut it out… I told you about my secret…but that doesn't mean you should lecture me”I whispered back, not wanting anyone to hear our discussion. Hazel was my human friend. A jovial friend I met the first time I came to the human world.
We attended the same school and did most mischievous things together. She was like my right hand. I couldn't do without her. However, she was full of crazy plans, the thing was. I was already knowledgeable about everything. In our world, we le


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