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The Chosen Bride Of Alpha Angel

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"Do you know who you are, little girl" A stern deep male voice said as cold fingers ran up my inner thighs causing a shiver down my spine. I was blindfolded, tied up with no way of escaping "Your sweet scent... the delicious taste of your blood... I want it all!" the monster rumbled sniffling my throat causing my back hair to rise. Every time I heard those words. I knew it was time for him to feed his lust. In one slide he entered me hard and throbbing. His mouth was demanding and possessing every exposed part of my body. Elina, once betrothed to the most formidable hybrid king, finds herself trapped in a dangerous game, where she must tame the inner monster of her powerful suitor. Alpha Angel, known for his cruelty and aloofness, holds a secret that keeps all females at bay. But when a spirited and pure-hearted girl enters his life, she challenges the boundaries of his cold heart. As the battle of time, life, and death looms, their passionate connection is tested. Will fate or love ultimately prevail in this high-stakes struggle? Warning ⚠️ contains mature content.

Chapter 1 Met the Alpha

Elina hurried through the dimly lit streets, anxiety coursing through her veins. Detention had been dreadful, lasting longer than usual, and now she found herself walking home in the dead of night. The air was heavy with an eerie silence, broken only by the faint sound of her footsteps echoing against the pavement.“You know peanuts, it would have been better if…if you didn't ditch me,” she said over the phone, rolling her eyes in annoyance. She put her phone on the loudspeaker so she could talk to her friend easily“First of all, say my name right… I told you not to mess with that Tessa…she's a snake,” her friend's voice echoed out throughout the space“You are useless… I'm taking a shortcut back home,” It was a shame she got into a fight at school, now she was paying the consequences.“You should be careful, after all, you are … the Alpha's little bride,” her friend said with giggles, Elina let out a sigh and disconnected the call. Of course, she didn't forget that little detail.“B*tch,” she spat out as she made her way through the thick forest, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. A chill ran down her spine, and she quickened her pace, her heart pounding in her chest. Little did she know, a group of rogue vampires had caught her scent and were trailing her, thirsting for her blood.“Well, well…look who we have here,” a deep, stern voice spoke just as a tall shirtless man appeared in front of her.“W-who are you?” Elina asked nervously, sensing a strange aura radiating from him. The foul stench of blood coming from him made her feel nauseous. “This is our territory little one,” the man said with a smile, Elina fiddled upon seeing fangs “Boys! Our little meat is here…such a lovely smell you have…mmm,” the man kept advancing. Elina knew when to run because now several shirtless men growling circled her.“Vampires,” she muttered, realizing her opponents weren't ordinary beings. Just as her fear reached its peak, Elina tripped over an exposed root, the pain searing through her ankle. She winced and struggled to stand up, her eyes darting around the darkness.“Little one…you are specialities,” their eyes glowing crimson with hunger, emerging from the shadows. Elina's heart raced as she assessed her situation. They closed in, their fangs bared, and their pale fingers reached out for her.“Ahh! Let go of me!” She yelled, struggling to be free. The man who seemed to be the leader grabbed her by the neck, raising her off the ground.“She's mine,” the man slithered as he attempted to lick the side of her face.“Ahh! No!” Elina felt her throat tighten with fear, knowing her lack of powers as a witch made her defenseless against these bloodthirsty creatures. She closed her eyes, preparing for the worst, when suddenly a chilling howl pierced through the night air.“Who dares!” Startled, the vampires turned their attention towards the sound. Elina peeked through her fingers and was astounded to see a large golden wolf standing at the edge of the clearing, its eyes gleaming with intelligence. The vampires hesitated, unsure of the threat the wolf posed. Before they could make a move, the wolf lunged, its teeth sinking into the nearest vampire's arm.“D*mn it b*tch!” The vampire man tossed her away, making her land against a tree and fell with a thud.“Ahh,” Elina gripped her shoulder while she retreated away to hide.“Wolf…this is my territory…you just…” the vampire man tried to speak but in a split second, his friends were torn to shreds. Even Elina was stunned by the speed of the wolf.“F*ck!” The vampire man resorted to running, realizing he was facing a formidable opponent. The wolf fought with a ferocity Elina had never seen before, claws slashing and teeth biting, overwhelming the vampires with its sheer strength and agility. It was a breathtaking dance of predator and prey.“Oh no,” she muttered, wondering who it was. “I should run,” she quickly struggled to get up, this was her chance to run away. However, just then. A tall dark figure blocked her way.“P-please…let me go…don't…,” she fell to her knees and begged to be spared. The golden wolf was now in uman form. What surprised her when she glanced up was that he was wearing a man. “Impressive entrance,” the stranger murmured, his voice deep and melodious, laced with an air of arrogance. “I hope you're not hurt.Elina scrambled to her feet, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment“N-no, I'm fine,” she stammered, trying to regain her composure. “Thank you… I guess.”A flicker of amusement flashed across his eyes as he held out a hand, to her surprise.  His hand circled her fragile neck. “P-please…. I…”“Are you courting death… Little one?” The man asked sternly, Elina s*ck*d in her breath when he pulled her to him and began sniffing her.“Hmmm, such an unusual scent,” the man groaned as he sniffed her neck, Elina could feel his hot breath on her vulnerable skin. His scent invaded her nostrils, taking over her.“Who are you?” He groaned as he stopped and looked at her, his gaze penetrating her with an intensity that made her feel exposed, as if he could see through all her secrets. Elina's eyes were tightly shut, afraid of falling prey to the monster.“Let me go!” She cried out, struggling to wiggle out of his hold. He didn't look like an ordinary wolf. His aura was something else and when. “You're mine now,” the man muttered as he sunk his teeth into her throat. Elina screamed in agony, realizing how sharp, no, no…wolves never drank blood.“Vampire?” The thought of it caused her eyes to blur. Her heart raced in fear. Before she knew it, she began disconnecting from reality.“Alpha,” someone called out, getting the attention of the man, with ease, he moved away from the girl's throat. Blood trickling at the corners of his lips. His eyes shone with disdain at being interrupted. “The enemies are eliminated,” “Are you tired of living,” saying that sternly, he tossed the girl back on the ground. With lightning speed, he disappeared from there. The intruder stared at the girl for a while, shaking his head. He also left from there.As morning approached, the sun rose, shining above the sky. A small, fragile figure curled on the ground covered with leaves. Her luscious blonde hair covered half her face. She stirred in her sleep. “Elina!” Someone was heard calling to her. “Where are you, Elina!” The voices kept advancing, getting closer. “Ahh,” Elina reached for her neck unconsciously, it stung so badly. “No,” her eyes flickered open, rubbing them a little to adjust to the harsh rays of the son. “Elina! Oh my gosh,” before she could regain her senses, someone screamed startlingly at her. “Mom." Elina called out only to see her cousin rushing to her. It was Violetta. “What happened to you…we've been looking for you all night,”  “Ahh, h-help me up,” Elina struggled to get up, her cousin was quick to help. “Why are you here? What happened to you?” Her cousin fired her with countless questions, Elina didn't recall a thing, but why did her neck hurt so badly? “I don't know…” she couldn't remember, however when she noticed blood on the ground…some images played before her eyes. 'You're mine,' the words echoed in her head suddenly.  “Alpha?” The word escaped her chapped lips, her cousin looked at her in awe. “What alpha? Elina, don't tell me you're still scared of your future husband,” her cousin said with a frown as they left from there.  Elina swore she met the Alpha. At least it was what she remembered. Either way, she wished not to see him. Who wanted to marry someone as ruthless as him? “Forget it… I'm starving,” she brushed such thoughts off and longed to get home. She was certain her mother was worried sick. 

Chapter 2 Human crush

(Elina)“This… this is a two-way thing… we need to come up with a plan”“I'm not certain… sounds like trouble”“Elina, we are trying to solve this… I mean… W-what if the rascal hurts you”Hazel whispered while glancing around the cafeteria. There were many people eating. Hazel was a pain in the neck.I thought we could come here and have a decent meal after sickening class. Unfortunately, she didn't stop nagging me about different plans to escape my betrothal.“And I say cut it out… I told you about my secret…but that doesn't mean you should lecture me”I whispered back, not wanting anyone to hear our discussion. Hazel was my human friend. A jovial friend I met the first time I came to the human world.We attended the same school and did most mischievous things together. She was like my right hand. I couldn't do without her. However, she was full of crazy plans, the thing was. I was already knowledgeable about everything. In our world, we le


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