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A Surrogate for Billionaire

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She had to become an unknown billionaire’s surrogate. One sleepless night, one endless tortuer and in two months she was pregnant with the unknown man’s child. She became a surrogate to save her brother’s life. But the day she gave birth to the son, she lost her brother. She was hopeless and broken. The man who she gave birth to a son for, threatened her. He was heartless and brutal. She was forced to leave her past life and start a new life. But no one knew what exactly happened and who was behind all the crimes! ……… “Be with me, I'll give you everything in the world!” He said looking into her eyes. “All I want is my son’s full custody!” she replied fearlessly. Will Ryan and Julianna be able to find the truth behind every pain and lie that they went through? Or, Will they hate each other forever because of the mistaken past?


Julianna Kennedy is a 20-year-old university student and the sole caretaker of her seven year old little brother, who suffers from lung cancer. She can’t afford the money needed for his surgery, so the only option she has is to become a surrogate for a rich stranger.

Ryan Winston is a handsome 24-year-old billionaire with a cold heart. Because of his grandparents’ need to see a great grandchild before they die, Ryan is forced to hire a surrogate.

But neither Julianna nor Ryan ever expected they were fated to be with each other.

I knew this day would come soon but I’m not ready yet, I’m just scared. I couldn’t even see anything because my eyes were covered with a long black satin and also my hands were tied up. The most scary thing is it’s raining and thundering heavily. After some time I heard someone’s footsteps coming towards me and I knew he’s the man that I’m going to lose my virginity to. He came and climbed onto me as he placed himself on top of me. I could feel his scent and it made my heart beat so fast. Then he removed my nightgown as my body began to tremble.

“Scared?” He asked huskily against my ear.

“Can.. can you remove this blindfold sir?” I asked as I heard his voice.

“No. You shouldn’t see me” He said and with that I felt a sharp pain between my legs. So finally it happened. Tears came out of my eyes as he started to move.

“Ca..can I touch you sir? It hurts” I found myself crying because I wanted something strong to depend on so he untied my hands.

“Of course” Without thinking I hugged him so tightly and buried my face against his neck. I felt I was an object that he used to vent his desire, I felt like I was a cheap woman who sells her own body for money but I should be strong because I’m giving myself to save a life….


Julianna Kennedy was a 20 years old university student, her parents were dead but she had a 7 years old little brother who is suffering from lung cancer. So she needed a huge amount of money to do his surgery. So the only option she had was to be a surrogate for a man who she never knew.

Ryan Winston was a 24 years old billionaire, he was handsome but a cold hearted man. He had everything in his life but never had a woman or loved anyone but because of his grandparents’ need to see a great grandchild before they die, Ryan was forced to have a child with a surrogate.

But both Julianna and Ryan never knew they were fated to each other……..

Chapter 1

~ Julianna ~

“Juli are you alright?” I heard my little brother Noah’s voice. I wanted to cry. After all, I’ll never be alright without him because I have no money to spend on his disease. Shit.

“I’m alright darling. What do you wanna eat?” I asked him as he came to me and hugged me.

“I need bread with cheese Juli” I looked down at his small body and my heart tightened because how am I supposed to save him? I love him and I can’t even think about a day without him. I smiled at him and nodded before going into the kitchen. After breakfast, I went to the hospital with Noah. As I entered the hospital I saw doctor Peterson. He was one who did and helped everything about Noah.

“Good morning little one,” He said with a smile and Noah giggled happily because he really liked this doctor Peterson.

“Good morning Pete” Noah joked as he ran towards the doctor. Then he picked up Noah and nodded at me before going into Noah’s ward. After some time doctor Peterson c

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