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The Broken Luna:Revenge

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“ take me” she called straddling the alpha as her lips met his in blissful kiss their Scent mixing in lust as Kal’s hands moved to her waist holding her firmly till she let out a moan, “ f*ck me till I can't think of them anymore, till I forget I'm broken, until I'm completely yours” “Your wish is my command” He called laying her down on the silk sheets as he ravished her body with a growl “ i’ll take you till you can't remember anything, apart from my taste” . . Anna Lockhart was an omega who was molested by four alphas before she was r*p*d and killed, leaving behind her father and lover. As fate saw it fit, she woke in a new body which belonged to none other than a princess! She then makes it a mission to track the four alphas who assaulted her in her past life and make them pay. But what makes it more complicated is when her father the king makes an arranged marriage with a duke who is on other than her lover in her previous body! and he disposed the princess not knowing it was his fist love! Can she keep her secret of who she is from her fist love? Can she make every right and get her revenge?


Jackie Grim

Review after the novel completion

I really do wish they would do proof reading of the stories before posting them! This the second one I've read where the grammar was terrible and the spelling made it very confusing at times. The overall storyline was good and it was a good read in spite of it all. I do hope that some how a resolution can be made however to the grammar and spelling. It is frustrating to pay to read a story with so many errors.

May 3, 2024

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