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The Alpha's Unloved Luna

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In every fairytale story, fate always brings the prince charming and his pretty damsel together, ending with true love. But mine was the exact opposite. It was a dark and disgusting tale that would make the world turn its backs on me, even more so than already. It was a tale that couldn’t be retold to any innocent little girl. For, in my own story, I had drugged my prince charming with a love potion and I had no idea when or how soon it would it would wear off. Keagan had never been interested in me. Hell, I had no doubt he didn’t know that I existed. After all, who would be interested in a lowly omega maid like me, the weakest in rank? Definitely not my Alpha. Our love was fake, as plastic as it got and only I knew it. Living with the guilt of my actions wasn’t enough, right? When it all blew up in my face, My Alpha had to bring in a new woman who he claimed to be the right woman to bear his heir. And I had to accept it or I'd lose...everything. But a life as an Unloved Luna definitely beats one as a washed-up, r*p*d, and abused Omega…right?

Chapter 1


Happy Death Day, Jessica

I stared at the crimson lettering over my reflection, a small, bitter smile playing on my lips. With a red lipstick, I had written the words on the mirror and now they taunted me with a vengeance.

Taking a few steps back, I examined the words over and over again. They clearly described how I felt. Dead inside. Rotten and withered out. But deep down, I knew I shouldn’t feel that way. I should be happy. I should feel fulfilled that I had accomplished my heart's desire—my long-term goals—but all that filled my heart was guilt and unease.

Today, I finally tied the knot with my boyfriend and heir to Thunder Pack—the wealthiest and most powerful pack in the Northern Region. I was adorned with the most luxurious fabrics and diamond jewelry, pretty much the picture-perfect bride. But not even the charade of the tabloid-worthy wedding could make my heart stop clenching.

An alarm buzzed before I could slump on the sofa by the mirror, reminding me of the coronation. I sighed and dragged my aching feet outside the door where Keagan's bodyguards were waiting for me.

"All rise!" My heart skipped a beat as the two large doors opened, and the announcer’s voice echoed in the spacious throne room. There were over a hundred noblemen and women from different packs who had come to honor Keagan's invitation.

I took a few deep breaths before forcing a rehearsed smile. Moving gracefully, I tipped my chin up high and fixed my gaze on him. Keagan.

My breath punched out of my throat when my gaze met his. He looked…breathtaking—hovering almost at 6’4, beards trimmed to a s*xy goatee and muscles begging to be released from beneath that tight-fitting suit. My fingers itched with the need to push back the blonde hair falling over his arched brows. Keagan Hall was the true cover boy of Prince Charming in real life.

Suddenly, my eyes stung so bad it hurt and I quickly tore them away from him, my heart squeezing painfully. In every fairytale story, fate always brought the prince charming and his pretty damsel together, ending with true love.  But mine was the exact opposite. It was a dark and disgusting tale that would make the world turn its backs on me, even more so than already. It was a tale that couldn’t be retold to any innocent little girl. For, in my own story, I had drugged my prince charming with a love potion and I had no idea when or how soon it would it would wear off. I’d gotten the potion from my mother who took pity on me because she knew what awaited weak people like me in the world of predators.

Keagan had never been interested in me. Hell, I had no doubt he didn’t know that I existed. After all, who would be interested in a lowly omega maid like me, the weakest in rank? Definitely not my Alpha. My jaw clenched and unclenched, but I managed to maintain my smile as I made my way to the empty throne seat beside him.

I sat beside Keagan, my eyes moving back to the guests staring intently at us.

Soon, the ceremony began and the officiant stood before us, reciting the sacred words that would bind Keagan to his role as Alpha, while everyone observed the ceremony with rapt attention.

When the Staff of Office was placed into Keagan's hand, the room erupted in applause. I forced a smile, clapping along with the crowd, even as my heart ached with the knowledge that our love was built on pure deception.

 His eyes briefly met mine with a smile—a genuine smile—and for a moment, I felt the intensity of his gaze. My heart skipped a beat and I leaned in closer, almost deceived that he truly loved me. Then, the moment passed, and he turned to address his adoring pack, as the newly crowned Alpha.

As the ceremony drew to a close, I let out a long sigh, and half of the tension bled from my shoulders. Finally, I was Luna—a title I had never thought I would possess. This new status would wipe away the contempt I'd experienced my entire life as an Omega.

My gaze shifted to my mother, who was looking at me with pride. I flashed her my brightest smile, and she responded with a nod.

"I love you, Mom." I mouthed, eyes watering again. D*mn.

She quickly blew me a kiss before a guest pulled her away. Blinking the tears back, I tucked a few strands of my hair behind my ear, observing the guests as they chatted peacefully. And then discretely, I moved to the corner of the hall, turning my gaze on Keagan as he received congratulations from several Alphas and Lunas—true Lunas.

The weight of guilt pressed against my chest, and I slowly turned away, grabbing a flute of champagne off a server’s tray. He gave me a deep bow before walking off. Staring at his rapidly retreating figure, I couldn't bite back the bitter laughter that rumbled at the back of my throat. I was a fake. A scam. The lowliest of cons and all of them were none the wiser.

~  ~

The night quickly approached, and Keagan didn't wait to send any of the guests off. His lips were already colliding with mine in hunger as hurled me into his arms, hurrying toward our bedroom.

I wanted this and I wanted him.

When he lowered me to the bed, I bit my lips as his eyes drooped, a hungry look clouding over those perfect features.

I trailed a finger up his chest as he quickly undressed. I softly gasped when he ferociously tore my gown, tugging at the bra hungrily before throwing it across the room.

I moaned as he fondled and plucked at my nipple, then moved his head down and s*ck*d one into his mouth.

A breath pushed out of my lips as he rolled me onto my back, climbed his hot body over me, and moved his mouth to my other nipple, then he inserted a finger inside me slowly, taking his time and making me gasp.

“So f*ck*ng beautiful." He murmured huskily against my breasts. I had no idea if it was the love potion talking or if he meant it. He moved up to nip my neck and jaw before his tongue sought entry into my mouth. He inserted another finger and rubbed my cl*t with his thumb. Oh goddess, it felt so good. so f*ck*ng good that I writhed beneath him.

"Please,' I begged breathlessly, eyes stinging with tears.

“You want my c*ck inside of you, my sweet girl?" He asked, rubbing my cheek.

I nodded like a feverish sl*t, wanting him inside of me.

He grinned wolfishly and without warning, he shoved that big c*ck of his inside me full tilt as I gasped at the intrusion and pain.

He grunted, then moved up to his knees and spread my legs wider, placing my leg on his shoulder as he continued to pound into me.

I lost it as he pumped me harder, faster, losing himself in me. I cried out as his fangs grew and sunk into my neck.  He nipped at the spot where he had bitten me before he pulled away to lick it. I felt him spasm uncontrollably as he came inside of me, grunting and pulsing violently.

He was a beast in bed.

“F*ck that was hot! Are you alright, baby? Did I mark you properly? Do you feel a change?" He asked me enthusiastically.

I nodded, giving him a clipped answer. “I felt like we had connected." 

But Keagan grinned like a teenage boy, his eyes reflecting the pride he felt.

When he collapsed on me, he pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead, a wide smile on his face. “I love you."

The smile on my face instantly vanished, and no matter how much I tried to fake one, it wouldn't come so instead I faked a throat-splitting cough, while he rolled away to get me some water.

“Are you okay?" He asked and I nodded, placing the water back on the lamp stand after having a sip. "My Luna." He kissed my hair.

We said nothing to each other anymore and he pulled me into his arms while I listened to his breathing until they evened out. A slow mocking smile tugged on my lips. His Luna...if only he knew.

~                      ~

Four years passed in the blink of an eye, and during that time, everything had gone downhill. The life I had envisioned upon marrying Keagan turned out to be the complete opposite. I was now a housewife, without a job, and denied the right to work.

My s*x life and social life with Keagan had become bland. He rarely came home or sought to see or speak to me, and I had resigned myself to my fate.

Living here was hell, and most of the time, I wished I could either die or run away. Keagan's mother constantly hurled blame and criticism at me. No matter what I did to please her and her son, it always seemed to backfire.

The reason for her discontent was my inability to conceive.

 No matter how many times Keagan and I tried, no matter the daily doctor visits, and no matter the numerous medications I took, nothing happened. I could feel myself slowly withering, my beauty fading, and my energy draining away. My life had become bitter and joyless.

I had no idea if it was either karma or just my ugly fate.

I was exhausted from trying. This morning, I felt unwell and rushed to take a pregnancy test, only for it to show a negative result once again. I cried and sobbed, and despite my grief, Keagan's mother, Sofia, made sure to call me out of the room, disregarding my puffy eyes.

I had become her personal slave, running her errands without a single complaint.

After completing a few chores, I went to clean the dining table, only to discover a heap of clothes in a basket near the other door.

 Frustrated but determined, I continued to clean the table where I would soon serve the meal.

"Where's that b*tch?!" Sofia's loud voice boomed, causing me to freeze. As she stormed into the dining hall, her eyes blazed with fury as she glared at me. "What are you doing here, you pig? Why are these dirty clothes still here?! Are you stupid?! Take your useless self and go do it right now!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, nearly making my soul leave my body

"I washed all of these... Mother—" I started to explain, but Sofia quickly cut me off with a snarl.

“Who is the hell your mother?” She threw her head back and barked out a bitter laughter. “I can’t give birth to such an unfortunate soul. Do you think I'm like your mother who gives birth to girls with no womb? Mad girl! Get the hell out of the dining area and go do the laundry you were conceived for. After all, you are an empty husk, at the very least you should be useful for one thing. Laundry woman."

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. That stung the hell out of me.

Despite this, I raced out of the dining to get the laundry done yet again.

Later that day, Keagan returned home… but late as usual. I tried welcoming him with the sweetest of my smiles but he wordlessly walked past me before heading into the bedroom to have his shower.

My eyes stung and I felt like a thousand needles were pricking at my chest. Trembling, I wrapped my arms around my middle and sobbed quietly.

When my tears abated, I sniffed hard and settled on the small stool at the corner of the room, waiting for him to step out. I needed to speak with him.

“Please we need to talk, Keagan," I said immediately he re-entered the living area.

He gave me an ugly look before grumbling out a “Mhm?"

I s*ck*d in a deep breath and stood up. "I wanted to let you know that Emma, my good friend, called. She said she needed a place to stay for a few days... I'm sorry to bring this up while you're resting, but is it okay if she stays here till she finds a place of her own?"

My brows furrowed when Keagan stiffened at the mention of Emma. A creeping sense of suspicion made my skin crawl, but I kept my facial expression neutral, silently watching and waiting for his response.

"Yes. Make sure she's well accommodated." With that, he returned to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

Chapter 2


"Could you just leave already?" I snapped at Jessica as she placed a tray of food on the nearby stool.

She flinched at my harsh tone, but I felt no remorse. I despised her presence around me.

She gulped, wiping the back of her palm on her dress, before attempting to force a smile on her face, which only served to annoy me further. Could she just stop trying to please me? Was she trying to be cute right now? Because she was failing miserably, and my hands itched to hurl her out of the bedroom so I could have some fresh air to myself.

Her usual smile no longer touched me; the sparkle that once formed whenever she grinned at me was now gone, and its sight only served to irritate me beyond measure.

She was no longer cute. She had lost a tremendous amount of weight, her chubby cheeks were now sunken, and her complexion was now pallid. She looked like a malnourished scarecrow, and I couldn't stand the sight of her.

I had stopped taking her


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