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The Alpha's Triangle 2 - Luna-Redemption

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Quay
  • Chapters: 40
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9.8K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 37


After leaving for a year, trying to find a cure for their son, Zira is finally coming home. Though her arrival comes with conflicts she didn’t expect. Whether it’s dealing with lashing from the ‘Mothers’ of the pack or trying to make amends with those she hurt, she finds herself in more trouble when the Elders come a-knocking. Will she have the strength not only to fight for her son’s life but also for her own? Just when she thinks she has dodged a bullet, she is thrown into the unfamiliar world of the white wolves and the secrets she discovers will turn her world upside down. Again. Even with the cure for her son within her grasp, she knows she can’t leave until she finds out what happened with the white wolves' almost extinction and she has a sneaky suspicion she was linked somehow.

1 The Fight

Isabella and Victoria looked at each other as the awkward silence enveloped the room. They recently returned from Zack's pack right back into some more drama, asking themselves the same question. What the hell is going on between these two?

They were all sitting in the Alpha’s office with Isaiah and Zira were sitting as far apart as they could, not looking at each other. They could hear the faint sounds of laughter from outside the festivities. The yard was decorated like a little winter wonderland for Isaiah and Zira’s marking ceremony. There were tents set up with winter-themed games, lights strung up in the trees, snow sledding, a petting zoo, and even a miniature train rollercoaster that traveled around the entire pack house for the little pups to ride.

Today was a special day for both Isaiah and Zira. At least that is what Isabella thought, but now they could barely look at each other. It was turning out to be the best event of the year until the mating ceremony came and everyone showed up except Isaiah and Zira.

He was slouched against the side while she had her arms crossed over her chest. Isabella internally sighed. She hated being in the middle of their fights. She did not like having to choose sides, especially when they were both acting like idiots.

“Vi, do I have to be here? Can’t you talk to them,” Isabella whined through their link.

“Bella, they obviously need our help. We cannot keep ignoring this and walking on eggshells around them. This needs to stop, now. So please, help me help them.”

Victoria pleaded with her eyes and, of course, Isabella couldn’t say no to that.

“Not fair.” Isabella cleared her throat. “Well, since no one wants to talk, I’m just going to ask. What the hell is going on with you two? You were supposed to be completing the mating ceremony right now. Zira, you’re supposed to be the next Luna.”

Zira and Isaiah slowly glanced at each other before looking away again. Neither one of them wanted to talk, afraid it might turn into another argument. Isabella let out an exaggerated sigh before standing up and moving towards the door.

“Fine, maybe our mothers might want to weigh in-”

“No!” Zira and Isaiah both yelled.

Isabella smiled before turning around and making her way back to her seat. They sat there for a minute or two, waiting for the other to start speaking. With a sigh, Isaiah sat up and looked in Zira’s direction.

“She wants to leave, by herself, and look for a group of wolves that no one has ever seen, to find a cure that might not exist, for Arias, who might not need it.”

“Well, when you put it like that, Isaiah, you make it sound stupid. Arias is sick and I want to find out why,” Zira yelled at him.

Isabella remembered Arias falling extremely ill a few months ago. He didn’t heal like he used to; instead, he slept a full day, scaring the sh*t out of everyone. So, Zira took him to the Ancient Walkers Pack to be seen by one of the elders. Without much information about white wolves, the elders didn’t have much to go on.

Zira, of course, blamed herself for relying on Arias during the fight with Alaia. So much so, she became obsessed with learning as much as she could about the white wolves. When she read about sightings of them, she discussed it with Isaiah, who didn’t believe they needed to worry, but she couldn’t let it go.

“There has to be something we can do to get his power back, Isaiah,” Zira pleaded after taking a few deep breaths.

“Right, use our son as an excuse to leave. Again,” Isaiah yelled, standing up to face her. Zira followed suit.

“It is more than that and you know it,” Zira growled at him.

“You’re right, it is more than that,” Isaiah said with a harsh laugh, turning to Isabella and Victoria. “She also doesn’t want to be Luna and-” Zira gasped and looked at him in shock. “-frankly, I don’t think she wants to be my mate.”

“Isaiah! It is not like that and-”

“Really, Zira? Do you even realize that you’re still part of the Ancient Walkers, James’ pack? You still wear his mark on your neck.”

Isabella and Victoria looked at each other before looking at Zira, who subconsciously covered her neck with James’ broken mark. A mate's mark never goes away. It's either replaced by another or fades to look like a scar.

"How do you think it looks when my supposed mate doesn't want to be part of our pack?"

Zira looked at Isabella and Victoria, who quickly diverted their eyes. She couldn't believe they really thought that.


“How should I feel…,” he interrupted her while taking a step towards her, “...seeing your heart still in the hands of another? I can’t compete with a ghost, Zira?”

Again, silence filled the room with everyone in their own thoughts. Victoria could relate to wanting to be with someone who wasn’t ready to fully commit. Isabella could feel the pain her brother hid away, and she was shocked by Zira’s actions. Isaiah was relieved a bit to get that off his chest, but soon that was replaced by sadness and anger.

Zira was filled with a mix of emotions which was eating away at her soul. She never really gave much thought to how much this was affecting Isaiah. She realized she was being selfish and only thinking about her feelings. True, she was still a member of the Ancients Walkers, but it wasn't easy letting go. It was the only thing besides this mark that made her remember the good times, even if they were brief.

“You’re not competing with James, Isaiah.”

“Then why are we here, Zira, instead of at our ceremony? Why can’t we decide on these things together? You want to leave, fine, but how would I know if you’re OK when we’re not connected at all?”

Zira was about to say something and stopped herself. She knew exactly why she was here, exactly why she wasn’t bonded to Isaiah, exactly why she didn’t want to be Luna, but it was a hard truth to face. She loved Isaiah truly, but she wasn’t ready. It’s only been a little over a year since James died. She didn’t feel prepared to take on the burden of a pack, especially when she was so bad at caring for her son.

“Isaiah, I’m sor-”

“No,” he yelled. “If the next few words out of your mouth aren't ‘Let’s do this,’ then I don’t want to hear it.”

He paused for a second, giving her a chance to fight for them. He felt disheartened with each passing second as Zira kept her gaze on the floor. He stepped closer to her and raised his hand as if he wanted to touch her, but let it fall to his side.

“I don’t understand,” Isabella started, breaking the silence. “I thought we were all good. You guys made up, right? On the cliff. Zi, you told me that.”

Zira couldn’t look at her best friend. She didn’t want to see the hurt in her eyes. She knew Isabella could feel Isaiah’s emotions.

“It’s more complicated than that, Isabella.”

“How,” Isaiah asked Zira, almost pleading with her. “Either you want to be with me or not. I gave you an out on the cliff, Zira, and you said you were willing to try, but now it seems I'm the only one who is.”

Zira clenched her fists, controlling her anger. He was starting to get on her nerves with this relationship drama. He should know how she feels about him. "I am willing, Isaiah. It's just Arias- “

"Don't use him as an excuse, Zira. This-” he said, pointing between the two of them, “-was happening way before Arias lost his power. You were barely around and anytime I mentioned our relationship, you would make up an excuse to leave."

"I'm sorry, Isaiah,” Zira yelled at him. “I'm sorry I'm not ready to be what you want me to be. I'm sorry that every time I try to move to the next step something gets in the way and this time is my son-"

“Our son, Zira. He’s mine too.”

“Fine! Our son needs us, and I can’t help it if I’m more worried about what’s going on with him than our relationship.”

Isaiah threw his hands up. “That’s just it, Zira. We don’t have one.”

"Then what’s the point of this stupid ceremony," Zira yelled before thinking. She quickly covered her mouth. He had valid points and each one hurt like hell, but she didn't mean what she just said.

Isaiah took a step back as if that were a blow to his face. He couldn't believe she would say that. She really didn't want to be his mate. That realization hit him harder than having someone stab him in the chest.

"Wait, Isaiah-" he held up his hand, looking at everyone before straightening his suit and walking out the room. Zira tried to follow him, but Isabella got in her way.

"Don't," Isabella growled as Victoria touched her arm. Of course, Isabella was only feeding off his anger. Zira took a step away from her.

"He might need some air after that,” Victoria said.

“Who wouldn’t? That was low, Zi, even for you,” Isabella said, walking out the room.

Zira could feel the tears falling down her face. Her legs felt weak, and she fell to the couch, sobbing. She could feel Victoria trying to comfort her, but nothing was going to be enough after that. After a few minutes, Zira was able to catch her breath. “I didn’t mean it. I just…”

“It’s gonna be okay, Zira. Just…just say you’re sorry. I’m sure Isaiah would forgive you.”

Zira took a few deep breaths before looking at Victoria. No one seemed to understand that it was more than their relationship. She couldn’t think about moving to the next step until everything was right in her world. Anytime she felt she had a grip on happiness, something always got in her way.

She hooked up with Isaiah only to have him find his mate. She planned to leave the pack only to find she was pregnant. She found her mate only to find out he was in love with another girl. They finally move past that only to end up with him dying to protect her. She thought she had finally got a break and now this.

Now Arias’ healing is gone right when things were about to be decent, but Isaiah was right. It was true she was pulling away before Arias got sick, but it wasn’t because she didn’t love Isaiah. She was just…just…

“Scared,” she whispered, forgetting Victoria was sitting right next to her.

“Of what, Zira?”

“Allowing myself to be happy. The moment I do, something happens, and I always end up on the losing side. I just need…need…more time to think about this and this journey might give me the space to do so.”

Victoria nodded along. She could understand needing space, but she could also understand what it feels like waiting for someone you love to feel the same way.

“If that is what you need, Zira, then do it. Just don’t let Isaiah believe he means nothing to you. He needs to know and really understand what part he plays in your life.”

Zira nodded, wiping fresh tears from her cheeks. “I will. Thank you, Vicky. Really, I appreciate it.”

Victoria smiled and planted a kiss on Zira’s cheek. “I will do anything to help my Luna. Don’t forget that.”

Victoria left as Zira knew exactly what she had to do and no one was going to stop her.

2 Coming and Going

Isaiah was wiped out from all the activities he did with Arias at the festival. He was still pissed from the fight earlier with Zira. Not to mention all the pity stares from the members of his pack. The only thing keeping his irritation down was the laughs and smiles from his son. So, he kept his mind focused on Arias.

As the night winded down, Isaiah noticed that Arias was sneezing and coughing, and he started to get fussy. Arias was a bit warmer than usual, so Isaiah took him to Doctor Callie who was helping with the festival breakdown.

Doctor Callie sighed. “He’s coming with another fever, Alpha. We can get over to the pack’s hospital to keep an eye on him.”

Isaiah was about to speak, only to be interrupted by Zelda, Zira’s mother.

“Nonsense, Doctor Callie. I am more than qualified to watch over him here. That way he is not too far away from his parents. If it gets serious, I’ll bring him in myself.”

“Good idea, Mrs. Lake,” Isaiah chi


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