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The Alpha's sweetheart

The Alpha's sweetheart

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Every princess or not just princess, every werewolves are definitely excited on their eighteen birthday, but in her case, it was different, with each days and minutes getting closer to her birthday makes her panicked, nervous, and sad. She is not just sad because she will get her wolf but the high possibilities of her getting a mate on her birthday night like every other princesses. Princess Nigam is the daughter and the only heir to the greatest Alpha Zach of Blood pack, and the heir to his throne. The palace is sparkling in the mood of the princess turning her adult while she was stuck in her room scared of going out simply because she doesn't want a mate, with a simple reason that she is already in love with a servant guy in the palace, and getting a mate will destroy her long time planned love life. But something unexpected happen, something that Will changed her life forever, something she has been fearing for all her life. Find out what it is, in the story.

Chapter 1

Episode one.

*Her fears*

The palace has been well decorated, sparkling and shinning just like the stars in the skies, the servants and maids going up and down, while the Alpha king giving instructions in anticipation of the big day tomorrow making sure that everything go in place with the wishes of his beloved and only daughter.

On the other hand, Princess Nigam just sat in front of her mirror not interested with the whole make up going on and off, the beautiful diamond ball gown doesn't even look attractive to her, her face wore the biggest frown that it's visible for anyone to notice.

Her personal maid arrived and saw her lost in thought.

"Your highness, princess!" Her personal maid Eva yelled snapping her out of her thought.

"Are you okay princess? Your birthday is tomorrow and you are not even getting ready for the pre birthday celebrations, everyone is waiting for you." Eva exclaimed.

"Once its 12:00 I will get a wolf right?"

Princess Nigam questioned, her eyes fixed on Eva, like she want to drag the reply out of her mouth.

"Yes your majesty and the most exciting news is that you will get a mate too." Eva replied and the princess stood up furiously.

"I only asked one question, just one question not two, I don't need two damn replies!" Princess Nigam ranted rudely which is unlike her.

"I'm sorry princess, but you don't look okay." Eva said.

Princess Nigam sat on her bed and held her head.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, I'm just not feeling fine and I want to be alone, just go please." Princess Nigam apologize this time calmly.

"But the king said I should come with you, his important guest wants to see you." Eva said.

"Can you please tell him I'm sick, just do it for me." Princess Nigam replied.

"Alright, please get better before tomorrow." Eva said, the princess nodded and sighed; she pushed the dress out of her bed and sighed.

Her window opened and she quickly stood up.

"Roy, what are you doing here?" Princess Nigam asked worriedly and quickly rushed to him.

"I can't leave you all alone; I have missed you so much." Roy answered and they kissed.

"Is it true that you are getting your mate tonight?" He asked with a sad face, she didn’t reply.

"I should have known that falling in love with you was the biggest mistake ever, I'm just a no body, your father will never agree to you marrying a servant." Roy added.

"It's not a big deal getting a mate, I can simply reject him, Roy don't you understand, you are the only one I love, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, I don't care about your status, I will never leave you I promise." Princess Nigam vowed.

"I'm scared, so scared, I don't want to lose you." Roy said.

The door suddenly started banging.

"Please go, I will talk to you tomorrow, just go please." Princess Nigam said pushing him out of the window, she quickly returned to her bed before the door swung open by her father, the Alpha king.

"Princess, what are doing? Everyone is waiting for you for the pre birthday celebrations." Alpha Zach said.

"I'm sorry dad, I don't know why I feel a huge headache I don't think I can make it." Princess Nigam replied, he sat next to her on her Royal bed.

"You don't know how excited I am seeing you turn eighteen today, you are finally growing up to be the girl I always wanted you to be, I'm sure your mom will have been so proud if she is still alive with us, it's Okay, I will tell everyone you can't make it, get well soon before tomorrow."

Alpha Zach exclaimed.

"Will you be by my side no matter the decision I made?" Princess Nigam asked.

"I have always been by your side, as long as the decision is right, I will support you with it, I have to go take care of the Alpha's from the neighborhood packs, see you tomorrow." Alpha Zach answered and peaked her forehead, he exist the door.

She stood up and heaved a sighed of relief.

"Calm down Nigam, even if you get a mate, you will reject him, no matter what; Roy only belongs to your heart." Princess Nigam said to herself and stood up; she went to the bathroom and washed off her makeup then returned to the bed and lay down thinking about the new changes she will experience in her life tomorrow.


*Silver pack*

Alpha Vincent was done preparing for everything, his best friend whom he considered like a sister came to him.

"Why do you look so excited to attend the princess Nigam birthday party?" She asked folding her hands.

"Who knows, she is turning eighteen tonight so maybe I may be her mate."

Alpha Vincent replied holding his horse rope, her smile disappear.

"C'mon Bianca, why did your smile disappeared? Don't you want me to have a mate? Plus princess Nigam is such a great warrior; can you believe that at the age of 16 she already won battles all by herself? I will be such a lucky Alpha if the Moon goddess chooses her as my mate."

Alpha Vincent said.

"Yeah, I will be excited too." Bianca replied forcing a smile.

"That will never happen, I alone own you."

She said in her mind grinning.

"Okay, now that I'm done, I think I should get going, the birthday is early tomorrow and I don't want to miss it before someone steal my mate from me." Alpha Vincent replied and chuckled.

"She isn't your mate damn!" Bianca yelled.

"What happened?" Alpha Vincent asked.

"I was just joking, safe travels, I will miss you." Bianca answered and hugged him.

"I will miss you too but not much." He said and chuckled, he climbed his horse and ride off with his guards riding after him.

"Over my death body will you have a mate Alpha Vincent." Bianca vowed.


Chapter 2

Episode two.

*Birthday celebration*

12:00 in the night.

Princess Nigam had already fallen asleep when she started hearing voices, she sat up immediately.

"Who are you?" She asked looking round her room but its empty.

"I'm inside you." The voice laughed.

"Stop laughing! Inside me, how can you be inside me?" Princess Nigam asked.

"Funny, I'm your wolf silly, give me a name quick." Her Wolf answered.

"Oh wow, glad to finally have you, I will name you Kathy." Nigam replied.

"Nice name, thank you my friend." Kathy said.

"Thank you too, you are so sweet, hope you will be supporting me in my decision." Nigam asked.

"Supporting your decisions like your plans to reject our mate?" Kathy replied.

"How did you know about that?" Princess Nigam asked.

"I have been inside you all this while, but don't worry, I wi


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