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Quin's pen

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The Alpha's sweetheart
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Every princess or not just princess, every werewolves are definitely excited on their eighteen birthday, but in her case, it was different, with each days and minutes getting closer to her birthday makes her panicked, nervous, and sad. She is not just sad because she will get her wolf but the high possibilities of her getting a mate on her birthday night like every other princesses. Princess Nigam is the daughter and the only heir to the greatest Alpha Zach of Blood pack, and the heir to his throne. The palace is sparkling in the mood of the princess turning her adult while she was stuck in her room scared of going out simply because she doesn't want a mate, with a simple reason that she is already in love with a servant guy in the palace, and getting a mate will destroy her long time planned love life. But something unexpected happen, something that Will changed her life forever, something she has been fearing for all her life. Find out what it is, in the story.


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