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The Alpha's Obsession

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Faraiah Villegas; a woman with a simple life. Since losing her parents at the age of eighteen, she has learned to work for herself. She provided her own food, daily expenses, et cetera. As she grows, the cost of living she has to maintain also increased. Because of that, she had to find a job that can provide an income that would meet her needs. Luckily, Zarelli's mansion—owned by the richest family in town—was looking for a maid. Without an ado, Faraiah grabbed the opportunity not knowing that it would be the beginning of her chaotic life. After meeting and finding the dark secret of the master of the house—Cleon Reve Zarelli—her world turned upside-down. "The alpha . . . has been chasing me."

Chapter 1

"There's no heavy works here in this house," said by the old woman who I think was the caretaker of the mansion.

I roamed my eyes around the house. I couldn't help but to be amazed at the every piece of furniture and equipment where my eyes landed. The design of the decorations was a mixture of modern and old-fashioned—I felt like I am in between the past and the present time.

It has always been rumoured that the Zarelli's clan was a wealthy family; the mysterious and respected family in our province. But it's only now when I have actually verified everything and this whole thing was a big slap on my face at this very moment.

I am here today after being hired as their maid. I was an orphan, so when I read their announcement about finding a maid, I did not hesitate to apply. I was jubilant when I got accepted. Apart from the fact that they pay a lot of money, they are not strict about their working hours. I was a little confused yet somehow thankful for that. Due to the flexible time, I won't be having a problem when I go to school. The only conflict was, I have to transfer to the nearest school from the mansion so that I don't have to travel long distances.

"Just like what I have ordered. All you need to do is to keep the mansion neat and clean. And make sure that you already prepared a food before you leave," the old woman said.

I smiled sparingly and then nodded. I looked around at the mansion once again until my eyes focused on the second floor.

"Also, aside from that, always remember what I forbid you to do. Don't you ever dare to go up to the second floor."

Unconsciously, I raised an eyebrow. "Then, who will clean that area?"

"I will take care of the second floor. You are only assigned here on the ground floor," she instructed.

I just frowned and nodded. It's an advantage for me because the household area will be divided, however, I couldn't stop wondering.

Why is she allowed?

I just shook my head as I thought that maybe there are some important valuables at the second floor—that's why it was a forbidden place to go for a mere maid like me.

"Are we the only people here?" I asked when I noticed that whole house was too quiet.

"There are only three of us here in this house. Me, you, and then Seniorito. The eldest son of the Zarelli's family," the old caretaker replied.

I nodded. I avoided asking more questions even though I was so curious to ask a lot of things about the guy she was referring to.

Is it normal for an employer not to take a look at his newly hired employee?

"Let's go, I'll take you to your room." The head maid walked ahead of me, I immediately followed her.

While walking, I couldn't stop myself to pause for a moment and glanced at the second floor. I felt like there's some unexplainable connection pulling me upstairs. I let out a sigh and tried to ignore it.

What are you thinking, Faraiah? Do you have some super powers, really?

I just smiled and continued walking behind the lady.

Maybe I'm just not used to it yet.

The start of my day at the mansion was not so stressful. After organizing my things, I started cooking. I simply prepared a caldereta, fried fish, and a pinakbet for the three of us.

After a couple of minutes, I then began to arrange the dining table. The old lady came in—just in time—so I stopped for a moment and bowed slightly as a sign of respect to her presence.

"The food is ready," I informed.

"All right, then. You can eat now. I'll just take some food to Seniorito's room." She smiled back at me, then passed by me.

"Is he not coming down?" I couldn't stop myself to ask.

I know Mr. Zarelli stayed upstairs. Aside from the fact that I didn't see anyone down here, the only room available at the ground floor was the maid's chamber—it was where I am sleeping in. I am sure that all the other rooms are on the second floor.

Manang let out a small laugh. "He doesn't eat with anyone, hija. So don't bother putting another plate on the table."

I nodded hesitantly. "I understand."

I watched Manang as she prepared the food for our male boss. Even if it has intrigued my system, I tried to ignore it. I just have realized that maybe because of my excessive curiosity, I would be fired immediately.

"You are so beautiful," I said out of nowhere when I stared at her face, it was too late for me to take it back.

I quickly covered my mouth and then bowed over and over again, asking for forgiveness. "I am so sorry, Madame," that was all I could say due to embarrassment.

My nervousness gradually disappeared when the lady laughed gently. She stared at me in amazement and then shook her head.

"You are such a joker, hija," she said, teasingly.

I bit my lower lip. "It is just. . . I am amazed because it's not obvious from your looks that you are old already."

"Really?" she said blissfully.

I nodded twice. "Yes, absolutely! I unconsciously stared at your face. It's so smooth and it feels like it's too soft to touch."

The lady's laughter echoed in the four corners of the kitchen. "My goodness! Oh, you really have such a sweet tongue! I am just eating vegetables. So you, if you didn't want to look old in a speed of light, eat nutritious food."

I couldn't answer right away. Who would believe what she said?

"All right. I'm going upstairs. You may start eating, I will eat later after Seniorito has finished with his food," she said and was about to leave.

"Hmm . . . Manang?" I called, it made her stopped from walking.

She faced me, waiting for me to continue what I am about to say.

"May I ask what is Seniorito's name?" I laughed hesitantly. "It is just . . . ahmmm . . . I am just not quite comfortable that I didn't know the name of who I was serving."

The lady blankly stared at me for a few seconds. I couldn't help but be nervous because that might be a question that I shouldn't have mentioned at the first place.

"Cleon," she replied sparingly.

"Cleon?" I repeated.

She answered me with a smile, then nodded. "Cleon Reve is the name of the Zarelli's eldest son."

My mouth automatically went round. Apart from the uniqueness of his name, you can immediately felt the power in it when you hear it. Amazing!

"Is he not coming down to meet me? I mean, for him to see me, formally?" I asked her more.

For a few seconds, I saw the seriousness on the lady's face. A moment later, she gave me a miserly smile.

"He doesn't meet with people."

My forehead furrowed quickly. What does that mean? He doesn't meet with others? With a normal citizen like me?

He's such an arrogant rich man!

But . . . was there a greedy rich person who pays a large amount of salary and not strict with working hours?

"All right. I'll take this upstairs. Make sure you eat well." She didn't wait for me to answer and just turned her back on me.

I pouted my lips as I watched her walking away. I couldn't still forget what she answered earlier.

He doesn't meet with other people? Huh? Manang is a person too.

Soon my eyes widened at the idea that popped up into my mind. I was momentarily consumed by conscience and pity.

Could it be that the eldest son of the Zarelli's family has a disability that's why he doesn't want to show himself around?

Chapter 2

It has been two days since I started working at the mansion. Everything was nice and not difficult for me even though Manang and I are the only two who cleaned the whole house. Cleaning, cooking, and rest, repeat. That's how my days went by.

"Raya?" I heard the lady call outside my room.

That's what she has called me ever since I came to the mansion. She was having a difficulty in pronouncing Faraiah so she gave me a nickname instead. Well, that's okay with me because it's not ugly to hear to.

I got up quickly from my bed and went to the door, I opened it for her. "Do you need anything, Manang?" I asked as soon as I opened the door.

"I will be buying some stuffs at the market. I will be right back before lunch." There I noticed the folded eco bag tucked into her armpit.

"Okay, Manang. Do you want me to go with you?" I suggested.

She shook her head quickly. "No, I can do this by mysel


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