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The Alpha's Mate: Secret Baby

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"I am going to take Annabell Williams as my mate and Luna of this pack." His words punched straight to my heart making it break into pieces. How can he do that to me? He promised forever since we were kids and promised to love me and protect me everything but how can he hurt me himself? "Maximus! I need to talk to you alone!" It's the last straw when his next words came out of his mouth when I asked him to talk to me. "You don't have an wolf Brooke and I don't want a weak person as my mate and Luna. Annabell is the one who can give me everything." He should have killed me by wringing my neck but he chose his cold words and eyes to kill me. I was kicked out from the pack on the same day of my eighteenth birthday where i lost Maximus and found out that iam pregnant with Maximus's baby but lost her too when she was just two years old. Moon goddess is the main villian in my story sending Maximus and Annabell's kid to me and slapping me without touching me by showing off their happy family. I changed myself into a cold and calculated investigator who chases high risk cases and bust out the trafficking and drugs rings. I don't care about my life anymore. Maximus want his Brooke back so he send his corbon copy to bring Brooke back to the pack. Will Maximus and the kid succeed in bringing Brooke back to the pack? Or will the new determined and stubborn Brooke refused to melt and forgive Maximus.

Chapter 1: Betrayed

Brooke's"Are you excited for the party, Brooke?" Grace's voice pulled me from my thoughts. I was excited and, at the same time, worried about how I hadn't shifted yet and how I didn't feel my wolf. " Yes! Maximus had been preparing for this party for weeks. Of course I'm happy." I gave her a big smile, not wanting to make her worry. It's my 18th birthday, and Maximus is throwing a birthday party for me. I was hoping that I would find out who my mate would be, and I always knew Maximus would be my mate as I always felt a bond with him. Grace and I are getting ready for the said party. I wore a long black dress and applied a decent amount of makeup. "Are you done? I am missing Maximus, as I hadn't seen him all day." I got up from the bed, and Grace followed me out of the room. The party is taking place in the community hall outside of the pack house, and we had to walk to it wearing heels. "I shouldn't have worn heels! They are already making my feet hurt." Grace whined beside me; my heels are higher than hers, but she is the one complaining. "We just have to take a hundred steps to the hall, Grace. It's not that far." I chuckled at her antics and childlike nature. She is the best friend and bonding sister I have ever asked for. She was always with me whenever I needed someone. "Happy birthday, Brooke!" Everyone yelled at me once I entered the hall, startling me. The hall was decorated with balloons and flowers. From the delicious snacks and food to the drinks, everything has been arranged on the tables. "Thank you everyone." Everyone came up to me to shower me with hugs and gifts. I was loved by everyone in the pack, and they show their respect as they know that I will be their Luna. "Have you seen Maximus?" I asked one of the gammas. "I saw Alpha Maximus towards the Omega's quarters this evening." His words confused me. Maximus will never wander through the pack like this, especially towards Omega's quarters, as he doesn't have any work there. "Okay,thanks!" I thanked him and started walking throughout the hall, talking with the pack members and thanking them for attending the party. The more time went by, the more worried I became. Maximus will never come late; even if he has any work, he will inform me directly or let someone inform me that he will come later, but today there is nothing. "Are you alright?" Grace asked, standing beside me and looking concerned. She has been watching me throughout the party, and the absence of Maximus is bugging me so much. "It's been two hours, Grace! He should be here." I feel so uneasy, and everyone starts noticing Maximus' absence. "I know... She stopped suddenly, and her eyes widened. She is facing the exit, and my back is to it, so I can't see what she is seeing. I tried to turn around, but she stopped me by holding my arms. "You shouldn't see that, Brooke! I don't know how you will react." Her words make no sense. "What are you talking about, Grace?" I jerked away from her and turned around to see Maximus standing at the exit door with Annabel, and her hand was wrapped around Maximus's Bicep. Annabel is wearing an expensive dress that Omega can never afford, and she is looking at Maximus like he is her world and him at her. I walked towards them to ask what the hell is going on and why Maximus is late and why he came here with her, but they both walked in the opposite direction, where there is a podium, where he always announces things. "What are they doing?" Grace whispered, equally confused as me. "Hello, everyone! Thanks for gathering here, and I apologize for coming late, but I have a reason for it, and I will tell you all what the reason was." Maximus's deep voice resonated throughout the hall and gained everyone's attention. His eyes always found mine whenever we were in the same space, but right now they are not on mine, not even the slightest indication that he saw or was going to see me. Seeing her with him is making me so uncomfortable and angry. I don't know what is going on here or why he is with her instead of me. He is not even wearing the suit we both went shopping for; rather, his suit matched her wine-colored gown. "Today I am going to introduce you all to your Luna." His words confuse me even more. My heart started beating so fast, and I felt like throwing up with nerves. Murmurs broke throughout the hall, and I could feel everyone's eyes on me, making me more nervous and tense. "I am choosing Annabell as my mate, and this pack packs Luna, and in a week we are going to mate officially." I stumbled back in shock at his words; my world seemed dizzy and blank. What is he talking about? He is choosing Annabell as his mate. What about me, then? "Brooke!" "Brooke!" I can't seem to hear anything as my ears are buzzing and I am having a hard time breathing. I clutched my heart, which feels like it's being brutally smashed with a hammer. I can hear everyone's shock and surprise at their Alpha'a announcement. "I think I should talk to Maximus first before assuming anything." Tears blurred my vision, and my words got choked up in my throat. I can't believe what I'm seeing and what I've heard. "There is no use, Brooke! He didn't even acknowledge you for a second. It's no use." I don't get what she is saying or how she is saying it, but I just need to talk to Maximus. I walked towards the podium with determination to ask, What the hell is he on? "Maximus!" I called his name to get his attention, but he was busy talking with Annabell and totally ignored me. Annabell has a smirk on her face, and she purposely touches Maximus to provoke me, but right now I just want him alone with me so he can explain what he is doing and why! "Maximus!" I gritted out his name, and this time he turned around. His eyes look cold, as he has no expression on his face. He always looked at me with a big smile on his face and love and warmth in his eyes, but right now they are cold and vacant. "What! You are disturbing my time with my Luna!" His words pierced my heart, and I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. "I want to talk to you alone." I won't give anyone the satisfaction of knowing that I am hurting. "As you can see, Brooke! I Am busy right now. If you want to talk about anything, then come to my office tomorrow." He turned around, dismissing me like I was nothing but a nuisance. "Why are you doing this, Maximus?" I don't have any energy left. "You don't have a wolf, Brooke, and I want my Luna with a wolf. Is this reason enough?" He snarled at me before going back to his conversation. I can't stand here and get insulted In Front of everyone. I am bigger than this, and I don't deserve any of it. "I will come with you." Grace started following me, but I want to be alone. "I want to be alone, Grace. Please!" I didn't wait to hear her response and walked towards the guest room, as Maximus and I share the room and I don't want to be in his presence anymore. Betrayal is the worst thing one can do to you, and he betrayed me in every sense and killed me completely. I hear a knock and the sound of the door opening. My body is glued to the bed, and I can't seem to move even my finger with the way I am aching physically. "Don't try to ever approach my mate again, Brooke." Annabell's voice reached my ears, making me jolt from my bed. Anger and resentment spread through me after hearing her mock me. "What are you on about?" I can't even look at her properly. "Maximum and I are mates, Brooke, and we are expecting our first pup too." She stroked her flat stomach, making me clench my hands in anger. He not only betrayed me but also cheated on me with an Omega! "Get out!" I yelled at her, seething with anger. I don't want to see them or be in their presence. "Why the hell will I go? You are the one who should get out of the pack house, as you are nothing now." She cackled up like a hyena getting joy from insulting me and smashed the gift Maximus has got for me. I held her hand and started dragging her out of the room. That was the last straw for my patience and sanity. She can't barge into my life and destroy everything. "How dare you disrespect me like this! I Am going to tell Maximus about this and make him kick you out of the pack." She is blabbering non-stop, making me annoyed with her high-pitched voice and smugness. I pushed her out of my room, withdrew my hand, and turned around to go back inside and shut the door, but a scream stopped me from doing that, and I turned back to see Annabell stumbling down the stairs, making me run towards her, but it was too late to do anything as her body stopped on the last of the stairs. " Annabell!" I heard Maximus's voice running towards her. I went down the stairs, and everyone gathered around Maximus and Annabell, who were in a puddle of blood, making me gasp in horror. "Who the hell pushed her down?" Maximus growled, making everyone cower. "I saw Brooke pushing Luna out of her room." One of the she-wolves blurted out, Making Maximus's eyes land on mine, which were glowing with anger, and his wolf was threatening to come out and kill me! "I, Alpha Maximus, banished Brooke from the pack. You are not allowed to put your leg inside the pack boundary and immediately leave the pack." He growled out my fate without any mercy and moved his cold eyes away from me. I lost everything in one day—my wolf, Maximus, and everything.

Chapter 2: Brook

Maximus's POV: "A stunning and young Investigator has busted the human trafficking ring, which involves high-ranking people and politicians." The news report started explaining the names of some people and how the female investigator busted the ring and saved young girls and boys. "Brooke Matthews..." My head turned towards the television so fast that I thought I had broken my neck. There she is, on the screen, looking as gorgeous and beautiful as ever, and now she looks different, more strong, and more beautiful. I did what was best for everyone seven years ago, and I don't regret anything if it means protecting her and the pack. "Why are you looking at her like that?" Billie's voice startled me, and I turned around to see him with narrowed eyes. For a six-year-old, he is so intelligent and mature. "Nothing; I was just interested in the case." It's impo


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