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The Alpha's Impossible Mate

The Alpha's Impossible Mate

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Now, that the hot headed Luna of the pack has realized that her husband and alpha is having an affair with her sister, she will break all ties at the cost of her life. But what if someone can save her, another alpha, stronger and more powerful who will have to wed her to keep her safe. Will this Luna accept her new fate? Or will she decide to run for the rest of her life. especially when the alpha king of strange fate kingdom has been cursed to never find a mate, yet every night ever since he ascended the throne, he has never been able to stop dreaming about her.

Chapter 1 - You will not be Luna.

Chapter 1 - You will not be Luna.

Alpha Austine's POV

"Are you alright?" Nana, my grandmother asks as I walk down the stairs to join her for breakfast.

"Yes, Nana I just had a dream." I tell her as I take my seat at the edge of the long diner table.

Nana insists on eating here even though it's just the two of us who eat here most of the time.

Her two children and their spouses died in the last great war which happened about three years ago, leaving me with my stepcousin who is Beta but serving at the border at the moment.

Right, I ought to introduce myself.

I am Alpha King Austine as I am addressed by the members of the pack, but nana likes to call me 'Alpha Hope', because I am the only one from her bloodline who is alive.

"The same dream?" She asks with a worried tone and drops her cutlery to the table.

"Hmm." I nod.

"Same girl?" She asks again as she wipes the corners of her mouth with the napkin as I nod to her question again.

"Are you sure it isn't Lumina that you see in your dreams?" She asks again and I nod.

"It's the same woman who isn't Lumina. And everytime she appears in my dream mother looking as beautiful as the moon goddess herself, she usually holds my hand in hers and calls me alpha."

"And you call her Luna, still?" Nana asks.

"Yes Nana."

"Good, you need to find this woman. It is the will of the moon goddess that we do not follow custom for this generation and with how connected you both are already, you have my backing to find the woman of your dreams." Nana says and leaves the dinner table probably for her study or the garden.

She does that everytime she makes a decision for me to talk to grandfather whose soul she believes still resides in the palace.

While I try to focus on the breakfast of bacon and eggs, but my thoughts still wander towards the woman I keep seeing in my dreams.

Another detail I didn't tell Nana about ever since I started having these dreams which was after coming out of seclusion is that the woman had a ring on her finger, one I didn't put in it.

I'm halfway through breakfast when noise from the entrance of the palace catches my attention.

The entrance of the palace is almost half a kilometer away from where I am but thanks to my werewolf abilities and the fact that I am alpha of the strongest pack, I have extra powers packed in me.

And being alpha of this pack means I also inherit the powers of the previous alphas which is usually trapped and kept for the next alpha.

"But he has been out of seclusion for almost a year now. Why won't you let me see my Alpha? I have every rights to." A high pitched voice, one that I can tell belongs to the descendants of the moon valley pack.

Such rudeness, does she not know when to give up!?

"I'm sorry lumina, but…"

"Shut up and call me Luna lumina, because I am your Luna and I wouldn't advise you to continue being so rude to the future Luna of this pack, now let me see your alpha." She continues.

"But he doesn't want to see anyone until the public announcement which is in three months time."

"And you expect me to wait? I came fully prepared today, because whether you like it or not, I will break in with my entourage and see my Alpha."she says and is about to commit treason in the form of forceful entry when I decide to intervene.

I can't send another guard to stop her as that would lead to a lot of noise, so I decide to mind link with the palace guard speaking to her.

The position of palace guard is one held by two of the strongest soilders of the pack.

"Let her come in, without the crowd." I tell him through the mind link, one of the powers very few of the preceding alphas own.

Only few people know I possess this power as of now.

"He said you should come in, alone." The guard tells her and I can almost see how she adjusts her facial expression before following the guard who ushers her in.

And as soon as she joins me in the living room where I am currently sitted on my favourite couch, she starts to give me reasons why putting her in her place wouldn't be hard.

Because simply said, she doesn't deserve it.

"Oh my darling, can you believe this lowly guards wouldn't let me in? The future Luna, isn't that just rude?" She says in a tone one with authority would use.

But she doesn't have any, I guess the moon goddess must have known that

"Have the dreams started? Do you have those dreams about me already? I'm the next in line to be Luna and I will be your Luna, are you ready?" Her tone is excited, but I can tell it's not exactly for me.

But for the picture of authority she had already painted.

Well, time to burst some spoilt princess' bubbles.

"I let you in to discuss something very important with you, sit." I tell her and she obeys almost immediately.

More reason is because she has no choice, because I can tell from the way she keeps looking around that she is too excited to restless to stay in one place.

The alpha's command is one that can never be disobeyed!

It's obvious that's she's trying her best to be the most elegant even though she doesn't think she has any competitors.

"What is it? Are you ready to chose the date for our mating ceremony? I've been wanting to talk about it since as well, but those useless guards wouldn't let me in by giving me flimsy excuses. Good thing you put them in their place today." She says, mentioning the guards with so much contempt as if they were not worthy of even being called by her.

But did she forget that they are to protect her from dangers.

Someone who doesn't respect those who her life depends on doesn't deserve to leave talk less of being Luna.

Another reason to get rid of her and not mind that my real mate might be married.

"No, I don't need you to discuss that."

"Then why…"

My gaze hardens and she keeps quiet.

The Alpha shouldn't be interrupted!

"You will not be Luna, so wipe out your delusions. I let you in to tell you that, so out now! And never step your filth foot near this sacred palace, guards." I call out the same guards she had disrespected without giving her a chance to leave with any dignity.

Oh well, she asked for it!

Chapter 2 - she gets dragged out

Chapter 2

Layla's POV

"Lock her up in the dungeon, now!" I command.

The guards are startled, but they do as I say.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." Sarah pleads as she gets dragged out, but I'm not having any of that.

She must have taken my leniency for granted.

"But you sure as hell did. Take her away and make sure she is locked up till I say otherwise."

"Yes Luna." The guards respond with curt yet respectful nods before heading out of my room.

"How dare you Sarah?"

To say the least, I'm pissed off.

Pissed off about the fact that a maid would say such things.

I'm not one to discriminate against people who have lower positions than I do, I am a respecter of all persons.

And she must have taken advantage of that, which makes me feel extremely offended.

As the Luna of this pack, relating with lower ranked werewol


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