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The alpha's hybrid mate

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Kaden an orphan at a young age,nurtured by his uncle grew to find struggles in having a mate. Taking up the alpha position took several turns against him as he had to keep his identity as being bisexual a secret until one night. An assassin was sent to murder him and then turns out to be his mate and an hybrid as well, both shares mutual hatred even with the mate bond still effective. What made her try assassinating her mate? Did she reject him? Did Kaden being bisexual get out and what was the reason behind his parents death?.

Chapter 1

Beads of sweats formed on his face as he tugged hard at the duvet rolling from side to side.

"Don't !!!" Kaden exclaimed from his dream as he shot his eyes open, he looked around in fright only to realize that it was all a dream and none of it was real.

"F*ck" he exclaimed and rubbed his palm across his face,

He dragged his *ss up from the bed towards the kitchen counter and made himself a cup of coffee.

Slowly he sipped like a spy observing his targets while he stared blankly into the moon from the window.

Kaden had always dreamt of his parents death once in a while each month but this time it felt more real than ever.

Kaden was a young wolf when his parents were murdered brutally by rouge wolves who wanted to conquer their pack.

He had watched his mother being sl*t in the throat and his father shot in the head while he stayed hidden in a cupboard but saw it all.

Kaden looked up Into the moon and sighed, it would be a full moon soon and it was almost time for him to be crowned as alpha of the pack.

With slow strides Kaden walked towards his room as he stared at his features in the mirror, in just a week he would become alpha and his life would be at risk as well as his secrets getting exposed, he just couldn't believe that there must be something he could do or so he thought.

Kaden looked around before he dashed out of his room towards the door. He knew there were eyes everywhere and he just didn't want anyone up in his business.


The door were pushed open and Kaden let himself into a clubhouse with strippers,dancers s*x worker and all.

He couldn't sleep then he would as well make the best of it after all he was a young, horny unmated wolf.

"How can I help you sire?" A naked woman with a mask on walked past and she glanced at Kaden who was In a pair of shorts and sleeveless shirt.

He smiled knowing she had fallen for him as well, the waitress who had nothing on other than nipple covers and a piece of fabric tied to her p*ssy smiled as she moved closer to him with a tray in her hand.

"Can I get you anything?, Like anything?" She asked as her voice sounded hoarse and wanting.

She stared at Kaden and gawked at him shamelessly as she took in every single detail she found.

Her eyes trailed from his brunette skin over to his round face and pointed nose, his Adam apple which stuck out proudly around his neck.

She trailed her eyes lower to his waistline which looked fit and strong, his biceps which were not so huge but fitted enough for any girl to drop down and strip for him.

Although she had a tray in her hands she could mentally take off every clothed fabric which kaden had on,

She looked down at his legs which were slightly hairy but just in the perfect manner and at once she raised her eyes which met with Kaden's.

She felt her legs turn shaky as her juices dripped even when he hardly touched her, her cheeks burnt hot as she turned away from Kaden in embarrassment.

"I'll need a girl, with huge t*ts a nice voice and round *ss just like yours, I've been wanting to f*ck hard and I guess that's all" Kaden said as he flirted shamelessly with the waitress.

She shook her head slightly and turned away from him but he had not missed her awkward coughs and crook smile.

Kaden snorted as he walked towards the bar with a smug on his face, it wasn't the first time a lady had flirted shamelessly with him, nor was it the first time a lady had gone blank and blushed hard for him he was used to it.

If anything Kaden loved the most it was the fact that he had inherited the good genes of his father,

As he grew he understood he had a charm on people male and female,he emitted an aura which made everything he flirted with wet in-between or hard in between the legs.

"A first timer?" The bartender asked as he tended to another customer.

"Yeah, get me some vodka, a little bit of lemon and lots of ice" Kaden requested from the bartender who shook his head before finally having turned.

"What's that look?" Kaden curiously asked as he cocked an eyebrow and tilted his head.

"Nothing just didn't see you as the hard type, nice eyes anyways" the bartender complimented Kaden as he passed the mix and tended to another customer.

Kaden smiled with content as he gulped the whole components at once and passed the cup to the bartender.

"Little more?" He asked sheepishly while he smirked harder at the bartender. Kaden could see the bartender get really uneasy and he loved that part the most.

Kaden was bisexual and he loved that part of himself, he had tried sticking to girl but he just couldn't have enough and never for once had he tried to get off guys because Kaden felt an addiction to men.

"You have a thing for her? I'm Jim by the way" the bartender introduced himself as his eyes traveled across the room.

Kaden glanced across the room and found Jim's eyes stuck on the waitress which he had spoken with a few minutes ago but something felt different about her.

She seemed to pass out orders as she scolded some other strippers which had Kaden confused the most.

"Who is she?" Kaden asked as his ears perked up, curious to hear more.

"She is Cece, she owns this place and serves people once In a year, today is the time of the year she does it and you had just made a pass at her, be careful she's dangerous" Jim warned Kaden but Kaden was long lost In wonderland.

He had no intention of screwing her, having got warned just now made his member harden and he was determined to have her.

Chapter 2

Kaden shifted uneasily In his chair and studied Cece from afar, he watched as she walked, spoke and gestured with elegance. how could he have missed those before, he asked himself.

"Is she a stripper as well?" Kaden asked, this time his attention shifted to Jim who squinted his eyes as he heard the question.

"No one knows ,she's resident evil. I won't advice to go near her just stay away" Jim warned but that wasn't the answer Kaden wanted.

He wanted to know more about the woman and he cared less about some damned warning.

"Just a little information would not hurt" Kaden persuaded as he kept an alarm in his head, he knew he had to be back home by morning before his uncle called for him yet still he was determined to milk out every possible information he could.

"I can't go around saying things I know nothing about" Jim lied but his eyes gave him away and Kaden was really good at reading people.


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