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The Alpha's Cursed Mate

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There’s a thin line between love and hate. ***** Mia McCarthy's mission as an undercover spy in Blackwood Pack became a lost course the moment the Alpha, Giovanni Russo set eyes on her. Thrown into a dilemma by the unwanted feelings the man aroused in her, she decided to quit her mission. Mia chose the path of love without second thoughts, allowing the Alpha to claim her as his mate. But just when she was beginning to settle into her new life, Mayhem struck, exposing her secret mission to the Alpha. Thus, she was labeled a traitor and forced to start up a new life, away from the only man her broken heart has ever beat for. Her hopes of a new beginning were crushed when she discovered some hidden truths and secrets, revealing that she was bonded to the Alpha for life. But will this revelation be able to restore the trust and love she’d once broken?

Chapter 1: Welcome Party


"How far are you from home, Mio Amore(my love)?" My mother's voice laced with her heavy Italian accent streamed into my ear from the phone speaker.

"Soon Madre(mother). I'm on my way from the airport." I replied, raising my hand to my aching chest.

It was a miracle that I could reply to her calmly when my entire heart was burning as though it was in flames. I'd been feeling the burn since I woke up in the morning. Why my heart was aching, I couldn't tell. I'd been well the previous night, while I spoke to my mom about my return.

"Alright Mio Amore(my love), I can't wait to see you," I heard shuffling sounds from the phone speaker and the clanking of what sounded like pots and spoons. "The entire clan is already at the packhouse waiting for your arrival."

"See you soon madre."

The line went dead after that.

I tapped gently on the partition, signaling to the driver who was seated on the driver's seat to commence driving. As the engine roared to life, I reached for the bottle of water beside me and uncorked It, taking a large gulp from it in an attempt to relieve the ache but It was no use. As soon as the water was down my stomach, the burn was back.

A growl of annoyance slipped past my lips.

Of all the days I could fall sick, it had to be the day I was returning home to claim what was rightfully mine, the position of the Alpha of Blackwood pack.

"Do you think it's nervousness?" My wolf, Zander asked. He too was disturbed by my uneasiness as it would whimper whenever the ache intensified as it had been doing since it began.

"No. I am not nervous, Zander. I am f*ck*ng happy but too bad this ache is barring my joy."

That's right. The day the news reached me that I was going to be the alpha of Blackwood, that I was going to replace my dad, I was elated.

You know why? It's because no child should have Lorenzo Russo as a father. He was a monster among men. Being a werewolf worsened his monstrosity. The man had no mercy for humans nor his kind. He went about causing chaos and disaster. How he lasted long as an alpha was as a result of the fear he'd instilled in his subjects. The only good thing he ever did in life was to send me to study abroad as soon as I turned eighteen.

Now you'd ask, why didn't I follow in his footsteps?

It's because my hate for him began to develop at a very early age. From the day I witnessed his brutality to his wife. He'd beat my mom and reduced her from a Luna to a mere rogue and no one dared to challenge his authority.

So, his death came as a relief to the entire pack and most importantly, my mom.

Though the cause of his sudden death was unknown to us, no one bothered to run an autopsy on his corpse. He didn't deserve it.

Thus, though the ache was wearing me down, I was determined to return home and claim my position and If possible, start righting the wrongs Lorenzo had caused.

Raising the water bottle to my lips again, I gulped down the rest of its content and discarded the empty bottle on the floor of the car. Zander whimpered as the burn once again intensified in my chest but I did my best to ignore it, focussing my attention on the tinted windows of the SUV.

Through the windows, I watched the airport and busy streets disappear as we made our way into the forest road that led to the little town of Blackwood.

Yes, Blackwood was a town and it was dominated by only werewolves. Hence, they came together to form the pack, Blackwood pack where my grandfather emerged as the first alpha.

Through the tinted window, I saw the town coming into view. The SUV veered off the forest road and branched into the road that led to Blackwood. Though it was evening, the town was illuminated by the moonlight and the light bulbs from different compounds we passed by.

But as we got closer to the packhouse, the ache I'd been trying to ignore heightened almost cutting my breath off.

I coughed loudly, rubbing my chest to reduce the burn but it wouldn't lessen. Calming down a bit, I tried my best to curtail my agony till I got to the packhouse.

Loud music that was blasting from speakers and pack members assembled in different small groups chatting were the first things that greeted me on my arrival. But as soon as they noticed the SUV, they broke out in loud cheers with smiles on their faces.

Regardless of the pain that was threatening to crumple me, a smile took over my face, seeing the joy that was radiating off them. As soon as the car came to a stop, I got out, grinning widely.

"Welcome home Giovanni," They all chorused.

I was about to respond to them when another intense ache seized me. With a forced smile and murmured words of wanting to see my mom first, I hurried past them into the house, speed walking past some of the pack members that were rushing out to welcome me.

At first, I wasn't sure of my direction. All I wanted was to make the ache go away for good.

"Maybe your mom can help," Zander whined.

Listening to him, I made to go look for my mom in her room in the main house but a certain fragrance halted my steps.

My sensitive nostrils were assaulted by the mixed scent of vanilla and roses. While I inhaled the scent, suddenly, the ache in my chest began to dissipate. In its place was replaced by a feeling of longing.

"Mom" I reminded myself, meaning to continue my search but Zander wouldn't budge.

"Follow the scent" he urged me. The once whimpering Wolf was now suddenly radiating with excitement.

"Not important, Zander". Dismissing him, I turned towards the stairway that led to my mom's room but as soon as I'd changed direction, the burn was back and this time with full force.

Zander whimpered from the pain while I clutched my chest tightly.

"Follow the fragrance," he urged on.

Turning towards the direction of the scent, the pain disappeared. A frown marred my face.

"Come on," Zander pushed me, once again, he was excited.

Deciding to know what was going on, I began to trace the fragrance. The more I got closer to where it was coming from, the more Zander's excitement bubbled.

"What is so special about this scent?" I growled.

"It makes us feel at peace. See, it even healed us of the ache." He sighed happily. "It has become my favorite scent."

As we followed the scent of vanilla and roses, it led us to the kitchen door.

"I think it must be a meal for the party"

"No." Zander disagreed with a strong voice. "Go in, she's there. I can feel the connection"


"Our…" I opened the door with a loud bang before he could complete his words.

My eyes landed on her. She was staring back at me, her plump pink lips opened from when she gasped at my noisy entry. Her forest green eyes stared at me with a mix of shock and awe. Her brown hair was pulled up in a bun, away from her face.

"Mate." Zander completed. "Ours." He growled possessively.

My eyes widened in shock at the realization. I let my gaze travel from her cute face down her chubby body. She had generous t*ts that were struggling to be set free from the tank top she was wearing. It was obvious from the way they peeked out at the top, stretching the poor fabric.

When she noticed I was ogling her, her wet hands flew to her chest in an attempt to block my view.

Ignoring that, my eyes continued their journey down to her equally luscious hips. Instantly, I wanted to wrap my arms around them and pull her to me.

Though she was dressed in a simple tank top and leggings, she was the definition of beauty. Her big round eyes continued staring into mine.

The trance was broken when I noticed the apron and tray beside her on the counter. Her beauty and alluring body that had blinded me quickly eased off, replaced by resentment, my face hardening into a scowl.

"No," I said to my wolf, Zander. "She can't be"

"She's our mate" he growled like a lovesick puppy.

That was when I noticed that the fragrance was now scenting more than it had when I'd first inhaled it, totally dominating any other scent in the kitchen.

Truly, she was the one but I refused to let a mere maid become my luna. And again, she was human. That, I could tell from her distinct scent.

"She is a maid and has no place in our lives, Zander neither does a human."

"She belongs to us. Let her know" he growled possessively but I wasn't about to listen to him.

The attraction I'd felt towards her had been shattered by her low status. An Omega was in fact, better than her.

I stood by the door, glaring at the girl while Zander continued urging me to claim her.

But I didn't bulge. My decision was final.

A maid, nor a human will never be my luna.

"Get me a glass of water." I barked at her before exiting the kitchen.

Chapter 2: Serving the new Alpha


The pack house was filled with people assembled in different corners conversing, with the majority of the females, both young and old, giggling.

With the way the females were dressed, one would think they were gathered for a college frat party. But that wasn't the case.

Luna Emilia's son, Giovanni was returning home from the US where he'd gone to study and he was next in line to become Alpha of the Blackwood pack after the death of his father. The entire pack members were gathered to welcome him.

And you're wondering why the women dressed in a slutty way?

Well, Giovanni was still a bachelor at the age of thirty. Having been away from home since he was eighteen, he was yet to find his mate, who'll become the Luna of the pack once he becomes alpha. Thus, the women were dressed in revealing clothes, hoping one of them would be the lucky one to capture his attention.

As a maid, I wasn't allowed to be among such gatherings. Not th


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