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The Alpha's Cursed Mate
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There’s a thin line between love and hate. ***** Mia McCarthy's mission as an undercover spy in Blackwood Pack became a lost course the moment the Alpha, Giovanni Russo set eyes on her. Thrown into a dilemma by the unwanted feelings the man aroused in her, she decided to quit her mission. Mia chose the path of love without second thoughts, allowing the Alpha to claim her as his mate. But just when she was beginning to settle into her new life, Mayhem struck, exposing her secret mission to the Alpha. Thus, she was labeled a traitor and forced to start up a new life, away from the only man her broken heart has ever beat for. Her hopes of a new beginning were crushed when she discovered some hidden truths and secrets, revealing that she was bonded to the Alpha for life. But will this revelation be able to restore the trust and love she’d once broken?


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