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The Alpha's Blessed Mate

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A disgraced princess. A broken alpha. And a scream that changes the course of their lives. Thea is supposed to be the King’s heir. Her special markings mean she is going to fulfill a prophecy… except it never happens. Instead, Thea’s father prepares to use her virginity as a bartering tool for a deal with another pack. When a rogue attacks, leaving Thea broken and bruised, she is sure this is the end until an alpha with a broken past appears. Secrets are uncovered. A love with barely enough time to bloom is threatened. Fate has thrown them together, but will a deranged Alpha’s quest for power destroy their chance of happiness? "I couldn’t save Lyra, but I am sure as hell going to save whoever that is.”


Frances Edwards

Review after the novel completion

I absolutely loved this novel it had passion and lots of drama. I was so happy when Knox realized he was in love with Thea but I kinda of hate that Bennett was caught up in the storyline like that. And when her awful father and brother were killed it was just great. I was wondering how long it was gonna take for someone in that pack to help her her dad was an absolute mo ster and when her brother marked her I was glad I figured out what the Oracle told Knox anyway great book.

May 14, 2024

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