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The Alpha King’s spy Mate

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Melissa, a young , hard-working , courageous lady who would do anything to save her family. She found herself as a slave after being kidnapped from her adoptive parents. Her live became a rollercoaster. She had to endure several toture from her new Alpha and have no right to complain. She spit on and made to lick feets. She did all that to save her parent . Her suffering ended when she was asked to become a spy at the largest pack of America. She refused but was made to know that her refusal will only cause her the death of her parents. Upon arriving her new pack, she suspect something different in her . The magical chain around her neck made it hard for her to understand what it was not until she set her eyes on the alpha and it became clear to her She found her mate and was made to spy on him. She was confused at how the whole thing would play out but she needed to do what she had to do to save her parent. In the processes, compressing her feeling for the alpha and with the help of the necklace around her neck, she was able to hide the secret from the Alpha. Raphael knew there was something odd about Melissa but couldn't pinpoint what it was . He tried hard to break whatever blockage he was having which he successfully did. He found out the whole truth and hated on her . As much as she tired to seek for forgiveness, the more the hatred he has for her became stronger. He was becoming reluctant the more he knows about her . Melissa pleaded and promise to be out of his live forever which she did. Days after, Raphael realized that he couldn't live without her . He went in search for her to apologized and take her back but there are so many secrets to be told.

Chapter 1

Melissa's pov

I laid down with shaky legs scared of what was to come. I closed down my eyes tightly to embrace the pain. When the heavy stick hits my bare back, I knew this was the end for me. It radiates down my spine. It hurts like sh*t.

Steven showed no mercy at all to my back. His beating grew more intense as I refused to cry. That is what he loves best, to see us beg for his mercy. I've sworn to myself to grow stronger till the end.

I winced loudly as he gave me the final blow. It hits home and that left me paralyzed.

" Get up!" He shouted as if talking to a dog " Next time, you'll learn to obey rules"

I dragged my dress up, hiding my nakedness from the perverted guards staring at me and even worse Steven. Since I step my foot here, he had been on my case and will not rest till he sees to it that he breaks me like how he has done to others.

I could feel my blood rushing out from the open wounds. I stared right at Steven " Can I leave?"

He sneered at me " you lack no manners at all. I wish the alpha will give the order to end your life right now"...

I smirked making him angrier" but he didn't"

He was about dashing at me when the room got opened by the alpha himself.

" Alpha" Steven and the other guards bowed to show some respect.

I also did the same showing the hurt look on my face.

" I can see the punishment is over," Alpha Ronald said folding his arms. He looks my way with this look of disgust.

" Should we add more to the punishment alpha?" Steven asked with evil intent.

I feared what will be the alpha's response because if he agrees to Steven's wish, I should consider myself dead. This will surely be the end of me

The Alpha waved his hand dismissively" I believe this is enough for now. She knows better not to make a run next time"

I was scared shitless from his hard looks. He is full of wickedness and doesn't mind showing that " I won't repeat that next time Alpha. Please pardon me this last time."

Steven scoffed " As if she'll change"

Alpha Ronald glared at him " Did I order you to talk?"

I would have jumped up in joy seeing Steven scared but now isn't the time for that.

He shook his head in submission" I'm sorry alpha "

Alpha Ronald look in my direction again " If you think you can run the next time then consider yourself stupid because I'll make sure I slice your throat open before that happens"

" There won't be the next time, I promise " I wiped my tears.

" Whatever you see deem fit for you" he shrugged " You can leave the two of us now " he commanded at his guards.

Steve made sure to look at me in disgust before he finally left the room.

My legs began to move on their own. I knew exactly what this is about and I'm never allowing it to happen.

Alpha Ronald stride my way and the next thing he grabbed me by my neck and kissed me hard. I winced as he bites me on the lips. This isn't the first time and won't be the last. He'd turned me to his bed mistress and will use me any way he likes without my consent.

He pushed me on the bed making me shrieked in the process. I stared at him in fear not ready for anything at all.


Luckily for me, I never allowed him to have his way with me. He only touches me in place and has never had s*x with me. How I was able to survive that, I don't know. It disgusts me a lot when he does such things to me. It makes me want to puke all the time. I wonder how my mate will feel when he finds out I have been touched in places by another man.

That is if we ever find our mate, my wolf said in my head. Sometimes I forget that I share my thought with my wolf because of the amount of time she always interrupts me.

I end my thoughts as I felt alpha Ronald going for my pant. I held onto his hand to stop him.

" Please don't " I pleaded with wide eyes.

He looks angry at my attempt " Raise your hands" he ordered and I know not to disobey. He pulled off my shirt not caring if I had blood in them. The wound is already healing all thanks to my wolf genes

" Please Alpha" I pleaded

"It's better you shout up and let's get this over with "

I felt helpless allowing him to do as he pleases with me. I felt really dirty.


I dragged myself to my room after my encounter with alpha Ronald. I went straight to the bathroom to wash away his dirt on me. I wish I had a strong power that I can use to end his life.

I rested my back on the wall feeling helpless and heartbroken. A few minutes later I came out of the bathroom and changed into new clothes. It was time for dinner and it's best I go on time before I end up not having anything in my stomach.

I closed the door to my room which I share with Ashley. She must be worried right now for me.


I stared around the dining room where we Slaves eat. Slaves were their name for us. It's been four years now since I got kidnapped by the people of the West. We were all kidnapped against our wish and they made sure to use us as they deserve. Some ended up killing themselves because the pain was just too much to endure.

We are lucky they consider feeding us but it isn't still enough to make us feel full. We have no choice but to leave with whatever is given to us

" Melissa!" Ashley cried out as she saw me from afar. She waved me over and I didn't waste any time to go join her.

" I've missed you. Where the hell have you been?" She asked in worried.

I sat down beside her " I was taken to the punishment room" I whispered.

She felt bad " I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to help"

I waved it off" it's no big deal, I can handle it "

" so now what? We aren't going to attempt running away again?" She whispered not wanting the rest to hear us.

I gave her a determined look " Trust me, Ashley, I will never give up no matter the punishment. I must see to it that we escape"

Chapter 2

" Are you crazy?!" She almost shrieked " Does this punishment mean nothing to you? Do you love the idea of always getting punished all the time? "


I scoffed" you don't know me, Ashley. When I put my mind on something, I'll make sure I achieve it "

" You sound scary right now. Are you sure you're ok?"

I shrugged " I guess living here just made me stronger. I want to see my family again. I want to be able to find my mate "

" We all want that but the right way"

" The right way you say?" I looked at her as if she was crazy " what is the right way then? So you mean allowing these dogs to use us as they please is the right way? If you aren't tired of it then fine but I am sick and tired of it all. I need to leave this place if I don't want to run mad"

She looked around to see if people were listening to our conversation. Amongst us here, we k


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