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"You're my mate," I uttered the word in complete disbelief and he turned to me with hatred that I never thought was possible. "Do not say that word again." "But it's true. We are mates." "You are a breeder, nothing more. You will never be anything more. Don't ever forget that" ************ Rejected by her mate and sold as a breeder to the notorious Alpha King on the eve of her birthday has Elanna dealing with the worst of life. To make matters worse, the man she has been sold to is her second chance mate but he wants nothing to do with her except an heir. Elanna is thrust into a life of pain and torture but things aren't always as they seem and there might be more to the story than she realizes. Secrets are brewing and there are powers at play that Elanna can't begin to understand. The only way she can get out of it is with the help of her mate but how can she do that when he wants nothing to do with her?

Chapter 1

"No bond is as strong as the shackles of love.”


The day was busy, and the tranquility mixed with the randomness of nature mixed with the human activities that were going on around me. In the lives of many, today was probably a special day for them, but for me, it wasn’t.

Rather, it was just like every other miserable day to me. However, I couldn’t deny the fact that it was still a day to mark. Today marks the eighteenth year since I was born.

As much as felt indifferent towards my own birthday, I still planned to get myself a little feast to celebrate it. At the same time, I would be getting my wolf today.

I would be lying if I wasn’t slightly excited. My only hope was that no one else remembers my birthday. “Well well, if it isn’t the little Omega peasant, Elanna.” I heard a familiar cruel voice and I couldn’t help but wince.

‘Why is she here?!’ I questioned to myself but I didn’t dare to insult her, not in a kingdom where only strength mattered.

“Anna…” I uttered and bowed slightly with the basket on my hand. She smirked with her attractive pink lips. Her skin was as white as snow and eyes the color of the crescent moon.

She walked confidently towards me with a hand fan in her hand. Her gait was majestic and it wasn’t surprising, given that she was the lover of the Alpha of the pack.

“Wow… such audacity to call me by my name.” she uttered before sizing me up, “What have you got there?” she questioned and I just hoped that she would leave me alone.

“Nothing of any importance.” I claimed. “Tsk… don’t be petty, Elanna. It’s your birthday, you should let the world know and be sure to celebrate? It’ll be fun.” She mocked, provoking me but I still tried to keep my cool.

“Please, I have work to return to.” I claimed and was just about to leave when she decided to escalate things. “Oh come on, don’t be such a bore,” she said before raising her voice,

“Everyone, it’s the Omega peasant’s birthday. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all give her a gift befitting a person of her status?” she claimed.

“Anna please…” I uttered, trying to stop her but it was too late. Almost everyone in the vicinity turned towards me and they laughed.

“Oh… it must mean that you’re ripe enough then, little girl.” A grumpy man sitting with a group of other men said. He looked slightly drunk and so were his friends. A malicious smirk appeared on his face and I shrank back as I saw that smirk. It was so much annoying,

“Since that’s the case, why don’t I make you a complete woman…” he claimed and he and his friends laughed. Anna giggled and I was only left to imagine the dirty images of that dirty man in a room with me, leaving me pursing my lips and wanting to go into the bakery in anger but Anna just hadn’t gotten enough.

“Oh my, what a wonderful gift is that. At least you won’t die a useless virgin. Hahaha.” She mocked me even more and I could only take it in like a cushion taking in water. Knowing that I couldn’t do anything to stop this, I simply wanted to ignore them all but one of the men approached me.

“Come here, pretty one. Come drink with us.” He said and grabbed my hand and I tried to free myself but to no avail.

“Ngh… let me go.” I pleaded, still trying to force my arm off his grip, but he was tough and for a drunk person. His voice changed from one with malicious intentions to a deep authoritative one.

“I said come with us.” He forced and I kept pleading while Anna watched with glee. Some other people did the same too. I could tell that they were all probably hoping that I would be shamed and assaulted here, as I was seen as a useless Omega by everyone.

Nobody wished to have anything to do with me, and I was already an orphan. Just as I forced myself off his grip, the contents of the basket poured out. Not just that, I ended up crashing against a table, spilling all the alcohol bottles on it, some pouring on my body and others on the floor, not to mention that the table broke too.

The person there growled and barked at me, not at the person who forced my hand. “What the hell is going on here?” my master emerged and looked at the mess around me. I was at the center, so it would be very easy to believe that I was the troublemaker, not the innocent one,

“Elanna, you caused all this mess?! You can’t even do anything right, you useless piece of shit.” My employer yelled at me and I couldn’t help but bow my head in solemnness.

“Please, forgive me.” I apologized and he scoffed before spitting on the ground. “I want this place cleaned before I get back. If not… humph.” He threatened before leaving me there. I already had a lot on my plate before this, but this was going to be extra work for me.

Feeling dejected, I sighed and began to clean up. However, I shot Anna a glance, and the latter had an evil grin on her face before leaving the scene. I had a bit of an indifferent look on my face, but after she left, my expression turned ugly and I gritted my teeth. Watching Anna always make fun of me at the slightest opportunity pissed me off every single time. I just learned to not react, but it didn’t mean that it didn’t get to me.

After a while, I was done cleaning and I went to meet my boss to assign me more duties. I lived in a small town, and the number of people here was a little over a hundred. Everyone knew everyone. As much as I didn’t want to stand out, I would occasionally be picked on, making me stand out. I was only able to get this job as a waitress by luck.

They needed someone so badly and I just happened to need a job. The manager, my boss, had to swallow his pride and let me in. But rather than to say that I work here, its more like I’m a slave in this place, as I was treated badly compared to other employers.

“Hey, Tumbleweed…” my boss called me by the general name I was referred to in the pack, “I would need you to get dressed for tonight. The Alpha wants to host a banquet and he’ll be needing our services. Make sure to look presentable, got it?” He instructed and I nodded respectfully before leaving his office.

Soon, dusk fell on the town and I did as instructed. I returned home and put on a good dress. It was a lemon green laced gown and I made sure to tie my hair up to a bun. I made sure to look my best before running back to work, lest I arrived there late. Immediately I reached the party, I went straight to work, serving everyone there and putting on my fake face.

I would occasionally get teased by a few people who knew me but I mostly ignored them. The band played the instruments in the background, making the atmosphere a bit cohesive. Everyone chatted and laughed happily while I was worked to the bone, serving and cleaning up. I would wonder why I was made to put on a good dress in the first place if I would almost be made to dirty it. Just as I was going about my business, I suddenly felt fuzzy.

My vision became a little distorted and my heart thumped badly. I made sure to drop what was in my hand before dropping it mistakenly. My emotions began to change and they got heightened, but then suddenly, it all died down. I began to wonder what was going on but I began to have a complex feeling. I turned my head in a direction and my eyes mistakenly met with a familiar man.

His eyes were sky blue and his short black hair danced with the wind. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, even after he looked at me too. It was like I was staring at a beautiful piece of art. I was too immersed in his image and series of complex emotions began to well up inside me.

I could feel my nocturnal hormones kick off and the hair on my body stood a bit. As I stared at the man, my mind went blank for a moment and all I could think of was a single word,


I didn’t know what was going on or why I was thinking of that word, but that was how it was. However, the man who had turned out to be my fated mate is the Alpha of the Crescent moon pack, Tristan Wentworth.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I was completely shocked and I began to doubt what I was feeling, but it refused to go away. I kept having this strange feeling and some sort of attraction toward this man named Tristan.

What was even more embarrassing was that he shot me a piercing glare, making me shudder. The hair on my back stood as my eyes met with his and I couldn’t help but quickly turn my face away and leave the scene. It was already hard enough for me to wrap my head around all this.

‘The Alpha is my fated mate?!

But I’m the girl that everyone considers trash, how is that possible?’ I pondered. I wasn’t just confused, but completely shocked too. However, the feeling didn’t disappear. Before I knew it, I started to have different sort of thoughts. What if this is a blessing. If the Alpha accepts me as his mate, then I won’t need to be treated like a peasant anymore.

I would show that wench named Anna. I would exact revenge on those who have mal


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