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The Alpha King and I

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"Helena Starr.” I stopped when he mentioned my full name. “Yes?” "Your name is appropriate for you since your blue eyes shine brightly like stars.” It was unexpected, so I bent my head and blushed again. “Oh, thank you.” If he kept saying sweet things like that, how could I survive? My heart, oh, my heart, I was in danger! “Your hair is beautiful too, long and soft.” Then he whispered, “I can imagine your hair is unraveled, then curled on my fingers. It will be like golden silk.” He bent forward to kiss my hair. “Sweet fragrance. Rose?” *** As an orphan, Helena doesn’t know her real parents. She only knows they have passed away. Living with Freya, her adoptive mother, and having a relationship with her boyfriend, Kenneth, is the peaceful life she wants. Until Kenneth ends the relationship. But it is the moment Helena meets Ethan that her life is turned upside down. As an Alpha King, Ethan lives his life to lead his people. A bitter past hinders him from finding his true mate and love until he meets Helena. Ethan cannot resist the instant connection and affection with Helena, but his secret will put her in danger. He knows he must protect Helena at all costs. Will Helena find out Ethan’s secret and have the happily ever after she longs for?

Chapter 1: Kenneth

~ Helena ~

I visited Kenneth’s apartment on a drizzling day in Moon City. Kenneth William had been my boyfriend for six months. I brought a picnic basket because I always wanted to picnic with him. But so far, it wasn’t fulfilled yet.

From my house to Kenneth’s, I used a bus. It took a half-hour. It was a sunny day when I left my home, but it was drizzling suddenly after arriving at the bus shelter. Fortunately, I brought an umbrella.

I knocked on the door. It took Kenneth a while to open the door. When he opened the door, he wore no shirt, and sweat was all over his neck and chest.

“Are you exercising? Have you finished yet?” I opened my purse, took a tissue, and wiped it on Kenneth’s neck. I almost placed the tissue on his chest, but then I blushed.

“Exercise?” Kenneth laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m in the middle of an exercise.”

“Oh, do you want me to return after you have finished?”

“Sure, babe.” Then Kenneth stared at the basket. “Hey, where are we going later?”

I giggled. “It’s a secret! But we’re going for a picnic today. I’m excited about this since I’ve planned for a week.”

“Picnic? It’s rainy outside. We’ll only get wet. Maybe it’s better for another time, okay?”

I sighed. Kenneth’s rejection instantly ruined my mood, but what he said made sense. Maybe we could go picnic another time. “So, what should we do for our date today?”

“How about this? Let’s meet an hour from now at the Moon Bridge.” Kenneth stared at his wrist. “At 2 p.m., okay?”

“Where will we go from there?”

Kenneth shrugged. “We’ll think somewhere.” Then he pushed me to go. “I must continue my exercise. See you an hour from now.” Then Kenneth closed the door immediately.

My knee-length pink dress was a little damp because of the rain. I'd better change my clothes if I wanted to stay comfortable on my date. While the pink dress was my favorite, I had no choice. I might get cold later if I insisted on wearing the pink dress. So, I opened my umbrella and walked to the bus shelter again.

The bus came fast. Fortunately, I got a seat. Then my mind wandered to Kenneth again. Six months after dating me, Kenneth hadn’t introduced me to his parents or family. In contrast, after dating for a month, I had already brought him to meet with my adoptive mother, Freya Ross.

After four months of dating him, my mother stroked my hair when I complained. “Sweetheart, men and women are different in their approach to relationships. Men usually take a lot of time before introducing their partners to their family and parents. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t serious with you.”

“But Mom, I’m wondering if Kenneth has someone else.”

My mother raised her eyebrows to hear that. “Why are you thinking like that?”

“He has never mentioned he loves me. He often buys me expensive gifts, but it’s nothing for him. I mean, Kenneth is super-rich. So buying me those gifts for him is easy.”

“I see. Are you happy with Kenneth, sweetie?”

I stared at my mother and then let out a long sigh. “I don’t know. Sometimes I think I do, but I am not so sure of my feelings when I’m with him.”

“Sweetie, you’re still so young. Take your time. Don’t rush things.” My mother took my hand and patted it. “If Kenneth is for you, then you’ll know it. But if he isn’t, don’t push yourself to stay with him. There is plenty of fish in the ocean.”

I smiled as I recalled the conversation with my mother. Though she was my adoptive mother, I loved her so much. The feelings were mutual. I had no birth parents since they passed away. Yet, having Freya in my life was indeed a tremendous blessing. Never did I doubt her love for me. My mother was always there for me, giving me all the love and support I needed.

The bus finally stopped at the shelter. I rushed to get off the bus and then walked to my house. I opened the door with my key, and after putting the umbrella outside, I ran to my room. I undressed quickly and then changed my clothes to a white lacy dress. Since the dress is thin, I put on a bolero too.

Later, I picked up the picnic basket, opened it, and placed the ham, cheese, chocolate, a bottle of champagne, and two wine glasses on the dining table. I sighed, too disappointed with the canceled picnic, but there would be a better time. After storing champagne in the refrigerator, returning glasses to the cupboard, and the basket to the kitchen, I picked up my purse again.

When I almost reached the door, my mother’s voice startled me. “Helena, are you home already, sweetie?”

“Mom, I’ll go now. Do you want me to buy groceries when I return?”

My mother walked to the living room. “No, we still have a plentiful food supply.” When she saw me wearing the white dress, she wrinkled her forehead. “Why do you change your dress? Your pink one is prettier than this one.”

“I know, but the drizzle damped my dress. I have to go now, mom. Talk to you later, okay?” I waved at my mother.

“Where are you going?”

“To the Moon Bridge. See you later!” Then I ran outside. I picked up the umbrella, locked the door, and rushed to the bus shelter again.

Fortunately, the bus came quickly, and I could get a seat. But unfortunately, the rain was heavier now. I bit my lower lip. After the canceled picnic, should we halt this date too? I checked the time; it was almost two p.m. I still had ten minutes.

Though I was born and raised in Moon City, I had never had a date at the Moon Bridge. So, I was excited to get there. Yet the heavy rain forced me to stroll.

I arrived at the bridge at five past two p.m. It was five minutes late. I bit my lip since Kenneth once told me he hated seeing women who weren’t on time. I immediately ran to the bridge, but I couldn’t find Kenneth so far. So, I called him, “Ken, where are you? I have arrived at the bridge.”

Kenneth didn’t answer immediately. Instead, I heard a woman’s voice. “Who’s this?” the woman asked.

Chapter 2: Betrayal

I frowned when I heard an unrecognizable voice. “I’m Helena, Kenneth’s girlfriend. Who are you? Why are you answering Kenneth’s call?”

“Kenneth’s girlfriend?” The woman gave a long sigh. “Are you sure? Since Kenneth and I have just shared our intimate moment.”


“Are you deaf? Oh, right! No wonder Kenneth told me that you were so naive. A virgin!” The woman laughed. “Well, Helena, for your information, Kenneth and I have just had a mind-blowing sex moment.” Then she laughed again. “Do you know what a mind-blowing sex is?”

I gasped. “Y-you!” She had the nerve to taunt me like that.

“Kenneth is in the bathroom now. He’ll go to meet you soon. I guess he’ll break the relationship with you.” She sighed. “Poor Helena. But hey, if you don’t want to satisfy his appetite, don’t blame him for finding someone else who can.”

“Kenneth told you that?” My tears started trickling down my cheeks. It was hard to believe that Kenneth was so mean.



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