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The Alpha curse

The Alpha curse

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It has been said for over centuries ago of a beast cursed and locked beneath the mountain of Everest. It was also said that he was locked for an offence committed by his brother. And for years, this beast has never witnessed the sun nor the moon. Every single night he rowled, his echo would reflect miles and metres away from the cave. This rowl wasn’t just those normal rowl of a wolf, it was that which held anger and vengeance for the one person who had brought him into this darkness. And he hasn’t stop counting his days, awaiting patiently for the time when the curse will finally be broken. It was on the same day Damian, the eldest of the Rutherford brothers was to claim the throne to himself, unfortunately, that was the exact day the curse of the beast is to be broken. Now, he had sworn not only to kill his brother, but to claim the throne. And in order to do this, one of them has to die. But the question is… WHO?? Now Selena, always hear his voice calling her name every night. Each time she tries to ignore it, it comes the more. She is forcefully taken from the rogues into the wolf fortress as a slave and to satisfy the alpha’s pleasure. Now she is locked underneath the fortress due to her disobedience to satisfy the alpha. But what happens when this beast comes back for his throne? Sensing the strange smell of an innocent girl locked up for days, what does fate has for them? Will Selena be able to withstand the terror of the one person who keeps calling her name every single night?? Will she be able to realize what fate has for her?? And… Will she be able to change his stony heart??

Chapter 1


{ Several Years Ago }

★ ★ ★ ★

Damian had arranged some few things he’d use for the hunting into his black small bag. He was prepared after so many attempts which ended up into failure.

Today, he has decided to return home with something either meat or just anything else he wouldn’t be going back home at all.

They had set off into the woods. The deal was to hunt as a human and not as a wolf.

Damian wasn’t good at traps and arrows so catching a prey was as difficult as counting the sands at the seashore.

Moreover, Liam the younger of the two was good at arrows. He was just the opposite of Damian. He loves living as the human.

Not less than five minutes they arrived into the woods, Liam already had two rabbits with him.

This got Damian pissed off, he abandoned the deal then decided to hunt with his claws, catching four in less than a minute.

As they made their way home, Damian sighted a small hut few miles away.

“ Come on, let’s check this out.” He said and Liam followed him.

“ Do you think sneaking into a house in the middle of nowhere is the best idea? “ Asked Liam as they made it to the door.

“ We’re only spending an hour or two then we’re off. I need to have at least one of these rabbits before I head back home. “ He gathered the left over sticks together, creating a light with the match stick.

Liam had to wait for Damian to roast his meat before he could do his. While they are silently, Damian perceived a smell, it was strange to the nose.

He sniffed. “ Do you perceive that?” He asked.

“ Perceive what?” He asked back.

“ Like burning incense.” He said, sniffing in the smell again and again.

Liam sniffed too. “ Yeah. Where would that be coming from?” He asked.

“ You stay here while I go check it out. “

Liam stands up. “ No way are you going in there. We don’t even know who owns this place and you think snooping around will actually do us good? We better get going. “

“ Come on, don’t be such a kid, okay? The owner is nowhere which means we are free to do whatever it is we want to. And besides, if you’re scared, you stay here. “

Not wanting to hear Liam’s refusal, he went in, following the direction of the incense smell.

Damian got to where the smell was coming from, it was in a dark chamber filled with alters at the four sections of the house and a red cloth tied on the walls.

It would have been much better if he had mind his business and just walk out of the room like he didn’t notice a thing.

He walked round the room, touching items with and without a label boldly written on it, “ DON’T TOUCH.”

Despite seeing the inscription, Damian went ahead touching the incense cup and it fell to the ground. Immediately, the smoke stopped and the room grew instantly darker.

Quietly, he sneaked out of the room then out of the house using the back door so as not to let Liam know.

In great speed, he fled away.

Unknown to Liam who has been waiting for minutes and yet Damian hasn’t show up. So, he left his meat, heading to the same room Damian had gone to.

On getting there, the room was dark. He had to use his wolf eye to see clear. As he strolled around the room, he stepped on something, like a ceramic plate.

Staring at the ground, he saw the broken incense cup on the floor. It was dawn to him that Damian must have done something he shouldn’t have.

As he tried to leave the room, the door opened and the lights were restored.

An old woman dressed in a long black cloak walked in, her penciled cat almost touching her left ear. She looked ugly and… scary.

Liam shivered.

“ What are you doing here?” She snarled at him.

“ N… Nothing. I was actually looking for my brother, he was here few minutes ago. I swear I didn’t touch anything.”

She looked at the broken cup on the ground. “ Do you know what you have done?” She growled. “ You just committed the worst mistake ever.”

“ I swear, I didn’t do anything. I just walked in here now. I haven’t touch anything here.” He defended.

“ You will regret this.” Her face turned into a deep frown.

“ I said I didn’t do anything, isn’t that enough to make you listen?” He growled back.

“ For your rudeness I will lay a curse on you in replacement for your evil crime. Beneath the great mountain of Everest shall you dwell. Neither the sunlight nor the rain, nor the moon shall your eyes see.

Darkness shall be your comfort, anger shall be your heart beat, and vergence shall be your song. Until the day which the last leaf of this flower shall fall, you shall be locked forever. “

After the old woman had said this words to him, he began to turn. Not just to a wolf, but to a night beast.

“ No. No!!” He cried in agony as the pain of shifting tormented him. “ I swear! I didn’t… Arrggh… I… Noo!!!”

In a second, Liam’s both hands and legs were tied up against the wall of the cave beneath the mountain. And the flower was mounted at the centre of the cave.

Like the old witch had said, until the last leaf drops, then shall he be released.

Chapter 2

“ So, that is the end of my story.” Selena said to the little children who were sitting before her, listening to her story.

“ He should be released by now. How big is the leaf that it hasn’t drop finish?” Asked one of the kids.

“ That is a question no one can answer. “ She simply said.

“ Are you gonna tell us another story tomorrow?” Another asked.

“ Yes, of course. And this time, it’s gonna be a lot different.” She said with a smile.

“ Selena!!” Called her mother from the inside.

“ I gotta go, guys. See you tomorrow, okay?” She waved them off before she went in to answer her mother.

“ Still telling them the story of the cursed beast?” Asked her mother as she walks into the kitchen.

“ That has been my favorite story since history class. “ She said, taking the vegetables from the counter. “ Should I cut all of them?” She asked.

“ Yes.” She nods. “ Do you think those stories are real?”

“ Of course, they are. I believe the bea


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