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  • Author: Ometere
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 33
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It has been said for over centuries ago of a beast cursed and locked beneath the mountain of Everest. It was also said that he was locked for an offence committed by his brother. And for years, this beast has never witnessed the sun nor the moon. Every single night he rowled, his echo would reflect miles and metres away from the cave. This rowl wasn’t just those normal rowl of a wolf, it was that which held anger and vengeance for the one person who had brought him into this darkness. And he hasn’t stop counting his days, awaiting patiently for the time when the curse will finally be broken. It was on the same day Damian, the eldest of the Rutherford brothers was to claim the throne to himself, unfortunately, that was the exact day the curse of the beast is to be broken. Now, he had sworn not only to kill his brother, but to claim the throne. And in order to do this, one of them has to die. But the question is… WHO?? Now Selena, always hear his voice calling her name every night. Each time she tries to ignore it, it comes the more. She is forcefully taken from the rogues into the wolf fortress as a slave and to satisfy the alpha’s pleasure. Now she is locked underneath the fortress due to her disobedience to satisfy the alpha. But what happens when this beast comes back for his throne? Sensing the strange smell of an innocent girl locked up for days, what does fate has for them? Will Selena be able to withstand the terror of the one person who keeps calling her name every single night?? Will she be able to realize what fate has for her?? And… Will she be able to change his stony heart??


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