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The Alpha Bad Boy's Match

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Maxine Roberts is known as the bad girl at her former school. She moves to L.A and starts a new school, East High where she meets Jake Simpsons, the school's bad boy that can't seem to stay away from her. She finds out that there's a whole lot more to Jake than what meets the eye, especially how he's also in a Mafia gang. Then it turns out that their rival gang is a werewolf pack and the Alpha happens to bite them both, turning them into werewolves. They experience high school drama, werewolf and vampire attacks, Mafia gang fights, and so much more as they try to cope with being werewolves. Can they live with themselves after changing into werewolves? Has Jake really met his match, Max? Will their love hold or will rival Mafia gangs and werewolf packs destroy them?

Meeting The School's Bad Boy

"Hey!" I heard someone's voice yell as I got off my bike. I was in the parking space of the new school I had just transferred to, and I did expect to see who I saw next.

"That's my parking space!"

Turning around to where the direction of the voice was coming from, I retorted, "Well too bad, it's mine now."

A guy was standing in front of me fuming, not just any guy but a gorgeous guy. I was speechless for a moment, looking at the good looking guy in front of me. He had dark hair with a lip and eyebrow piercing. He had the whole bad boy look with his black leather jacket, dark jeans, white shirt and black boots. His handsome face had a slight frown on it as he looked at me.

"Listen baby doll, no one talks to me like that. So why don't you shut your pretty little mouth and park your bike elsewhere." The gorgeous guy replied rudely.

Gorgeous or not, I didn't take anyone's crap. Besides, the parking space was mine, I was there first. Looking around the parking lot, I noticed it was only the two of us in the whole lot with his three friends leaning against a sports car. Walking closer to him until I was only a few inches away from his face I smirked whispering,

"Like I said, it's mine now. Find another." With that said, I turned around and walked away. I bet he was seething, I could hear his friends telling him to calm down and that it was only a parking space.

My boots clicking on the tiles was the only sound heard in the empty hall way since it was past eight o'clock; the time classes started. I walked at a normal and casual pace, I was not in a hurry to get to class. I hated school and everything that had to do with it. Means that I didn't care if I get to class late, and I was already late. It wouldn't change a thing if I walked any faster.

"And who are you?" The teacher asked as I waltzed into the class passing her desk as I went. I stopped my walk to an empty seat at the back corner of the class, and turned to face the female teacher who seemed angry at my interruption of her class.

"I'm the new student." I said to Ms. Grumpy casually as though that should be a reason to let me off the hook.

"Just because you're the new student, does not mean you have the right to walk into my class whenever you feel like it." Ms. Grumpy almost yelled, seemed like she was having a bad morning. But that didn't mean she should dump her frustration on me. She looked down at some paper on her desk before looking up.

"Your name is Maxine-"

"Max." I corrected, hating to be called by my full name. She looked at me irritated before continuing,

"MAX, Roberts. You are the only new student that has applied to this school in years." She paused."All teaching staffs were informed of you."

"I am Ms. Janet," She spoke. I was still going to keep calling her Ms. Grumpy, I can see that it matched her well.

"Find an empty seat and settle down." She commanded as she scowled at me.

I walked to the seat I was heading for before she had stopped me.

"Also, see me after class." She called after me. I nodded and sat down bringing out my schedule to check which class was next. I had Chemistry next, it was almost time since I came in late. It was literature in English class that I was sitting in.

The class was so quiet and boring, I couldn't stand it. I watched the clock painfully, waiting for the class to end. Most students were sleeping which was what I didn't feel like doing, so I stuck with listening to the teacher explain the new topic of the week; Transcription. It was a hard topic for me considering I was not very good with sounds.

"Thank god." I mumbled right as the bell rang, hurrying to get up from my seat and leave the class. A grumpy feminine voice stopped me from exiting the class.

"Where do you think you're going, Ms. Roberts?"

"To your desk of course, Miss J." I faked a smile, I was hoping to get away so that I didn't have to be given detention on my first day which she was probably going to do.

"I want to talk to you on tardiness. This is your first day and you are giving yourself a bad impression. I would've given you a detention but since it's your first day, I'll let you off the hook. But next time, it won't be this easy." She finished her speech writing something down on a paper, and stretched the paper slip out to me.

"Here, it's a permission slip so that you don't get a detention for being late to your next class since I'm the reason you're going to be late, and please say my name in full next time you address me. Hurry up now and go." She added with a smile. Well, who knew Ms Grumpy could smile?

I collected the slip, and muttered a 'thanks' to Ms J for not giving me a detention on my first day. It was not that I cared if I got a detention, it was the fact that I didn't want my dad to be disappointed with me. I had been expelled from two schools and was given a suspension from the school I was transferred from to this one here in L.A.

I wanted to show him that I was changing and that I was trying to make him proud. And having a detention on my first day would just ruin it all the more.

I walked into the chemistry class, second period handing the male teacher the permission slip written by Ms. Janet. Yeah, she earned it. I wouldn't be calling her Ms. Grumpy anymore. He read it before he raised his head and nodded at me.

I looked around for an empty seat, all were occupied except for the one right in front of a certain bad boy. Sighing heavily and not having a choice, I walked to the empty seat and sat down.

"Well, if it isn't the girl that stole my parking space." I heard the boy seated at the back of my seat whisper.

"And if it isn't the boy that claims that I stole his parking space." I shot back, whispering like he did as I turned my head a little to the side.

"You have some guts, baby doll. Do you have any idea who I am?" He asked me with a raised, pierced eyebrow. I got to admit, that made him look even hotter.

His question made me turn around to fully face him. "No, and I don't care who you are. And who gave you the right to give me nick names?" I asked my own question with a eyebrow raised as well, but I probably didn't look as hot as he did doing it.

"I don't need permission to give you names, I can call you whatever the hell I want." He replied as he stared straight at me. It felt like he was looking into my soul and I liked it.

" 'Cause you're the school's bad *ss bad boy?" I snorted, I could tell he was the school's bad boy with the way he was acting and the way he was dressed.

" 'Cause I can, baby doll."

He smirked right after he said that. It seemed like he was enjoying our little 'fight'.

"I'm Jake... Simpsons." He offered his hand for me to shake. I stared at it for a minute before shaking it. His hand felt warm and firm yet rough.

"Max, Max Roberts." I replied smirking back at him.

The Deal

I walked into the cafeteria, looking for where to sit after I bought my food. An empty table was to my left in a corner at the back. I sat there and started chewing on my chips, the food that I bought together with a can of sprite. The lunch room wasn't full at all, there were few people in there.

"Baby doll." I heard, I looked up from my food and was met with dark hazel eyes. Of course it was Jake, he gave me the nick name after all.

"Jake." I watched him as he sat down facing me. "What do you want?"

"Now don't be rude, doll. I came over here to keep you company when I saw how lonely you looked sitting all alone in this corner." He explained gesturing to where we were sitting. He seemed serious about keeping me company, but the way he said it made it seem like I needed it.

I didn't need anyone's company and didn't care if I looked lonely sitting by myself. I said what I thought about him keepin


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