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The Accalia Series

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Book One: "When tragedy strikes, Jasmine White's life is shattered. Orphaned and demoted to the lowest rank in the pack, she's forced to live on the outskirts of the same woods where her parents were killed. But fate deals another cruel blow when she discovers she's mated to Oliver, the Alpha's son. Rejected and brutalized by him, Jasmine's left to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. Yet, prophecy whispers secrets of her destiny, and Oliver refuses to let her go. As enemies lurk in every shadow, Jasmine must confront her fate and the danger that surrounds her. Will she rise above her circumstances and embrace her true potential? Prepare for a heart-stopping journey full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end." Book Two: "In the second installment of the Accalia Series, Ava Witch, a powerful and mysterious being, is thrust into a world of magic and mayhem. After a tumultuous encounter with her mate Atlas Drakos, the Dragon Species King of the Shadow Realm, she's left reeling from his rejection and disappearance. As she searches for her missing seer and best friend, Ava uncovers dark secrets about her past and her true nature, setting her on a perilous journey of self-discovery. Meanwhile, Atlas must navigate the treacherous landscape of his kingdom, where his brother Adam has usurped the throne and an ancient prophecy looms large. As fate draws them back together, Ava and Atlas must confront their differences and the demon lord's sinister plans. Will their love and combined strength be enough to overcome the darkness, or will the shadows consume them? Dive into the second book of the Accalia Series, where the lines between love, power, and destiny are tested."

Chapter 1

The Legend of Luna Dynamis One day, a She-wolf will come forth Beside her true mate, she will hold tremendous power She will be the one known as Luna Dynamis, unable to be commanded The only White Wolf to hold command over all Wolves Her fur will be white as snow Upon her, fur will hold the mark of the Moon goddess blessing. The crescent moon

Jasmine Pov 


Hell. Pure Hell. That's what my life has become ever since that day. The day that changed my life forever. My family and I were members of the Red Valley Pack here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We were the strongest pack in the whole state. No one dared to mess with us, as we feared among many. Our warriors were brutal when they fought. Our alpha is strong and fearless. My dad was the alpha's second-in-command. His beta. 


Yes, I'm Beta's daughter. My dad's name is Daniel White.  grew up with a wonderful childhood. I have had many friends here at the pack since I was Beta's daughter. Everyone loved me. My family and I lived on the second floor of the packhouse. The Alpha and his family stayed on top. The Omegas lived on the bottom floor. When I was born, many said I looked just like my mother with my tan skin, thick brown hair, and hazel eyes. It's true. My mother, Jessica, also sports the same brown hair, though hers is a shade lighter. My hair is so bbrobrown, lmost looks black. We have the same eyes as well as the same dimples. I have a crescent moon birthmark on my lower stomach. Mom says to keep it always hidden. She says it is a gift, though I don't know what for, but I do as she says. My brother, on the other hand, is a replica of my father. They both have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and are 6 feet tall. I was also blessed with my mother's curves. 


Tia, Tamera, and Sabrina were my closest friends. Tia and Tamera are twins and are the same age as me. They both have blonde hair and green eyes. Sabrina is an only child who always referred to me as being her sister. She is one year older than I am. She has black hair and blue eyes.  They are all omegas. Ever since I was born, everyone adored me and wanted to keep me around. They probably thought it would give them some advantages, but I adored the attention anyway. I was the apple of my family's eye. My brother Darnell is 2 years older than me and was very protective of me. He never let any male around me he didn't trust other than his best friend, our alpha son Oliver Shemus. Oliver was the same age as my brother but older by a few months. He has black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Oliver was like anyone I had ever met. He always teased me and made fun of me, but he was protective of me as well. 


Whenever a male pup tried to talk to me, he would growl at them and make them go away. I never understood him. Every time he was around me, I would feel like my heart was beating fast, and I never understood that either. He nicknamed me Jelly Jasmine when I was 10 due to my chubbiness. It was common knowledge that all-female pups are a bit chubby until they hit 18, which is the day they shift for the first time. Children were known to meet their wolf spirits at the age of 13. It gave them 5 years to bond with their wolf before they turned 18. Wolf spirits are another consciousness inside your head. Darnell would always scold Oliver for picking at me and calling me names, but there wasn't much he could do. Oliver was the “Alpha’s son”, and no one could tell him what to do, which meant he got away with everything. 


On my 13th birthday, everyone from the pack hosted a party for me to come into my wolf spirit. I was dressed pretty in a purple skirt and a white shirt, with my favorite black flip-flops. Mom curled my hair pretty. A way to know someone has come into their spirit is if their eyes glow. This is something that would only happen once to a wolf, and only on their 13th birthday, just to signify the connection between their wolves. Their eyes would glow all day. Afterward, their eyes would only turn black when their wolf is in control of their bodies. The Alpha's eyes would glow bright red. A beta's eyes will glow a burnt orange. An omega's eyes will glow a bright blue. An omega's eyes will glow bright blue. 


Everyone was crowded around me trying to see my eyes glow orange. I was super excited as I looked into a mirror on the table. I could feel the excitement in the air as they waited. We all ate, drank, and mingled with the pack members but nothing ever happened. Very soon, their smiles started to turn to frowns. My father and brothers did as well, but my mother was very happy about it. 


“Jelly Jasmine doesn't have a wolf. What a loser”, Oliver taunted, causing everyone in the packhouse, other than my parents, to laugh at me. Even Tamera and Tia, who I was close to, were laughing at me. Sabrina was upset and she ended up growling at Oliver. The alpha and Luna ended up growling at her. Sabrina's parents, Lori and Adam, took her away from the party, as she had just disrespected the future Alpha. I teared up and ran to my room, locking the door. As usual, Oliver had to ruin something special for me. My mom unlocked the door with her key and went in and I laid on the bed crying. 


“It's okay my love,” she said, rubbing my back. I sat up and put my head on her shoulder. 


“Why don't I have my wolf yet mom? I'm the betas daughter. I should have my wolf”, I told her. She kissed my head. 


“You may just be a late bloomer, my daughter. Just give it time” she tried to assure me. 


“Everyone is just going to pick on me now,” I told her. She puts her arms around me. 

“Look at me Jassy”, she demanded. Jassy is her nickname for me. I looked up into her brown eyes. They held so much pride in them. 


“You must never let them get under your skin. You are my special little girl, and one day you will come to see just what I mean, I promise”, She says, and I nod, feeling a little better. She always knows what to say to make me feel better. She stayed in my room with me for the rest of the day and we played games and talked until I fell asleep later. I woke up later that night with a huge headache. I went to the bathroom and got some Tylenol from the medicine cabinet. A purple glow caught my eye.


When I looked into the mirror for the source, I saw it was coming from me. My body was glowing a purple hue and my eyes were glowing purple as well. They were a pretty mystical color, purple. I had never heard or seen anything like what was happening to me before. I contemplated telling my mother, as she was the only one who understood me, but I didn't want to worry her. 


“Hello, wolf girl?” I asked in my head. Maybe my wolf has finally come. Why else would my eyes be glowing? 


“Hey wolfie you there,” I said in my head, but no response followed. Instead, my eyes turned back to their hazel brown.  I ended up in tears again. I was indeed wolf less. The depression from the revelation made me forget about my purple glowing eyes and I went back to my room and cried myself to sleep. 


Jasmine Pov


I lost the respect of my friends and the pack members that day. That included our alpha and Luna. It put my mom and dad at odds with the alpha and luna sometimes, but they tried not to let it show. Sabrina has been the only one who has stuck by my side since then. Even as an omega, she seemed stronger than me. She stuck up for me against those who tried to pick on me. Unfortunately, when it came to Oliver, she was forced to be quiet by her parents, but it didn't stop the glares she gave him.

She always told me she hoped whoever ended up mating with him would reject him as he was the sort of person who needed to end up alone. I agreed. Having no wolf puts me at odds with Darnell. He would still growl at people who picked on me, but he wouldn't talk to me either. I came to realize later that he would only put on his protective brother stance as a front to the pack members and the girls. It broke my heart, being that we used to be close.


I could handle getting picked on. I could handle the taunts. I could handle the stress, but I almost broke at what came next.


Chapter 2

Jessica Pov (Jasmine's Mom) 


To say I'm pretty happy Jasmine's eyes didn’t glow on her 13th birthday is an understatement. Her eyes would have either been orange or purple, and I would take the chance of them turning purple, as I knew I would lose her if I did. Purple eyes meant they would investigate Daniel and me. I have done so much to protect my baby girl that I would lose my mind if I ended up losing her. She is so special. She has no idea just how special she is. 


“You're going to have to tell her someday”, my wolf Lana says.  


“I know, but I will protect her as much as I can until then,” I told her.


“No, we will protect our pup together,” Lana says, and I smile. Lana is my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without her. 


Daniel was upset that her eyes didn't turn orange. He loves Jasmine, just as much as he loves me given our situation, but I knew he was hoping she would only be a beta, so she wo


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