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"She is my mate." George gulps down saliva stuck between his tongue. "She is my mate!" He splutters, for the umpteenth time. "I have to look for her. Now!" He sniffles, fighting back the tears pooling in his eyes. "I have to find her." "And do you know the consequences?" Alpha Festus deadpans. George nods. "Your wolf power would be retrieved. You'll be attacked by rogues on the way, your father and mother wolf would be killed, and at last, your efforts would turn fruitless." George gazes up at the sky, and the metallic handcuffs bound round his hands clank. "Moon goddess, my mate. I will surely find her." He screams, and tears trickle down his cheeks till they graduate to ocean of tears. Unexpectedly and suddenly, frightening even the devil Alpha Festus, George's wolf takes control and the chain frees off of his hands. Without taking two for three, he zooms into the air and flies above the fence of the pack house, his wolf adrenaline rushing within him with speed. Alpha Festus orders his warriors to pursue him at once but before they gather together, George has zoomed into the forest in his wolf form. Alpha Festus blocks his Betas from moving. "Wait. Don't pursue him anymore." He deadpans. "Send rogues after him." He winks at his Betas and they follow suit, taking the orders seriously with utmost immediacy. Then, five hundred warriors are masked and sent after him, to make sure he doesn't get his mate again. That lost mate. Read and enjoy how George suffers and threatens, did he finally get to see that lost wolf? That lost wolf, that lost mate. The wolf is his mate and blood is thicker than water, moon goddess can only help. Read on.

Chapter 1 - Surprise at the Door: The Unusual Unveiling of an Anticipated Visit

It's 1am. All warriors in the pack are asleep. The only wolves awake are the ten white security wolves, hired to scare rogues to death. Leo Kellie creeps out of her bedsheets, and creaks the door open. She's right in front of her door now, she breathes in for few seconds and then with her heart pounding, she goes downstairs towards the sitting room. She saunters down the staircases, making sure the thuds her feet make on the tiles are light. Light enough not to distract her father, Charles Leo, her mother, Kimberly Leo and the yet-to-come pup.

Taking the last step to get to the living room, she stops moving, abruptly. She gasps, almost making a loud sound and sliding. She cuddles herself behind the colored blank sheets. In this house, sheets with attractively painted colors are always spread across the staircases, and that's to show that someone's birth day is near. She muffles, and her breath seizes. She struggles not to say anything but that doesn't seem to work now.

She has seen what she should not have seen. She disobeyed, and now she will bear the consequences, all by herself.

"Please.... Moon goddess. I am..." She clasps her hands, and pleads with the moon goddess through her family's mind link. She doesn't have a mind link yet, that's until she is eighteen, and that is tomorrow.

Not tomorrow, today! It's the dead of the night already. Goosebumps creep up her skin as she slowly tilts her head and turns back. First, she doesn't see anyone so she tries to go away from her hiding place or at least, ring her dad's doorbell, for some help since their house is right here in the pack. It is a very big pack house that comprise ten thousands of warriors, one and only Luna, seventy two Betas, three hundred and twelve Gammas, four hundred and fifty six Zetas. Her father isn't an Alpha of the pack, he is the thirty second Beta. Of this pack. Association of Wolves' pack, normally termed as AoW pack.

"Do not try to hide." An haggard voice speaks. "I caught you already."

She senses such has shifted to his human already, since he could converse with her. A part of her wants to show up and surrender to him but a second part of her wants to play along and keep hiding.

"Kellie..." His voice is now becoming more aggressive. That's to say, he's shifting back into his wolf. Not able to hold it any longer, Kellie shrieks and feels a sharp pain in her body - today is her 18th birthday after all, her wolf might be new but strong. Who can tell?

Since the intruder is in his wolf, he ensures she relocates into the wolf world. Don't get me wrong, Kellie shrieks but it all comes down to settle in the mind link. In other words, the intruder mutes her outward words, and allows any noise from her pass through her family's mind link.

"No matter how you shout..." He moves creepily close to her, half shifted. "... you're coming with me. You're mine." His tail swirls as he approaches her, and as he lifts the sheets, the door to the sitting room forcefully opens. This distracts the intruder but he tries his best to hold Kellie captive before he would face those who barged into the living room. He pulls her out of the sheets, and shifts fully into his human. Then, they head downstairs through the stair cases. Kellie was almost done with the staircases, remember? So, it doesn't take time, they get to the living room and to their surprise, no one is in. But the door is wide open.

"Leave me alone. Please. Leave me alone." Kellie pleads. "Please, leave me."

She tries to break off from the grip the stalker is holding her with, but she can't. Then, she surrenders.

"Shut the door tight. Let's talk." The stalker tells one of the warriors moping around the house. "Hey, are you nuts?"

"Alright, Beta..." The warrior responds but the stalker immediately shushes him, deliberately hiding his intention, his agenda, and his whatnot from Kellie. Maybe temporarily though. The warrior shuts it tight with his power; and it is then that it is noticed that he is the eleventh white security wolf, just that he isn't on duty tonight.

"Now, sit there." The stalker lets go, and she staggers, her legs kicking the walls unintentionally. "And let's talk."

Having no other option, she sits on the sofa but with her head bowed, and with her silently sniffling.

"Kellie Leo, look at me." The stalker commands in his Beta tone. "Alpha Festus has sent us right from America to bring you to him so you'll be a Luna."

Kellie's countenance changes immediately. She lifts her head, creepily and suddenly. Then with a disgusting gaze directed at the Beta stalker, she starts to mutter words.

"I know this will happen. I should have stayed in my room. Charles warned me strictly, my bad." She rants and sighs. "I was just so interested in the preparations they have for me. I should still remain locked in my room. I knew all this would happen!"

"Stop!" The Beta stalker growls, and appeases his wolf thereafter.

"There is a big pack in America. Right there in Houston, and if it might interest you to know, that is where your mate is."

She glares at him in a more deadly way, she has always been interested in being mated but if there's anything she's scared of, it's being mated to the wolf that wasn't chosen for her by the moon goddess.

"How sure are you? And who are you?" She scoffs.

"Alpha Festus' main Beta." He chuckles as he says.

It cracks her up till it gets to her belly. She tilts her head and when she looks at him again, she stifles giggles which he interprets as being laughed at in derision. The stalker plasters a smirk on his face, and watch her disgustingly.

"Whatever you think, whatever you do, you're going with me. You're not celebrating your eighteenth day here." The stalker commands, and furiously jams his clenched fists on a table near him since she wouldn't stop laughing.

As Kellie concludes her moment of laughter, she responds, "I'm Kellie Leo by the way. I'm a special warrior in this pack. No one can tamper with me."

"I'm glad you said - no one. I'm not included. I'm not a nobody." He justifies himself.

"I said - no one. You're the first person included." She asserts.

"My pack has been sending you warning in different ways - fire message, rogues, and whatnot. I have been in this pack as a spy for a few days now and no one discovered. Is this the pack you want to remain in?"

His eyes widen abruptly and he moves closer to her. "But if you insist, I'll ensure I reduce you to an Omega or human, and I'll kill your mate right in this pack."

Kellie hisses. "So you are the one stalking around my businesses all this while. Charles must hear this. Anyways, you can take your leave. I need to get some rest." She feigns some confidence.

Kellie rather hisses at his statement, "now I know - you're the criminal behind that act. You've been a spy here. Well, today brings your work to an end. Charles will surely know about this. You can take your leave, I give you another option now."

He smirks again, "fine, I'll leave. But do not say I didn't warn you ahead. And note, I'm still in the pack. I will grapple you when you least think about it."

"Is this a threat or something?" Kellie asks. He rises to his feet and walks to the door to creep out as Kellie's gazes remain fixed at him.

"Do not tell one single soul about this." He commands in his Beta tone.

He forcefully swings the door ajar, as he speeds out of the living room and shuts it behind him. Kellie shakily sighs, also wondering how fast he got out of here. Could he be a white wolf as well? Though she hasn't met with her mate but she's the curious one, always exploring the world of wolves.

She notices the door is left on latch so she locks it with the keys and returns to her room. But as she elegantly ascends the staircase, her father's door creaks open, revealing a protruding leg.

Charles, her father, suddenly hugs her from behind, "why aren't you sleeping, princess?"

"I will not follow you!" She screams, trying to pull out of the hug.

"Follow who?" Charles conceenedly asks, hugging her more tightly.

Kellie gasps at the realization that she mentioned that in her dad's presence but Charles is cool, to her.

"Mind a check-up by the pack doctor?" Charles inquires. "Anyway, do not let Kimberly know about this - your mum worries about you so quickly."

Kellie rather remains quiet - at the moment, she's totally short of words. If she forces any word, she'd be letting the cat out of the bag.

She muffles under her breath, "I'll return to my room now."

"I didn't forget those words. Who were you opposing, not to follow? Did you have a nightmare?" Charles inquires but she pulls herself from the hug at once.

Charles sighs, "little princess, any word for dad?"

"No word." Kellie boldly responds and returns to her room. But midway getting there, she catches the sight of an object flickering past her door. She seizes her breath, and releases it, so Charles won't be bothered. When he notices that she doesn't say anymore word, Charles opens his door but Kellie stops him from entering.

"Hold on!" She lightly screams.

He smiles widely, "any word now?"

"A lot." Kellie stammers and scoots over to his side. She presses her palms against her ears, to suppress the sound coming from her room, which no one else can hear.

"Come on." Charles beckons to her and she gets in, while she reveals what she saw.

Chapter 2 - Pack Shadows: The Fleeing Mate

There is a shivering voice in the Alpha's room.

"Alpha Festus, I plead with you. Permit me to locate my mate, I will surely return!" George shakily breathes as he says.

His eyes pool tears, "the moon goddess confirmed that she is my mate. You know, don't you? Now. Please lift the barriers so I can make my exit."

Alpha Festus adjusts his seated posture on his regal throne, casting a wicked gaze upon George, who is kneeling and securely bound in chains.

He chuckles evilly, "you're a werewolf. Sever those chains. You have the power to." As he says this, his most important beta stifles giggles at George in mockery. He heaves a deep sigh afterwards.

"This is no joke, Alpha. She is my mate. My rightful one." George voices his displeasure.

Festus smirks, "go ahead and bring her to this place then. You can control me with your little wolf power."

George mumbles to himself, "A


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