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Taming The Ruthless Alpha

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Being the weakest omega in her pack is already a disadvantage to Jenna. Not only is she a weak omega, but she also had no mate when she was eighteen, and everyone thought she was cursed until Shaun Moore, a well-known business tycoon and the Alpha of the Fire-Ice pack who does not believe in love or mate, showed up. Everyone knows him as the most ruthless Alpha, who believes love is a mirage and is never meant to be real, but no one thought that the weak Jenna Smith would be his mate. He had saved her during one of his visits to her pack and marked her as his mate in the presence of everyone, only to reject her a few hours later. To him, there was no way he was going to accept a weakling as his mate, but to her, he is her only source of hope and survival, and she will do anything to tame him and make him hers. ** "Who are you to talk back at me?" he yelled "I am your mate, you should treat me as such," I replied, rolling my eyes and taping my feet on the floor slightly. He frowned. "What did you say?" I brushed my hair backward and smiled. "I... I... I think I should go back to sleep," I said, turning to leave. He pulled me back, pushed me to the wall, and held my hand. "You dare to defile me because you were my mate? A rejected mate!" He tightened his grip, and I whimpered slightly. "You have not rejected me completely yet" He scoffed. "I don't care!!!"


Jaleesa Moses

Review after half of the novel

I cant wait to see when she finly wins over the alpha. I can tell she is really close and its only a matter of time she breaks through his hard shell. I feel badly for beta eric but it seems he knows that she with the alpha too. I am also hopinh he goes and finds his mate and makes it up to her. I really hope.she kicks madisons butt she is the worst in this story but every story needs a villan

June 11, 2024

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