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Taming the Demon Alpha

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The Guardian wolf of Devine Flame, Caden, killed The Moonlight Princess' parents revealed by the Ethereal Mirror. To Avenge, the moonlight princess Elara betrays him by marrying the Guardian wolf of the night, Valen. Brokenhearted, Caden managed to remove his heavenly spiritual heart to become a Demon Alpha God. Elara realizes her mistake and tries to stop him but she halfway succeeded. But, Caden is still determined to become a Demon Alpha God. To follow the process, he jumps through the demonic portal to be born in the mortal world to accumulate anger, fear, sadness, resentment and suffering. He must do evil and die full of misery. Then Elara wanted to sacrifice herself, to bring back Caden to the Heavenly Werewolf realm. She retrieves his spiritual heart in the Aztarion Abyss and places it within her own spiritual body. To restore Caden's heavenly spiritual heart, in the world of mortal wolves, he must love and kill her, that's the way how to prevent him from being heartless. But if Caden's spiritual heart is only half, how can he recognize her as his mate? And because of his half spiritual heart was inside her causing him to feel the pain she feels, how could he bring himself to kill her in the end?

Chapter 1: Descending


"You killed my parents, but for everyone's sake, I will forget what you did, I will stop you from becoming a Demon Alpha God! I will retrieve your heart! you will love me again, Caden!"

I let out a piercing cry and it's echoing through the Aztarion Abyss. The water inflicted intense pain upon me. The darkness enveloped all around but Caden's half spiritual heart emitted crimson light.

Blood spit up from my mouth due the extreme torture I endured. Despite the pain I mustered my strength and determined to reach Caden's half Heavenly Spiritual heart.

I'm the Moonlight Princess, who belongs to the Heavenly Werewolf realm. The guardian wolf of moonlight.

But my heart was full of regret for making a mistake by betraying my mate, the guardian wolf of the Devine Flame, Caden. My actions was caused by my anger, as the Ethereal Mirror revealed the truth that he was the one who killed my parents.

The mirror cannot lie, what actually happened is what is being shown. In my attempt to torment him emotionally, I let him witnessed my wedding ceremony with his brother Valen which pushed him to commit to a greatest mistakes.

He keep insisting his innocence, claiming that he was just framed. Despite his explanation, I remained unmoved as I cannot to trust his words. Hatred consumed me enduring the love, forgetting it, and fueling my desire for him to experience the emotional pain.

I used to love him with all my heart but all he had given me in return was taking the life of my parents.

And it turns out that I had made the wrong decision in the eyes of everyone because I was the one who blamed. I realized it too.

When he watched until the end of our wedding ceremony, after that, right in front of everyone to make me regret, he made a horrible choice. He want to remove his heavenly spiritual heart and offer it to the Aztarion Abyss just to become a Demon Alpha God.

This act marked the easiest yet most difficult way to becoming an Devil. Once that happens, he would become a great destruction of everything, he will consumed by anger like no love, no mercy. Cruelty would define him forever.

To prevent that disaster, I did everything to stop him that day. I succeeded and also failed as half of his heavenly spiritual heart was claimed by the Aztarion Abyss but the other half remained within his spiritual body.

But he is really determined to destroy his home, himself, his life, he wants to change his beliefs. But there is another way to fulfill his wish. In order to completely remove his half-heavenly Spiritual heart from his spiritual body he has to become mortal and suffer hardships, resentment, sadness, fear, anger, he has to be evil in the mortal world. He will kill innocent mortal wolves and thats what I won't let to happen.

Now, the half of his Heavenly spiritual heart is in my hand. All I have to do is to endure the pain caused by the Aztarion Abyss and survive. I had to make it because if not, I would remain unconscious for so many years.

I securely buried his spiritual heart within my body to make sure that it is protected from anyone's grasp. I have enveloped it with an elixir shield, a safeguard that can only be broken through the process of returning it to my mate.

I swam to the shore. The place still engulfed by darkness. Without enough power to create moonlight a jumble of difficult emotions fills me. I'm thirsty, very hungry, and tired, both of my body and soul are struggling. In this moment, all I can do is let my tears out.

That was the last I remember before I passed out and when I regained my consciousness I found myself surrounded by light. I was lying in a comfortable bed, and above me, I noticed a moving object placed there with a strengthening aura. The moonlight elixir.

Using my magic, I removed it and got up from the bed. I also noticed that I was wearing new dress, a pristine princess dress that reflecting the color and design of the moon.

Out of my realization I held my chest and whispered, "I had passed out in the Aztarion Abyss. How long did I sleep?"

I rushed outside and it looks like Valen is waiting me there. "You're awake," he say facing me with a bitter smile on his lips.

Panicking, I asked, "How long did I sleep?"

"25 years," he replied and his face filled with sadness.

"What?!" I exclaimed out of shock and hurried towards the Ethereal Mirror. And then there, I found the Elder Guardian wolf, Ubis, observing the view in the mortal world.

"Elder Guardian!" I called out pulling up my gown to prevent from tripping.

He faced me with a wide smile on his lips. "Moonlight Princess!" Though the sadness was evident in his eyes. "You're awake."

"I have no Idea what happened. I'm sorry, Elder Guardian. I passed out," I say apologetically glancing at the Ethereal Mirror. "What happened?"

He took a deep breath. "He's grown up and become an Alpha of the pack. He's free from resentment and sadness. Now, he seeks revenge. He became heartless and mercilessly killing the innocent and defenseless Wolves. His demonic wolf has grown now and very powerful, pushing him to conquer different packs. The more worrying now is with each new enemy he encounters, his death become even closer. Once he died, the process will be finalized, and he will return as a Demon Alpha God to unleash widespread destruction."

Tears welled up in my eyes. I felt hurt by Caden's actions in the mortal world, but I couldn't entirely blame him.

I had to proceed with the next step but before I bring up that decision, Elder Guardian faces me, "But we can't afford to lose you, Princess. Without moonlight, the Werewolf world is nothing."

"Let him experience regret when he's back," I replied my voice filled with resentment. "He made his choice, and I share the blame. Im now enduring this pain of regret and when he comes back it will be his turn to feel it."

"Let me take this task, Elara. I don't want to lose you," Valen suddenly interjected. I know he followed me.

I turned to face him. "Half of his spiritual heart is sealed within me. I have no other choice but to deal with him in the mortal world. He will show no mercy to you but to me, there is a possibility and through our connection the bond within half of his spiritual heart may awake. There's a chance."

More of guardian werewolves gathered in front of the Ethereal Mirror. Their faces filled with happiness at seeing me awake. But since the conversation is serious , they fell silent attentively joining the discussion and a heavenly Immortal she-wolf named Lunaria step forward, saying, "Let me go with you, Princess." She's one of the she-wolves who insisted that Caden had done nothing wrong. "Let me to be your wolf. If you reincarnate into a dying mortal she-wolf there is a high possibility that her wolf will also die. You will be wolfless in that body since you can't use power."

I faces her. "But you are not mated to him, Lunaria.If I turn you into my wolf in the mortal world he won't be able to sense that I'm his mate. He needs to love me and kill me eventually."

"Moonlight Princess..." The Celestial Mate setter Melina stepped forward. I looked at her. "When you jump down to the mortal world, you will reincarnate to a dying she-wolf who has suffered from relentless bullying and cruelty from Prince Caden and his councils. Using your powers is strictly forbidden. If you violated this rule and Prince Caden ultimately takes your life ,your soul will be condemned to the Aztarion Abyss as a permanent consequence. You will not resurrect as a moonlight Princess again."

I nodded slowly and faced the Ethereal Mirror. Using my power of command, I projected the life of the she-wolf I will be reincarnated.

It's my face but in that body the two guardian Wolves spirit possesses it. They born as me with human form and wolf form. In that moment, a wave of realization washed over me. I could sense the lack of respect from the mortal werewolves.

How dare they treat me like that?

I am their light, their hope.

But I can't blame them. As there was no proof that the face they saw truly belonged to me. The moonlight princess.

Taking a deep breath, I turned around to take my leave but Valen stop me by gently holding my arm. I had no choice but to face him. In his eyes I saw a sadness. He shakes his head slowly, convincing me not to go. So I had to explained my intentions, "I had to fulfill this task in order to save everyone, Valen. As the Moonlight Princess, I am the light and hope of everything. Please understand, I had to do my job."

I gently removed his hand from my arm and quietly walked away. I made my way towards the Solstice Gateway and as expected everyone followed me.

Before taking my leave I used an elixir to ensure my memories would stay upon my reincarnation to that she-wolf's body.

To bid them farewell. I faced them one last time. I could see the sadness in their eyes but I gave them a sweet smile, sending my love and then I made the decision to jump down the Solstice Gateway to the Mortal world.

My life in the portal, my spiritual body spun within the powerful winds.

I experienced a whirlwind of pain, dizziness, and conflicting emotions, sometimes bright sometimes dark until everything turned completely dark.

Time over, I realized I had taken as the owner of the body of a mortal she-wolf. But I found myself unable to move. When I opened my eyes, I saw darkness. But I can feel the heavy weight pressing down on me. I couldn't even move my arms and legs.

"W-Where am I?" I can't imagine myself feeling this fear like fighting between life and death.

Closing my bear hand I could feel the texture of soil. It became apparent. Almost startling. Looks like I'm here under the ground. Like...oh no! I'm in the grave!

"My moon goddess, Help! I can't breathe!"

Chapter 2: She came back to life


Standing on the Terrace of the pack house overlooking the endless land of the Cursedmoon pack I intimidatingly played the former Alpha's coin in my fingers.

This had been forcefully pressed against my forehead numerous times before causing me to feel that so much pain and leaving a bleeding wound on my skin. This very coin was also used to blind my mother, an omega enslaved on this pack in her whole life.

She endured unbearable suffering both physically and emotionally. When she died I lost my protector. And the bullying I endured worsen. Even the simplest mistake could result my punishment as severe as death.

The torment worsen when the Luna of this pack was poisoned and died and I became the culprit in the eyes of everyone. I was framed, which makes the Alpha to punish me even worse.

I was imprisoned within the dungeon for years facing a lot of cruelty. I endured the life of having animal-l


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