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Suicidal Battle of Moonlight Lovers

Suicidal Battle of Moonlight Lovers

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A vampire fallen into a werewolf? Unbelievable but possible fate of two lovers against the three clans of the world. A battlegrounds between three species; vampires versus werewolves versus the human advancement. "I may have chosen death, than to keep my hunger alive. But I will never ever dare to put you at risk anymore." Jaymea, a blind cripple girl who was destined to be the mate of the illegitimate child of the werewolf clan leader. But she was bitten by a vampire, the sole, mortal enemy of the werewolf. She became a sick beast that threatened human society and other clans. Yet for some reason, instead of pushing her away due to their differences and rivalry, he kept her by his side and always aids in her hunger. He became her blood supplier. However it triggers both clans, they hunt her alive or death. But before they could catch her, they discovered something disgusting made by humans, an Artificial humans made by the dead bodies of different species, similar to the chimera. A project that is made for killing both vampires and werewolves.

Chapter 1


Arima's point of view:

She said life on human realm takes a deep hardship to achieve every goals of being. She worked hard. She brightened up her day by jumping one by one on the stairs and singing her weird melody of what I didn't know. I always see her doing her weird things.

I've been living for thousand years, yet, she was the only living flesh that I found weird and unique. She never frightened when she sees my wild feature. She just smiled and looked at me like I am somewhat amazed her. I tried my best to scare her, but I always failed. She just laughed because I was damn cute. The h*ll. She just described me as cute. I am far from it. I am being feared.

"You're adorable. Try to droop your ears, I promised, you will be the cutest werewolf that laid in my eyes." She said.

"You are making me as a joke." I said but she just shook her head as to pursue me.

Now, for the fifth day and first night of the full moon, my whole fury features began to invade my skin. Yet, she just watched me while I'm transforming. What's wrong with her? Does she feel any fear just a bit?

"You're beautiful," she uttered.

Every time I am changing during the full moon, my heart always aches. I always crawl in the grass to find for a support. My claws always dig my skin to let out that cause a blood commotion. And my eyes always changed. But for tonight, those pain while I'm changing never happen to me. My system is calm. As if this is just a natural incident.

And my eyes never leave to stare what she'll do next. She smiled before she looked away and raised her head to the bright of the light of the moon. I followed her gaze, but I left dumbfounded when I saw nothing in the sky except for the stars. There was a moon a while ago. But how could its gone? How did it turn nothing? Why there was no moon?

I heard a soft laugh and I knew it was coming from her. I swifted my gaze to her, she's laughing and gazing the sky.

"Moon can be your cure, can be a source of happiness, and your light when facing dark. ". My forehead creased upon hearing her statement and that is when the pain began receiving my system. I grunt. And moan in displeasure when my heart began to buzz its heat again.

"However, as like the moon, have never own a light without the sun, it can be reason of your pain." In the glimpse of my side eye, I saw her just gone like ghost. Though I want to find her, and search where she gone, the pain within my system is controlling every bit of my wolf muscle.


It was past 1:00 am at that dawn, when the bulgar alarm at our neighborhood gate screaming the silent of the street. There was no moon nor presence of billions of diamonds in the sky. It so dark, leaving the dim streetlight giving a form of the road.

I found no one bargaining in our neighborhood from my window of my room, I narrowed my eyes to hope to see a bit image of why the alarm shouting hell crazy. I couldn't sleep from it. However that dawn, my eyes had never been visited of sleep. I wished I could sleep that night. I hope the Lord of heavens lead me to sleep. Unfortunately, I doubted to witness that scene after the dawn of tomorrow. I regretted to wake up at exact time of the crime that caused my eyes to blind.

"Jaymea!," My lover called my name. I half smiled. Jaymea is what I am known in this neighborhood. I heard his step walked close to my side.

" Jaymea, what have you done to my clothes?," His rant again is what complete the daily routine of my life since that incident.

" Niko, I'm blind. What you expect me to do?. Giving you the spot?," I'm tired of his orders. Since I became blind, no one knew I existed in this hell street. I am only isolated in his hell door of prison.

" You ruined my attire for today!," Is he making a fashion runway?

"How could I ruined it when I was stuck in this wheelchair! Learn yourself to look in the mirror, Niko," Since I became blind, Niko put me behind blocks of his house and never let me to air free. He's my lover— but much of heartless jerk. He never treat me as his lover when I began to see black. I'm his blind maid. Not just his Blind lover.

"How dare you yelled at me! You're just useless in doing nothing. Only securing my clothes for today is a matter of your issue, but look at it. You let it bleach."

"Niko, you see I can't see. If you only prepared the right powder for it, then you already now delighted." I calmly said. Sometimes I wonder what are the things that I seen in him? He is always absent-minded. Is this the retribution of seeing him cute?

" So you blame me for it."

" You said it loud and clear. It is not my word Niko."

" You're just nothing."

Man, when can I go out?. When can I have my jail free system? I want my freedom back. How did I ended up with him?. This jerk is totally hopeless.

" I'M NOT NOTHING, AND I'M NOT DOING NOTHING. Did you forget I own this house? Your clothes and personal stuff were bought by me!. And I have plenty of list and deeds regarding of it. Mind to be kiss by the receipt!," I annoyed him as well he annoyed me. I'm sick of his brat attitude. He's a total fake and maniac.

"Woman, don't you think with that pair of eyes of yours could secure all the rubbish coming from your mouth? no one know your alive, you're under my care sh*tcake 24/7. So keep to your brain, there is a string rounded in your neck that I can pull easily."

"Really?," I firmly said.

I quit. He always threatened me far from his sweet word when he was faking. I raised my side lips for a smirk.

"Then I rot this house to force you out with my dead skin."

Chapter 2


SHE PUT HER HAND IN HER head and treat it as her pillow. She gazed at the wide fake sky in her chandelier. The fake stars bright in different colors. She laughed and amazed when it twinkled. "You do love stars, my dear." Her mother said to her who is also lying beside her. "Stars are wonderful, mom. They are located too far away from me but they still able to give light despite of their distance." Her mother laughed in her amusement.

"Is there a kind of stars that you most like among all the stars that you see in your eyes?"

She shook her head. "I don't treat them orderly. I like them equally. So I never treat any stars in their attributes. They have their unique attributes." Her mom shook in defeat. " Alright. Alright.... Now, let's get up, it is time for your meal." She pouted. " I want to eat with you and dad, mom." She said. But she got a shook response from her mom.



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