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Sold to the cursed Lycan prince

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“Strip off your clothing and climb the bed!” his hoarse voice rang out firmly from behind, taking her by surprise. “Didn't you hear me?” he snapped angrily, “STRIP WOMAN!” ••• She lost her parents at the age of ten to a group of werewolf rebels. Then lost her twin sister at the age of fifteen when they tried to escape. And later lost her virginity at the age of seventeen and got turned into a slave thereafter. Now at the age of nineteen, she was being sold as a s*x slave to the Lycan Prince, rumored to be a nymphomaniac, cursed, ruthless, and cold-hearted. What does fate have installed for Dara Waylon?

Chapter 1: Let's run away!



“Hey, wake up!” I felt a cold substance on my shoulder, which caused me to jerk off the wooden chair I was seated on.

Batting and rubbing my lashes, I was fighting my drowsiness as I struggled to get a clear view of everything that was going on at the moment.

As my vision cleared gradually, I saw my shoulder fully soaked with water. It must have been the water that the guard had poured on me to keep me awake. Letting out a deep sigh, I sat down back on the wooden chair staring at the fire in front of her.

I can't believe that I had fallen asleep while cooking soup for the werewolf warriors. D*mn! I was d*mn lucky it didn't get burnt otherwise I would have gotten whipped heavily just like the other days.

As the painful memories rushed in, my hand ascended to my back and a groan left my mouth. The old wound on my back was yet to be healed and it hurts like hell. I had gotten whipped a few days ago for burning the pot of soup that I was cooking.

Just as I was stirring the big pot of soup in front of me, I felt a hand wrapped tightly around my waist. It was so manly that I understood who it was right away. It was no other person than Lord Enzo, the second in command of the werewolf rebels.

As much as I want to push him away from me, I just can't. There was nothing I could do but let him do whatever he wanted. Before this, he had always fantasized about my body and would always remind me to explore it when the time is right.

However, I clearly understood what he meant. I am only fifteen and maybe he needs time for me to develop fully. But I wished that the time he had longed for would never come.

A shiver ran down my spine when his lips got in contact with my skin before he started placing sloppy kisses on them.

I could feel the hardness of his d*ck digging between my legs, begging for penetration. I just wish all this would end but I know better than anyone that it wasn't going to be easy.

“You are beautiful!” I heard him say as he licked my ears down to my neck. All I could do was shut my eyes tightly, praying for all this to stop.

And just like my prayer was heard, a guard ran to her spot and bowed briefly before he began his speech.

“Lord Enzo,” he glanced briefly at me. I could swear that I saw a glint of pity flash through his emotionless orbs, however, it was gone as fast as it had come, making me wonder if I had imagined it or not.

“Lord Anthony has requested to meet with you...he is currently waiting in the meeting room as we speak.” he rounded off with his supposed speech.

Sighing deeply, Lord Enzo slowly let go of my waist and pushed his hair back. I could tell he was flustered at the moment since his silver eyes from his wolf were too visible to ignore.

“Fine,” he turned to me, “Make sure you keep this pretty body of yours very well slave. I am the only one destined to claim it understood?” he sneered loudly.

“Yes Lord Enzo, I would gladly do as you say.” I bowed in terror before him. My eyes were already blurred with tears as his words sting me like a bee.

Darting his face from me to the young man in front of him, he took a step forward and motioned with his hands. “Lead the way.”

I watched him as he left till he was completely out of sight. I was so engrossed in staring at the route he took that I was unable to pay attention to the person in front of me.

“Dara?” She called again, this time completely jolting me from my random thoughts.

I rubbed my forehead lightly as I was beginning to develop a migraine. Perhaps it was all because of Lord Enzo and his disgusting actions.

“Yes, Zirah.” I turned to her and the next time she did took me by surprise. She wrapped her hands around me and engulfed me in a tight hug.

“Zirah, did something happen?” I pulled away and held her by the shoulder while staring at her bright emerald eyes.

A smile crept up my face as I looked at how beautiful she was. Although Zirah was my twin sister, our beauty differed. She had bright emerald eyes which she inherited from my mother.

However, I on the other hand was a replica of my beloved father. I inherited my big brown eyes from him and also my sunflower-colored hair.

“I am so sorry Dara.” She placed her hands on my cheek and caressed it softly.

“What for Zirah? You did nothing wrong and need no need to apologize,” I held her hands together. I could clearly understand how she felt and I couldn't help but feel sad about it too.

I wouldn't say it was the twin thing since I wasn't completely sure but I seem to understand her pains. Zirah has always been the strongest between us and I envy her a bit about that.

She was twenty seconds older than me, hence she took it upon herself to look after me all the time. She had also lost her virginity to the werewolf rebels to save my life once.

“Dara?” She called me after a few minutes of staying mum. Her next words seem to get stuck in her throat because they had refused to come out.

Pursing her plump lips, she stared deeply into space as her eyes twitched slightly by the second. I could feel the tension in her as she held tightly unto me.

Just what was my twin sister thinking? Could it be that she...

“Dara?” She looked me straight in the eyes. “Let's run away!” she fiercely uttered.

Wait! What?

Chapter 2: Punished severely

“What do you mean by that?” I asked rather in a whisper.

“You heard me correctly Dara.” she spat directly and pushed her hair back, before descending her hands down to her waist and rubbing it slightly.

I immediately understood that she was hurting in her back because of the work she does. Zirah was the only slave in charge of washing the Werewolf clothing. Hence her waistline tends to get hurt most of the time.

“Dara we are leaving tonight and that is final!” she stated almost immediately. Finality is evident in her tone of speech.

“Zirah, you know quite well that there is no escape route close by,” I uttered pleadingly but she turned away from me.

Just what was she thinking? Was she planning on getting us killed? No, I can't let this happen.

I could feel my bother shivering just at the thought of it. I need to stop her otherwise we could get caught and then along the line get...Geez! I can't even spell it out.

After mulling o


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