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Silver moon - The deal

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A deserter converts almost all humanity into creatures, alive in a world plunged into darkness, every spring a person from the village in Mojstrana - Slovenia was sacrificed and sent to Sangria. A place where the lycanthropes settled with their cruel leader and tyrant named Alpha and surrounded by subjects and lovers. Balance was maintained as long as the village complied with the agreement to deliver a person to him and never mix the blood of a werewolf with human blood. Thor breaks the pact by copulating with one of Alpha’s favorite concubines, and he soon leaves his palace in search of the blood of his rival, Eugenia is a sweet and young maiden, she decides to surrender to him in exchange for her brother’s life. Because she is brave and beautiful, Alpha accepts the deal and takes her to her castle. There she will fight to maintain her honor while discovering the origins of that creature and her own brother to return the light to all humanity.

Chapter 1

In 1996, Mojstrana - Slovenia. Elizabeth was 22 years old, a beautiful, dreamy young woman who worked as a saleswoman in a record store. She was the reserved type and rarely went out with the other girls her age, Elise was her great friend and co-worker. — Today, I have tickets to the Bon Jovi show. — Says Elise, very excited and with a big smile. — I prefer to stay at home, I’m tired, and my mother has not let me leave the house lately! — Please, Elizabeth, you never go out with me and this time it’ll be fun. Come on, please! — She insisted heavily until Elizabeth agreed, and the two agreed where to meet that night. The show was crowded, Elizabeth tried to find her friend in the crowd that crowded in front of the entrance of the place. She walked as much as he could, but did not find it, sighed and gave up to enter that place, since he did not care so much to be there among that amount of people. With the grandeur of that event, the buses could no longer circulate around the site, and Elizabeth had to walk until she found a taxi. Elizabeth As I walked through those streets taken by several parked cars, a different cold or maybe a feeling that something was about to happen to me. Since I was little, I have feelings about things and people that approach my life, as if they were premonitions. To get to the bus stop, I needed to go through a dark alley, which would take me to the main avenue. It was cold, I crossed my arms close to the body looking for a little heat and walked faster, always trying to keep watch. When the light was a few meters away, I heard a sound as if something had been thrown from one of the buildings to the ground, and I turned quickly back. A beautiful young man looked at me voraciously, hairs at the shoulders…was robust and had beautiful eyes in a green tone that I have never seen equal and that mingled with the brightness of that waning moon. I can not explain how or why, my body ceased to be my domain, I was surrendered to his eyes. — Why do you fear me, my beautiful one? — He did not move, only looked at me as if he could see beyond what the eyes could see. Who knows could see through my clothes, reached out to me and I without thinking of anything else I walked towards him. She gently removed my hair, undressing my neck and smelling my skin that when she felt her freshly made beard, she shivered. — What do you want from me? — I asked, scared. He looked me in the eyes and from that moment on, I can not say how, I felt myself resting in a huge soft bed and I smelled myrrh incense. Candles, sheets of red blood and our naked bodies, I still remember feeling no shame for being naked next to a stranger. — Your lips, beautiful, so beautiful! — He drew my lips with her index finger as it rested her body on mine, and we kissed each other with despair and burning. I wanted him more than to breathe, and I know that he and I not only unite in body. Her fingers running through my white skin and plucking sighs of pleasure, something that had never felt in my whole life. I woke up still feeling the smell of incense and his skin, I ran my hand over the sheet and to my surprise I was at home and in my bed. Strange that dream so real, and I could never turn into words, the fact is that I was naked and in my body I could be the marks left by him. I spoke to Elise the same day, she claimed to have seen me for the last time on the show. So what happened somehow was true, I decided not to tell anyone else that I had been able to sleep with a stranger, would be judged by people and offended by them. I could not hide for a long time that I was no longer a virgin, because I became pregnant with that strange man. I suffered a lot until my parents accepted that I could raise my son, insisted that I tell them who the father was. I managed to hide the truth from them, I had a great friend named Anthony, and he always had for me a feeling of love. I gave him a chance to take care of me and my son, even if I didn’t feel the same love for him. Two years later, I got pregnant with Eugenia. Anthony was happy to have a son who actually had his blood, though he never made a difference between the two and was very loving. We lived on a farm in the countryside, he started to raise horses, and we were at peace, living quiet as always. Until the darkness devoured the world in a matter of days... Reports of attacks on people began to appear first in the big cities, before long humanity was converted into creatures hungry for human blood: called lycanthropes. Only the chosen were transformed, and those judged by them as inferior were devoured without mercy. The leader of those creatures was known only as the great Alpha, he commanded everything they did. We humans were condemned to hide creating a small village, to seal the pact with them, every spring a victim was sacrificed and sent to the castle where he decided whether to serve as food or convert it into another for the pack. Elizabeth - 2023 We learned to live in darkness, Eugenia was one of our leaders. Strong, beautiful and imposing, always beside Brother Thor making the important decisions and that all this time kept us alive. Everyone knew that the departure of 19:00 was the curfew, no one could leave the house and because that was the moment of the hunt. Thor had broken the pact by engaging with a half-breed, Lilith being Alpha’s favorite. She was always around here, hiding in the trees to watch my son get out and mate. As soon as I saw them together, a tear ran out of my eyes and I knew he was doomed to death for committing that heresy. The two were bathing in the lake and to my misfortune, Briana was with me and yelled at everyone. — We are doomed! All of us will be devoured like animals because of him! In a matter of seconds everyone in the village was on their way, Lilith ran naked through the forest. The other half-breeds were always watching us, and it was obvious that this would reach the leader’s ears, and we would be lost. Eugenia came running and took one of the blankets that was in my basket to be washed and covered the brother who was naked, helping him out of the water. — Why did you condemn us? You didn’t think for a second before breaking the pact? — Anthony asked, totally unconformed. — Keep your sermon my father, others will not pay for what I did! — And Thor answered him in the same tone. — Let’s go home, please. — Begged Eugenia, looking around and very afraid. — He can’t go back to the village, or we’ll all be dead, deliver him to the gates of Sangria before the monsters come to drink his and his family’s blood, taking us all too. — He cried out to Bryana before they could take him to the village. — He is my son and I will not allow anyone to touch him. — Elizabeth stood in front of her son and shouted in his defense, so that everyone would hear her.

Chapter 2

Elizabeth The men showed hostility, they would take him as a sacrifice, and I could not stop. Thor drew his weapon, and we managed to get out of there, we knew they would never accept us again in the village. When we got home, we took only a few belongings and would run away, but it was too late, and the church bells rang... We all knew that when that happened, someone would die. — It’s the lycanthropes, they’re coming for Thor! — David shouted outside, leaving everyone vigilant and scared. — Go away, son, enter the woods and run away without looking back. — Elizabeth opened the back door of the hut. — No, mother, they will not stop until somehow he pays for what he did. — Eugenia replied, it was certain that they would not leave him alone. — My sister is right, I will not hide. My father did not raise a coward! — As soon as Thor finished that sentence, we heard a loud howl, that was an announcement of the terrible fate that awaited


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