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She's The beast

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In a world the humans Are slaves to the werewolves. Kelly is A ruthless Queen, a young lady who wears her armor all day, sleeps with her dagger under her pillow, what she is really scared of? When Alpha Sebastian got captured by Kelly's men, he was curious about meeting the Werewolves' hunter, to kill her before she captures his pack. But Now after Sebastian met her, he wants more, he wants her. Kelly the last daughter of King William, after her family died in a tragic accident, she became a newborn werewolf who swore to take revenge on the person he destroyed her life, who turned her into a monster, the person who calls her, his mate, Alpha Felix, King of the wolves.

Chapter 1: The Crazy Queen

" So that's the maniac's castle. "

Said the Alpha of the Ocean pack as he is dragged by the Chains, he looks at the other werewolves he can smell their scents from afar.

" Hmm, they are all alphas from different packs, she likes collecting alphas or what? "

He is wondering to himself as a sudden whip on his back, makes him stop walking and stare at the terrified guard who regretted doing this.

" Stop talking dog, that's my last warning. "

The guard said as he is staring at the shining green eyes who are staring at him as if the Alpha is killing him with his gaze.

Suddenly the Alpha laughed and continued walking.

" With all the sedative you injected me you humans, you know I can still turn and kill you all right? "

The Alpha said as he stares at the rest guards who gulped hard, he decided he would stop looking at them to not frighten them any more.

" Hey! You're Sebastian Lamont, right? I heard a lot about you and how strong you're! "

One of the Werewolves being dragged as well said.

" Yes! How you got yourself captured! "


What about your pack? They destroyed our homes! "

Sebastian kept hearing that around him as he lost his smile to stare at the castle's gates.

" I'm curious, I wanted to check the werewolves' hunter myself. "

Sebastian said as he's obeying the guards voluntarily with a playful smile to enter the castle gates.

Then he whispers to himself.

" And kill her perhaps. "


At the main hall, A beautiful young lady is sitting on her throne, her face is glowing as she is sitting gracefully, she wasn't wearing a fairytale dress, she is wearing armor as if she just ended a fight.

" No dress? Cool. "

Sebastian comments as the Queen just ended sharping her dagger.

The Werewolves prisoners as they're staring at her being all bored as she's looking in their direction.

They were taken by the beauty of her eyes as she's looking at them.

" Wow, I expected an old crazy lady but this. "

Sebastian said as he smiled towards her before someone kick his back he didn't budge which caught her eyes.

She is The youngest daughter of King William, Kelly William, she stares at Sebastian's eyes in amusement as he waves at her with his handcuffed hand which made her look at her guards.

" I asked for strong Werewolves as my warriors and you got me a bunch of dogs got themselves captured, there's no scent of resistance not fighting in them. "

Kelly said as her servants flinched and one of them got closer towards Sebastian.

" They all did fight My lady, but they couldn't turn because of the sedative we injected them as you asked, except for this dog. "

The guard holds the man's shoulder who is still smiling.

" Before we inject him, he just said, I'll come with you, he didn't even try to turn, he simply injected himself. "

Kelly is more concerned now as she stares at the handsome man with beautiful green eyes, he is extremely happy as if it's his birthday or something.

Kelly got off her throne and she puts down her fur coat on the chair.

Sebastian stared at her when she is coming towards him, she is tall, beautiful, yet had a very hateful look in her eyes.

" On your knees! "

One of the guards kicked his knees from behind which made him fall and stare at lady Kelly.

Something inside Sebastian hurt, maybe it's his heart or.

Something he doesn't know yet.

" Beautiful. "

Sebastian said without knowing it which made Kelly smile in disgust, bending down to stare at him closely.

" My lady, you're too close, he... "

She ignored her guards as she grabbed his face with her claws.

" I don't accept compliments from wolves. "

Kelly whispered in Sebastian's ear which made him shiver.

He isn't afraid of her, he could just bite her face, here and now, kill everyone, and escape.

But her touch on his cheeks got him more curious.

" He is from the oldest packs around the world, our hunters worked so hard to bring you this one. "

Matthew her personal guard said as she's still staring at the Chained man, he never lifts his stare from her.

" Did you find his pack? "

Kelly asked as the man is still grinning which p*ss*d her off.

" No, my Queen, he wiped all their tracks, their scents, but it won't take long before our hunters got them. "

Kelly sighed as she left his face, stood to touch his naked shoulder.

Sebastian sighed too because she got far from him a little.

" I wanted to look more at your face some more. "

He mumbled which Kelly heard that but pretended not to.

" Huh, do I have to do everything myself? "

She asked her personal guard.

" Look here Wolfie, I'm looking for a warrior guard, A werewolf one, you look mysterious and I like that. "

Kelly spoke as she bent again to look at the werewolf.

" I heard you had a lot of Werewolves' warriors, but I didn't see anyone, did you Get rid of them already? "

Sebastian asked Provokingly as he got slapped by her armored arm.

" don't be cheeky, Wolfie, after all, that's what your kind deserves. "

Sebastian shut up for a little, he still doesn't understand why she hates werewolves so much.

He clearly smells that, she is a werewolf herself.

" My lady please, take some steps back, you're too close to him, we don't know what he is capable of yet. "

Timothy her butler said as she looks at him with a grin.

" Yeah? What he would do? Break my arm? Don't worry, just make some cookies and tea, I'll hire this one, he looks obedient enough. "

Kelly said as she moves her sight staring at Sebastian again.

She is also curious why he didn't fight back.

Maybe he is a distraction?

A spy?

" Well, Wolfie, as you see, you're going to work and live here with me, it's your choice to be obedient or to bite the arm who sheltered you. "

Kelly  told him as suddenly Sebastian bursts out laughing

Which made kelly smile too getting her face closer to his.

Her stare is dangerous and dark.

" M, My lady!! "

" What is so funny? "

Kelly asked as Sebastian stretched his chained arms a little as his green eyes are shining, their faces were about inches from each other.

" You, you are so funny! killing werewolves, while hiring wolves as guards, wearing armor in your daily life, what? Afraid of someone? "

The man asked his curious question, he couldn't help it but after meeting the maniac who kills Werewolves and destroys packs is afraid like this.

" It's actually amusing. "

Sebastian continued which made Kelly snap.

" I want to hear this Wolf's screams while I'm sleeping tonight, no food nor water. "

Kelly said patting on his hair, standing while leaving the main hall completely.


To be continued

Chapter 2: In Control


Kelly woke up from her regular dream as she is sweating too much, she hugs her knees to her chest.

" Still a crybaby? I see. "

Her inner wolf spoke which made her Shiver.

" I told you to shut up. "

" I can't baby, with you having nightmares, It gives me pleasure. "

Kelly pushed the lamp beside her as she pants in anger, standing up.


Kelly screamed as she is looking at the mirror in front of her, Her wolf's ears are showing, her tail is too.

Her smile as it is reflected in the mirror.

" Wow, careful, Darling, I might take control and kill everyone for you. "

Kelly Layed on her bed trying to breathe normally.

" Let's calm down, calm down. "

Kelly said holding her beating chest, her wolf's ears and tail disappeared which made her more relaxed.

" I'll be alway


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